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Apotheosis was the 20th episode of Teen Wolf Season 5.

It first aired on Tuesday March 8, 2016 at 9pm on MTV.

The word "Apotheosis" means "to attain god-like status." It is also used to indicate a piece of art executed in a particularly grand manner.


In the Season 5 finale, Scott and his friends try to stop the Beast before Beacon Hills is razed to the ground.

Full Recap

Jordan Parrish pursues Sebastien Valet. Gerard and Chris Argent follow behind in an SUV. Gerard has the Surgeon’s cane/sword. He says it is the pike Marie-Jeanne Valet used to kill the beast in the 18th century (See Maid of Gevaudan). Chris questions if the cane/sword will kill The Beast. Gerard says, “You’re damn right it will.”

Stiles comes to Dr. Deaton for help saving Mason. Scott and Liam arrive with The Surgeon who is apparently still alive after being attacked by the Beast.

Theo is badly injured after his last run in with the Beast. Tracy helps him back to his lair. Theo seduces and kisses her. She apologizes because she’s “not like the others” and therefore can’t take his pain away. He stabs his claws into her to take her power. She struggles but he manages to absorb her power and kill her. Deucalion says, “And then there were none.”

A near-naked dead body lies in the road. Sebastien is in a car. The device is unfamiliar to him until he manages to access Mason’s memories and “remembers” how to drive.

At the McCall House, Malia Tate is still upstairs, she starts to dial Stiles Stilinski. Her mother is downstairs taunting her that she should call Stiles, call all her friends, and threatens to kill as many people as she must to get to her daughter. Malia turns off her phone.

Scott wants to keep the remaining Dread Doctor alive. Deaton says he’s not sure The Surgeon is technically alive at all. Liam says they need to interrogate him. Stiles suggests they don’t use torture enough.

The werewolves can hear Sebastien’s voice in their heads. He says, “Come to me.” The Surgeon sits up on the exam table and begins to emit a loud frequency that shakes the building. Scott and the rest cover their ears. Liam starts to attack the Dread but is repulsed by an electromagnetic pulse from its hand. The Surgeon exits the building and closes the doors with a similar pulse. It magnetizes portions of the building causing the metal table and other implements to fly toward the exit. A power cable breaks, electrifying the magnetized barricade of metal and blocking Liam and Scott from giving chase.

Sebastien approaches the Surgeon and removes his mask. While he is mostly an unrecognizable skeleton underneath, the Surgeon is actually Sebastien’s friend Marcel. Sebastien says that if he is what immortality looks like, he might have been misled. Marcel says he did it all for Sebastien. Uninterested in his friend’s sacrifice, Sebastien wants to know where the pike that killed him is now. He says, “The Argents,” collapses and dies. Inside, Scott and Liam are eavesdropping and realize that he’s talking about the cane.

Parrish has lost Sebastien’s trail. Realizing that he must know they have the pike, Gerard suggests they stop chasing him and make him come to them.

Braeden has her laser-sighted pistol aimed into the darkened McCall living room. When The Desert Wolf makes a move, she fires but misses. Corinne says she’ll get another chance but had better make sure it’s a “headshot.” Malia moves down the upstairs hall. Her mother can hear her moving. Braeden warns her to stay put.

Scott, Stiles, Deaton and Liam discuss how Mason’s “vanishing twin” might factor into saving him. They figure that, just like Mason still had the DNA of the twin he absorbed before birth inside his body, Mason’s DNA or, metaphorically, his spirit could still be inside Sebastien. Deaton explains that life is energy and energy can’t simply disappear. He says while the Dread Doctors broke the rules of the supernatural rules, there are some rules that just won’t break. He says Mason must exist, as a spark of energy or flicker or memory, inside Sebastien.

Stiles remembers Mason saying, “That’s not my name,” just before he turned into the Beast. They link this to the old werewolf lore that calling it by its given name will return the werewolf to human form. Stiles figures Lydia is the one that would have to do it.

