Amplification is the 15th episode of Teen Wolf Season 5.

It originally aired on Tuesday February 2, 2016 at 9pm on MTV.


Upon learning that Lydia is in danger, Stiles makes a plan to break her out of Eichen House; Theo has his own plans.

Full Recap

The Beast of Gevaudan lands in the middle of a dark road. Sirens can be heard in the distance. A group of Sheriff’s vehicles are racing down the road with Stiles Stilinski and Scott McCall close behind in the jeep. A series of radio calls describes what they’re seeing.

  • Deputy Clark – Unit 5 heading northwest on Crescent. Reporting an incredibly large something.
  • Unit 9 – Unit 9 to dispatch. I think I’ve got eyes on the same thing. It’s some kind of rabid animal.
  • Deputy Clark – Unit 5 to 9. Trust me, that’s no animal.

In another location, in the midst of what looks to be a multi-car pileup, Deputy Strauss (Aaron Thornton) is the only officer on scene.

  • Deputy Strauss– Unit 6 to dispatch. We have a situation downtown involving multiple fatalities.
  • Dispatch – Copy. Medics on the way. Do you have a perp in sight Unit 6?
  • Deputy Strauss - Negative. Looks like a 1091-E, Animal Attack.
  • Dispatch – 10-4. Can you say what kind of animal?

Back on the road with the other deputies, Stiles decides to act.

  • Stiles – All units stay back. Do not engage. I repeat. Do not engage.
  • Sheriff Stilinski – Stiles! Get off the radio. All unit alert. Wait for backup. Repeat. No one goes near this thing.
  • Deputy Clark – Unit 5 reporting a sighting off Hill Road southbound.
  • Unit 9 – Unit 9. I’ve got it turning off Oak Ridge, southbound on Beachwood.
  • Dispatch – All units. This is Dispatch. We’ve got a 911 call with an additional sighting on Mitcham.

At this news, the Sheriff pushes the accelerator further.

In the Jeep, Scott and Stiles realize that the sightings suggest the beast’s destination.

  • Stiles – Dad.
  • Sheriff – Stiles get off this channel!
  • Stiles – Dad just listen to me. He’s headed for the hospital. All right? He’s headed for Beacon Memorial. Do you hear me? He’s headed for the hospital.

At the hospital, Melissa McCall is evacuating patients. Patients and doctors stream out the emergency room entrance as a series of loud booms shake the building. Melissa turns the corner to investigate the sound of twisting metal and additional crashes. The elevator doors open, she hears a low growl and quickly turns around and runs for the exit.

  • Sheriff – Unit 5. Clark, I need eyes on Parrish. Does anyone have Parrish’s 20?
  • Dispatch – All units. We have a 911 emergency call reporting a man on fire running into Beacon Memorial.
  • Sheriff – Clark disregard.

Scott and Stiles enter the hospital followed quickly by the sheriff. They hear loud growls coming from above. Scott says they’re on the fourth floor. They find charred bits and some still parts of the hallway still burning. As they turn the corner a flaming man comes flying past them and smacks into the wall. Parrish’s flames disappear followed a few seconds later by the fire in his eyes. He seems dazed until the Sheriff shouts at him.

Scott finds beast tracks in blood on the floor. As he follows them, the tracks go from being clawed feet to bloody shoe prints.

Dr. Deaton has a file he says shouldn’t exist. It’s pictures and other records of experimentation carried out on living people by Dr. Gabriel Valack during his time as Chief Medical Officer of Eichen House. The pictures show what look to be a series of dead creatures. There is one of a Banshee who died screaming. Deaton says Valack experimented on Werewolfs, Wendigos and any creature he could get his hands on. Valack found that trepanation would initially heighten a subject’s powers but the higher levels couldn’t be contained.

Scott surmises that Valack wants to make Lydia more powerful. Deaton says Lydia’s abilities are already pretty exceptional already. A whole in her head will be like a leak in a nuclear reactor. She would hear every dying scream all at once and her own dying scream could be so powerful it might kill everyone around her.

