Aaron is a new character introduced in Teen Wolf Season 6B. Aaron is played by actor Rhenzy Feliz.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Aaron is a freshman student at Beacon Hills High School and a member of the lacrosse team.

Season 6[edit | edit source]

Aaron comes to the school to run lacrosse drills with Liam Dunbar and Brett Talbot. When he puts on his helmet to go out, spiders swarm over his head and into his mouth and eyes. (Read More...)

Aaron and Nolan look down to Corey from the 2nd floor of the library, both having seen how he suddenly appears out of nowhere. Nolan wasn't sure of what he had seen but Aaron offered a way to confirm his suspicions. (Read More...)

Aaron enters the morgue. He opens the drawer with Faceless' body inside and spews spiders from his mouth onto the body. Aaron then immediately collapses to the floor. (Read More...)

Aaron and Nolan encounter a student named Edgar, who they suspect of being a supernatural. Aaron cuts Edgar on his hand, and discovers that he is a werecoyote. (Read More...)

Aaron heads to the school in search for his other half. After kissing, and subsequently killing Quinn, his other half, he completes the merge. (Read More...)

Development[edit | edit source]

Despite the actor's rising profile (he's a lead in the Marvel Runaways series on Hulu), the production released nothing about his character prior to his first appearance. This could be because Aaron is the first on-screen victim of the faceless "big bad" threatening the Teen Wolf Pack this season.

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