Sebastien stops into the Sheriff’s station looking for the Argents. Sheriff Stilinski overhears him talking to Deputy Clark and takes him into his office. The sheriff’s phone is blowing up. He explains that Stiles likes to leave incredibly long and confusing messages. As he reads the last one, he realizes who Sebastien is. He puts the phone down on his desk and tries to calmly talk to his guest. Sebastien can hear the Sheriff’s heartbeat and knows that he knows who Sebastien really is.

Sebastien says modern weapons won’t kill him but the Sheriff says he’s pretty sure his 9mm Beretta will do more damage than an 18th century musket. Sebastien says the Sheriff has a choice, he can walk out with his hands clean or drenched in blood.

They stand and Deputy Clark realizes that the Sheriff has his sidearm drawn. She confronts Sebastien despite the Sheriff’s warning. Sebastien’s eyes glow bluish white, he bares fangs and attacks. Both the Sheriff and Clark open fire. The bullets give him pause but he continues to advance.

Hayden enters the darkened Sheriff’s Station. She sees Stilinski crawling across the floor toward his gun. Lydia Martin steps into the bullpen. Sebastien attacks, jabbing his claws into her neck as she screams. Her voice hurls him back several feet into the wall but the neck wound appears deep and blood seeps through her fingers as she clutches at her throat.

Sebastien, thanks to Mason’s memories, remembers Hayden. He attacks her.

Sheriff Stilinski carries a still bleeding Lydia into Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital.

The Desert Wolf calls for Malia to come downstairs. Braeden calls out that she shouldn’t listen.

Corinne – I’m not going to stop Malia. I’m taking back what you stole from me.
Malia – I didn’t steal anything.
Corinne – But you did and I don’t care if you were a willing participant or not. Talia Hale spent nine months trying to convince me of the miracle of childbirth. You know what it really felt like? A parasite. Talia said it was a gift. A coyote passes down part of her power to her daughter. She called it beautiful. I call it theft.

Malia moves. The floor creaks. The Desert Wolf makes her move toward the stairs. She fires several shots at the door where Braeden has limited cover. Both women take bullets but Corinne makes it to the stairs. Malia and her mother are now back to back with just a thin wall between them.

Sebastien forced Hayden to take him to Theo’s lair. She finds Tracy’s body and, using her hand, closes the dead girl’s eyes. She tells Sebastien that she’s done as he wanted and asks that he let her go. He notices the fresco on the wall. Hayden notices Tracy’s claws and remembers the large syringe of Kanima venom. She picks it up. Sebastien wants to know about the “demon on the left” in the fresco. Hayden says it’s a Hellhound and, using Mason’s memories, Sebastien realizes its name is Parrish and says the Argents will try to put the pike in his hands. Hayden moves to stab Sebastien with the syringe of venom but he is too fast and stops her. He wonders aloud when young people became so confident and then stabs his claws into her gut.

One of the Argent’s sonic emitters begins to pulse nearby. Sebastien leaves Hayden bleeding on the floor and goes to investigate.

Elsewhere in the tunnels, Deucalion says he recognizes the sound. Theo realizes it’s the Argents. Deucalion says they’re corralling the beast and says Theo will need to be back at full capacity. Theo says they should find out and opens an electrical breaker box. He grabs the wires and electricity flows through his body. He aims a bolt at Deucalion’s cane and the big werewolf falls to the floor. Deucalion warns Theo that his willingness to stab anyone and everyone in the back might turn out to be his downfall. Theo says Deucalion can still have Scott’s eyes, he’ll bring them to him.

Stiles visits Lydia in the hospital. He takes her hand. She can barely speak but asks if they found a solution. Stiles says she is the solution.

Parrish and Chris Argent are in the tunnels. Parrish gets a message on his phone that Lydia’s been hurt badly. Chris says that doesn’t change anything. He says if they don’t stop Sebastien, Lydia will die. Chris says he’s not just coming for the pike. He’s coming for anything and anyone that stands in his way and right now that’s everybody.