The sheriff tells Stiles he’s doing everything he can to get Lydia out of Eichen House but it’s really up to her mother. Stiles wants him to pressure her directly or to get a court order. The sheriff explains that trepanation is still considered a medical procedure and a court order would take months and the judge probably wouldn’t grant it. The sheriff says there is nothing they can do “legally.”

In the McCall House, Stiles and Scott brief Kira, Malia and Liam about the plan to break into Eichen House and rescue Lydia. They will need to get past the orderlies, guards, electronic door locks and a Mountain Ash barrier. The plan involves Kira drawing power from the system and causing a brownout so the electronic locks will reboot and the badge that Stiles stole last night will work. Kira says she doesn’t know how to do that but Scott says she’ll have time to practice.

During the reboot, the alarms will be off and Scott and Liam will get Stiles to the gate of the closed unit. The werewolves can’t continue because of the Mountain Ash barrier but Stiles can. If the plan goes perfectly, everyone will think it was a simple reboot of the security system caused by a brownout. Everyone is doubtful of the plan but Scott says if they fail, Lydia will die and might take a lot of innocent people with her.

Dr. Valack and Nurse Cross (Mandy Levin) walk down an unused, leaky Eichen House corridor. From a storage locker Valack retrieves what appears to be a mask from one of the Dread Doctors. It’s broken and burned. Valack says he hasn’t put the mask on anyone in years. Nurse Cross expresses doubt that the mask will still work. When she turns away, Valack slams it down on her head. She convulses and screams for a few moments before settling down on the floor.

Kira and Malia are practicing her electrical abilities in the biology lab at school. Kira is reluctant saying she doesn’t know how to do what they’re asking. Malia asks how she learned to do it before and how she learned to use a sword. Kira admits that she didn’t learn, she just knew how to do it. Malia says Kira’s never worked for anything and is a basically a “cheater.” When Kira expresses doubt that they can even get past the Eichen House front gate, Malia says she has “a guy on the inside.”

Kira settles in to practice but instead of taking power from the grid, she sends more in and explodes the lightbulb. A shard of glass from the bulb is embedded in Malia’s head. She plucks it gingerly from her skin and takes out a fresh lightbulb so they can try again.

Melissa retrieves body bags for Scott and Liam from the hospital morgue. She tells Scott not to come back in one. He assures her they’re coming back with Lydia. Liam points out that they still don’t know who the beast is, if it’s someone they know or even if that person knows they’re doing it. He uses the word “He” to describe it and Melissa points out that it might not be a “He.”

Melissa is brusque with Liam and he notices. She says she’s not mad at him but if he tries to kill her son again she’ll put him in one of the body bags herself. As Melissa turns away, Liam whispers, “She’s still mad.” Scott nods.

Stiles convinces Parrish to drive the Sheriff’s van to Eichen House. The Deputy says it’s not safe to bring him because he’s dangerous. Stiles points out that the “giant werewolf who’s killed over 30 people” is dangerous too but somehow Parrish survived it.

The biology lab is covered in broken lightbulbs. Malia is now wearing goggles and sitting a few feet away from Kira. Kira tries to ask about the Desert Wolf and her attempt to kill her and her plan to kill her mother. Malia quickly changes the subject back to Kira’s practice with electricity. Malia takes off her goggles and gets in close again. She says she knows Kira will get it right because it’s the only way to get Lydia out of Eichen House. Kira tries again. The bulb dims significantly but as soon as Malia points out that Kira is succeeding, she loses control, the bulb flashes brightly, breaks and the entire power grid of the school goes out. Both girls beat a hasty retreat.

After they exit the biology classroom, Corey becomes visible against the blackboard. He was apparently listening to them for some time.

In the library at school, Stiles brings Scott up to speed on his dad’s investigation of the shoe prints left after the beast transformed back into human at the hospital. He says they’re both mystified by how that worked. Scott reminds him that Chris Argent said it would be unlike anything they’ve ever seen before. Stiles says it defies the laws of physics.

