Araya Calavera is the leader of a family of Hunters in Mexico. Her last name translates as "Skull" and is the word used for the skulls made of candy or clay used in Mexican "Day of the Dead" celebrations. Her family's bullets bare the skull symbol.

Despite her cold, ruthless personality, her shows a much stronger adherence to the Hunters' Code. Examples of this are where she tortures werewolves but does not kill them without cause, and they lock Kate Argent in a room with a straight razor to force her to kill herself as part of the Hunter's "code of honor."

Araya is played by Ivonne Coll.


Araya's family and the Argents both are acquainted with each other through hunting supernatural creatures and the code. However, her family follows the code more strictly and enforce it on other Hunters who do not follow it or attempt to retire like Chris Argent.

Some time after the Hale House Fire she came into possession of Talia Hale's claws until her son, Derek Hale, recovered them.

When Peter Hale killed Kate Argent with his claws, her and Severo check her body in the morgue and see that her body was healing as the full moon got closer. They switched her with another body and take her to her home to force her to commit suicide, but the newly awakened Werejaguar escapes, killing some of her men.

When she doesn't hunt, she runs a local dance club as a cover for her operations as she admires the "music of youth" due to its "savage" energy. (The Dark Moon)

Season 3

She is first seen questioning Derek and Peter for the location of "La Loba". When Peter refuses to answer her, she cuts off his finger. (Read More...)

Araya poses as a lawyer and visits Chris in jail and chastises him for trying to retire from hunting. When the hunter asks why she is in Beacon Hills, she refuses to answer him. (Read More...)

Season 4

Scott McCall and his friends tried to bribe her into releasing Derek. She turns the tables and captures the pack. Later, she straps Scott to an electric chair and forces him to figure out who really took Derek. After he realizes it was Kate. She lets Scott and his friends go, but also warns him that she'll hunt him if he "makes a wolf of his own." (Read More...)

She and Severo try to force Chris to return to hunting since Braeden has failed. She does this by making him recite the Hunter's Code and bringing up the deaths of Allison and Victoria fuel his fury. (Read More...)

She, along with her family, Chris, and Jordan Parrish fend Kate off outside of La Iglesia. She also made a deal with Chris to leave Scott and his friends alone as long as he helps them hunt down Kate. (Read More...)



  • Where is the she wolf?” — To Derek and Peter in More Bad Than Good
  • Think about it. I'm only going to ask you...nine more times.” — To Peter after she cuts of his finger in More Bad Than Good.
  • I don't fish mijo, I hunt.” — To Chris at the Sheriff's Station in Echo House.
  • You brought a wolf into my home?” — To Stiles and Lydia in her office in The Dark Moon
  • Severo, show them how the Calaveras negotiate.” — On a walkie talkie in The Dark Moon
  • Come La Loba. Let me show you how the Calaveras die!” — To Kate in Smoke & Mirrors.
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