Chris puts his shotgun down. Parrish is confused. Chris explains that there wasn’t a man with a gun facing the beast in that painting. It was Parrish and Chris says it was put there as a reminder that the beast isn’t unstoppable. Parrish flames up.

At the hospital, Scott updates Liam on Lydia’s condition explaining that she can’t really talk. Believing that Lydia was there last hope, Liam says there’s nothing they can do now to save Mason.

Scott receives Kira’s voicemail explaining that she’s leaving but will be back to help. She reminds him that, together, they can save Mason (See last week’s episode). Scott says he has an idea.

Melissa McCall points out that she could lose her job for helping but injects Lydia’s throat with cortisone. Scott explains that the synthetic hormone will reduce the inflammation in her throat and allow her limited use of her voice. Stiles, seeing Lydia’s wound, says he might need to leave but Melissa tells him he’s not going anywhere and orders him to hold Lydia’s hand. Stiles says he still might faint but it is Liam who passes out and hits the floor.

As they are exiting the hospital with Lydia, Scott gives Stiles something wrapped in brown paper telling him that he’s been working on it for a while and that Malia needs it. He says it was “Plan A.” Stiles points out that “Plan A” never works. Scott says this one will.

Hayden stumbles into Beacon Hills Animal Clinic. She asks for Deaton’s help saying she is pretty hurt.

Parrish is fighting the beast. Chris is firing all his weapons at it. Gerard pulls him clear of the fray. Chris points out that they’re not slowing down but Gerard says they both will.

Braeden is bleeding from her wounds. Malia bares fangs and prepares to strike. Corinne smiles. Stiles walks in.

The Desert Wolf points her gun at Stiles. Malia jumps from her hiding place and throws him to the ground. She manages to disarm her mother and the pair grapple falling into the glass coffee table.

Entering the tunnels, Liam hears the sound of arcing electricity. He then notices that there’s water on the floor. He throws Lydia to a dry area just before electricity shoots through the water and knocks both Liam and Scott to the ground. Theo grabs Lydia and throws her toward an opening in the floor. She falls but Scott manages to catch her. Theo uses his Kanima venom to paralyze Scott. He loses his grip on Lydia and she falls.

As she falls, Lydia screams. Parrish hears her and loses concentration. The Beast punches him and escapes.

Stiles recovers from his fall and takes a run at the Desert Wolf. She easily throws him into the glass coffee table. A shard of glass protrudes from his chest.

Theo hears the beast in the tunnels and tells Scott that it’s the sound of real power. Sebastien comes around the corner and Theo stabs him in the gut in an attempt to take his power. It doesn’t work. Sebastien becomes the Beast and knocks Theo to the floor. He walks away.

Deucalion joins Theo in the tunnel. Theo realizes that Deucalion was lying to him and was working with Scott the whole time.  Deucalion reveals that he’s not really blind. He also reveals that he lied about Belasko’s garuda talons. Theo would have been able to siphon off the Beasts power if he’d had them. Deucalion breaks Theo’s neck.

Lydia stumbles in the dark until she finds a door. It’s locked.

Theo complains that Deucalion broke his neck. Deucalion wishes him good luck with that. He then explains that there is an access grate that leads to a sublevel. He thinks Lydia may be there. He also says they can still save Mason.

Gerard shoots Deucalion. Gerard asks Scott how long they’ve been planning this double cross. Chris says about as long as Scott and he have been planning to double cross Gerard. He says he knew bringing Gerard back would be less about saving lives and more about immortalizing his own. Father and son level their guns at each other. Chris tosses the cane/sword to Scott and tells him to go. As he and Liam round the corner of the tunnel they hear a shot.

The Desert Wolf shoots Malia in the shoulder and the back. Corinne says it’s not the full moon but close enough. She shoots her daughter again. Stiles tosses a jar to Malia, inside are the garuda talons. They glow blue. As the Desert Wolf moves in to kill Malia, the empty glass jar shatters on the floor. Saying she wants her family back, Malia stabs her mother with the talons and the blue light slowly drains from Corinne’s eyes as Malia’s eyes brighten. Braeden hits Corinne in the head and knocks her out.