Theo is in the library. Stiles wants to beat him with a lead pipe wrapped in barbed wire. Theo admits that mistakes were made. Stiles points out that murders were made. Theo tells Scott that he and his chimeras can help them get past the Mountain Ash at Eichen House. Scott asks about his true motives and Theo says he references the fresco in the Dread Doctor’s lair. He says just wants to stay alive when the “two seriously pissed off creatures,” the Hellhound and the beast, end up fighting over a pile of dead bodies. He says he can get them to Lydia or just see who gets to her first.

Once Theo leaves, Stiles points out that Theo can’t know what Valack is doing to Lydia and wonders why Theo is so interested. Scott says they’re all thinking Lydia has something bigger to do with their situation and may be the only one who can actually save them

The sheriff tries to convince Natalie Martin to get Lydia out of Eichen House. He says she knows what’s going on, the closed unit at Eichen and what’s down there. Natalie says she knows how to survive in Beacon Hills. She then relates the story of her mother-in-law Lorraine Martin and how she predicted the death of her wife. (See Perishable) Natalie then says that she too had similar experience when she was in college. She had a feeling her sister was in trouble and later found out that her appendix had burst. Natalie says everybody has some story like that. The Sheriff suggests they are “undeniable proof of the supernatural” but she claims it’s all coincidence and nothing more. He then leaves the file on Valack’s experiments with her and says it might expand her definition of coincidence.

Kira tries to convince Scott that she can’t cause the brownout. Everyone offers words of encouragement except for Malia. Stiles presses until Malia, halfheartedly, says Kira can do it.

At Eichen House, Kira and Malia walk in with a large group of visitors. They hide around the corner from the reception desk.

Parrish drives the van up to the guard shack claiming the animal attacks have filled up the hospital morgue and Eichen has the only other up to code morgue in the county. The guard is skeptical and wants to see the bodies but once Parrish opens one, revealing a badly decomposed, and apparently stinky, body. The guard tells him to go ahead without opening the other bags.

A naked teen, identified as Nelson, walks through the Eichen House lobby (Location: Mary Andrews Clark Memorial Home, Los Angles). Orderly Schrader (Clayton Fronning) leaves his post in reception to give chase. Kira and Malia use the distraction to enter the office behind the reception and find the electrical room.

Scott, Stiles and Liam unzip the body bags and emerge taking deep breaths. It is 7:45 PM. Scott says they have 15 minutes.

With 12 minutes to go, Kira and Malia find the electrical box.

In the van outside, with 10 and a half minutes left on his timer, Parrish is attracting unwanted attention from a group of guards.

Stiles, Scott and Liam wait for the guards to pass outside the door before they exit the morgue.

Back at the electrical box, Kira is stymied because the wires are insulated. Malia grabs a pair of scissors but Kira stops her saying the voltage could kill her. Malia decides to use her claws and slices through the covering on the wires. She gets a shock and her flingers are blackened and smoking.

There are four minutes remaining till Kira needs to cause the brownout.

On their way to Lydia, Stiles, Scott and Liam are forced to stop because two orderlies are in the hallway beyond. Liam is eager to “take them.” But Scott and Stiles say they can’t.

A patient in a glass cell starts shouting at them that they took his doctor away. He says he hasn’t had his medication because someone took Doctor Conrad Fenris away.

Malia says she can smell how nervous Kira is. There are ten seconds remaining. Kira takes hold of the wires but nothing happens.

The young patient becomes more and more agitated at Scott, Stiles and Liam. The orderlies’ turn their attention to him. Scott flashes his red eyes and fangs at him and the patient gets quiet and backs away. The orderlies take a side door down the hall and are gone.

At three minutes past 8PM nothing is happening with Kira. She says she is scared she’ll lose control and fry the system. Malia tries to encourage her. She tells Kira to stop worrying about what she might do and focus on saving Lydia. The lightning flashes from the wires and across Kira’s hands. The lights begin to dim. The computers reboot.

Stiles, Scott and Liam reach the final gate to the closed ward and find that the keycard lock has been removed. Scott and Liam try to push the gate but, weakened by the Mountain Ash barrier, they can barely budge it. 

Theo’s pack makes its move on Eichen House. Tracy takes out the guard at the main gate.

