Agent "Rafe" McCall is the father of Scott McCall and ex-husband of Melissa McCall on MTV’s Teen Wolf.

He is played by actor Matthew Del Negro.


Agent McCall is estranged from his son for an unknown length of time. Scott mentions once during Pack Mentality that he was living with his father at a time when he was old enough to ride the bus to school.

McCall was a heavy drinker judging by a story he told about coming home drunk and mistaking the closet for the toilet. He explained to Scott that drinking was his way of coping with his job, the sacrifices that came with it like killing people when necessary. According to Elias Stilinski, he also cheated on Melissa more than once.

One night, he came home drunk and got into an argument with Melissa. Scott was accidentally knocked down the stairs. He came to with no memory of the incident. It was the last time his father took a drink but the damage was done. Melissa kicked him out and the couple filed for divorce. While he was free to visit with Scott, he opted to leave Beacon Hills out of guilt for hurting his son.

Years later, he returned to Beacon Hills in light of all the recent murders to find the killer. He also uses this as an excuse to try rebuild his relationship with his son. Eventually, he is called back to San Francisco to file a report but promises to return and expect an explanation of the strange things going on at home.

He returned to Beacon Hills to deescalate the situation between the Hunters and Scott's Pack having been informed of his son's werewolf nature. Despite trying to keep Scott out of it, he helped out anyway he could until an attack the McCall House left him wounded. He is flown back to San Francisco for the remainder of his recovery but returned to aid his son in his final battle with the Hunters and the Anuk-Ite.

Season 3Edit

He interrogates Stiles Stilinski at the hospital and the school and later is in Scott's room in tears after realizing how much he missed out on. (Alpha Pact)

At the penthouse, he interrogates Scott, Allison Argent and Isaac Lahey over the missing parents until Allison activates a smoke bomb enabling them to escape. (Read More...)

McCall is gathering evidence of poor performance against Noah. If there is enough to deem him incompetent, the sheriff will be impeached. (Read More...)

He interferes with his son's efforts to save Malia Tate. (Read More...)

McCall leads the search for William Barrow not knowing that the killer is motivated by knowledge about the supernatural. (Read More...)

Agent McCall confiscates Kira Yukimura's phone and Scott must break into the Sheriff's Station to retrieve it. Stiles says he and his father know something about Agent McCall that he wouldn't want others to know. (Read More...)

He discovers that Scott and Kira broke into the station and confronts them. He is attacked and injured by the Oni. (Read More...)

Agent McCall and Melissa discuss their past life while trying to find Stiles. From the phone conversation, he deduces that Stiles is at the coyote den. (Read More...)

McCall arrests Derek Hale and Chris Argent under suspicion of murdering Silverfinger. (Read More...)

McCall speaks on behalf of Sheriff Stilinski at his impeachment hearing, saving his job. (Read More...)

He finally confesses to Scott that he left the family because of the night he accidentally pushed Scott down the stairs. (Read More...)

He helps rescue Melissa from the Oni and promises her that he will try harder to win back Scott's trust. (Read More...)

Season 4Edit

Rafe is repairing the roof at Scott's home. He tries to rebuild his relationship with his son by sharing dinners - but Scott keeps missing them. He ends up eating with Derek and Stiles, inadvertently exposing Scott's lie to young Derek. (Read More...)

McCall and Stilinski set out to transfer Violet to a federal facility but are attacked by berserkers. (Read More...)

He joins Stilinski at the school during the quarantine and kills The Chemist to save Stiles from being shot. (Read More...)

McCall files a "deadly force" report after killing The Chemist and explains to Scott that he'll miss the first lacrosse game because he must report to the FBI Field Office in San Francisco. (Read More...)

Season 6Edit

Stilinski calls him to both settle a dispute with the Hunters and see to it that Scott and his pack leave Beacon Hills so that they will be safe. (Read More...)

He questions Nolan about the night at the Sheriff's Station and warns Scott and his pack about Gerard's guns being sold to every person in Beacon Hills after he learns they didn't flee the town. (Read More...)

After returning from San Francisco, he is placed in lock up at the Sheriff's Station until he rescued by Jordan Parrish and Stilinski and joins the fight. (Read More...)



  • I've got a desk full of probable cause.” — Agent McCall to Allison in Lunar Ellipse.
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