Stiles requests that someone please remove the gigantic piece of glass from his chest.

Liam says he should be the one to use the cane/sword on Mason. Scott says they’re not killing Liam’s best friend.

Sebastien approaches and says the cane belongs to him. He calls it a “family heirloom” and politely asks for it back. Scott says they’ll give it to him if he returns Mason to them. Sebastien explains that Mason is gone.

Lydia struggles with the locked door. Kira’s sword pierces the wood. Lydia stands back as Kira slices open the door. She apologizes for being late.

The cane/sword lands on the floor as the Beast pummels Scott and Liam. They both move back for another attack but the Beast slams his fists into the floor creating a shockwave that throws both werewolves into the wall of the tunnel.

Sebastien picks Scott up by the neck. He is puzzled as to why they both fight without a killer instinct. He says he’ll show Scott how to go for the throat.

Liam picks up the cane and draws out the sword. Scott tells him to back off, that they can still save Mason. Liam makes a run at Sebastien with the sword but he is easily repelled and thrown to the floor. Sebastien tightens his grip on Scott and his claws sink into the back of his neck. He begins to see Scott’s memories of Allison Argent and mistakes her for his sister Marie-Jeanne. This causes him to hesitate and Scott is able to get free.

Lydia and Kira arrive. Lydia says “Mason” but nothing happens. Kira suggests she try it louder. Sebastien stalks toward them transforming as he goes. She screams Mason’s name. Soundwaves strike the beast and the giant form turns to smoke. Mason walks from it and falls toward the ground. Corey becomes visible against the wall and steps forward to catch Mason.

The now mostly formless smoke beast careens down the tunnel. Parrish steps out and “catches” it. He yells for Scott. Scott throws the cane/sword into the smoky beast and it dissipates.

Theo walks up with lightening flaring around his body. He shoots a bolt toward Scott but Kira steps in front and catches the bolt with her sword. She says the Skinwalkers have a message for Theo. She stabs her sword into the concrete and says Theo’s sister wants to see him. The floor cracks open and Theo’s sister Tara Raeken (Micaela Wittman) crawls up from the hole. She grabs Theo and drags him screaming into the hole which seals up behind them.

Deaton isn’t sure Hayden will heal due to her Chimera status. Scott offers to take her to the hospital but she says she already died there once. Liam says it’s her choice. She agrees and Scott’s eyes light red and he bares his fangs.

Later in the woods, Hayden finds Liam. Both their eyes glow yellow. They embrace and kiss.

Sheriff Stilinski tells Stiles that he’s got to feel pretty good after he saved his friends lives and half the population of Beacon Hills. Stiles says it did for a while. His dad asks if it’s something he wants to feel again. Stiles says “yeah, I think so” and the Sheriff welcomes him to his “future career in law enforcement.”

Lydia and Malia arrive at school and smile at all their fellow students getting off the bus and back to their lives. They walk arm in arm into the school.

Scott and Kira are back at Shiprock in New Mexico. She explains that she promised the Skinwalkers that she would return and she’s not sure how long it will take. She gives him her obsidian “tail” (See Smoke & Mirrors) and tells him to keep it for her. They kiss again before she walks away. She joins the Skinwalkers and they disappear in a whirlwind of dust.

Lydia says Kira will be back because she still has to graduate. Stiles says he started the year stressed out about everyone ending up in the same place after they graduate. He says he doesn’t think it matters. He says no matter where they are they’ll find each other. He then explains how Scott’s memory of Allison saved him from Sebastien.

In the Library, Scott makes his way to the second floor and the signed bookshelves (See: Creatures of the Night). He sees his initials and Allison’s and smiles. He looks down and sees Stiles and Lydia enter the library. He walks down and joins them.

In the Dread Doctor’s lair, the glass tube that had held the Nazi Werewolf is now empty. The glass is broken, the fluid drained and wet footprints lead away from it.


  • Jack Savoretti - "Fight 'Til the End"
Scene: Finale montage sequence.

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