In Theo’s lair, Hayden is watching over Deucalion. He tries to convince her to let him go. He offers up details about the Garuda talons Theo picked up from the Desert Wolf (See The Sword and the Spirit). Deucalion claims that Theo plans to attach the claws to his own like “a couple of press-on nails” and use them to steal the Beast’s power. He says the plan won’t work because the talons were created by the Dread Doctors with a specific frequency for a specific person. He points out that the body will often reject foreign tissue and if Theo puts on the claws it would kill him.

Josh takes out an Eichen House guard, siphoning off the power from the man’s tazer.

Scott and Liam are exhausted from trying to push the gate open. Scott points out that there’s too much Mountain Ash. Liam asks Scott to hit him. He explains that if he gets angry he’ll be stronger. Scott is hesitant. Stiles encourages him to hit Liam. Liam begins to bait him, reminding Scott that he tried to kill him and wanted him dead. Scott hits him. Liam asks for another and another. Scott really hauls off and hits him. Suitably angry, the pair attack the gate again and this time manage to push it open.

Stiles rushes down the hall and into Lydia’s cell. He finds her strapped to the bed with blood oozing from the hole in his head. Lydia tells him that he will die if he stays.

Malia and Kira open the door to the office and find a couple of guards in the lobby. They decide to stay put to avoid raising the alarm until Lydia is out. The guards are called away when those assigned to the perimeter fail to respond to radio hails.

Stiles is frantically trying to free Lydia. She warns him that Valack is on his way. She again tells him to leave. He refuses but she says he has to go. She begs him. Valack enters the hall and makes his way to Lydia’s cell. Stiles is hiding outside the cell behind a gate.

Theo’s pack enters Eichen House and take out Orderly Schrader.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This and subsequent scenes with Theo’s pack were already seen at the end of The Last Chimera. The show has now completely caught up to real time and is no longer being told as a series of flashbacks.

In the van outside, Parrish’s eyes glow orange.

Natalie Martin arrives at Eichen House and tries the buzzer. Getting no answer, she pulls on the gate and it opens. She sees a bloody guard laying on the ground.

Malia and Kira go to the lobby. Kira begins to spark as the excess energy in her system begins to fire off just like the last time she was at Eichen for an extended period of time (See A Novel Approach). Malia says they need to get Kira outside. They head for the morgue to meet up with the others.

The doctor continues his questioning of Lydia. He says he’s amplified her abilities and it might just save her friends. She relays to him how Theo found Scott’s symbol carved in the wall. Valack wants to know if Scott put his pack back together and if they’re coming to get her. Lydia says someone is coming but it’s not Scott.

Theo and his pack come down the hall.

Stiles is five minutes overtime to get Lydia out so Scott and Liam are trying to power through the Mountain Ash Barrier. Liam points out that Scott’s done it before. Scott says that was a life or death situation. Liam indicates that this is too. Scott says there is just too much Mountain Ash. When he did it before it was just a circle, this time half the building is made of the stuff. The wound on Scott’s stomach still hasn’t healed. It still looks like a ragged hole.

The reboot of the computer system is over meaning their keycard won’t work anymore. Four security guards attack Scott and Liam with tazer sticks.

Valack is held against the wall by Tracy as he questions why a pack of chimera would want a banshee. Theo says they actually want a hellhound. Jordan Parrish arrives and melts the gate away from its hinges. He enters and his flames subside.

As Malia and Kira reach the morgue, sirens begin to blare signaling the lockdown of the facility. Malia grabs for the door handle and is shocked so severely she flies backwards into Kira.

On the front porch, metal doors slam down over the windows and the entrance blocking Natalie Martin from coming inside.

Scott and Liam are weakened and beaten down by the guards tazers until Scott roars. The roar echoes through the facility. Malia’s eyes glow blue. Scott puts on a burst of strength. Liam follows suit and they overpower their attackers.


  • AM - “Magic Woman”
Scene: Kira attempts to dim a lightbulb, with no success.
  • Fills, Josh Roa & BISHØP - “Better Off”
Scene: Kira attempts to dim a lightbulb, this time with a little much success.

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