Beacon County Sheriff Station is the local law enforcement agency of Beacon Hills.

Season 1Edit

The department is called almost constantly due to the mysterious murders cause by what they believed to be a wild animal.

Season 2Edit

Stiles is attacked by a Hunter while trying to save Isaac Lahey. (Read More...)

After they kidnap Jackson and steal a prison transport vehicle, Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski sit in a room where Sheriff Stilinski reads to them details of a restraining order against them. (Read More...)

Matt Daehler holds Stilinski, Scott, Stiles, Derek Hale, and Melissa McCall hostage here until Gerard and the Hunters use the opportunity to trap and kill him and the Kanima. (Read More...)

Season 3Edit

After learning of supernatural involvement in Beacon Hills, Stilinski looks through files to find a connection to unsolved cases. (Read More...)

Chris Argent and Derek are arrested after they're accused of murdering a former Yakuza known as Silverfinger. Later, the station is bombed by the Nogitsune in order to feed from the ensuing chaos. (Read More...)

Araya Calavera talks with Chris in one the interrogation rooms after she learns he retired from hunting. (Read More...)

Derek and Chris are release at Stilinski's request to help him find his son. (Read More...)

The Oni attack the station as part of Void Stiles' final plan to "win his game." (Read More...)

Season 4Edit

A teenage Derek Hale is brought into the station after he is caught trespassing which dumbfounds the Sheriff. (Read More...)

Meredith Walker wanders to the station to talk to Lydia and help her unlock more of the Dead Pool. (Read More...)

Deputy Haigh is arrested after he tries to kills Parrish. (Read More...)

After they return from Mexico, the sheriff handcuffs his son to a desk a punishment for lying to him. (Read More...)

Season 5Edit

Tracy Stewart attacks the station to kill Natalie Martin but is stopped by Kira Yukimura. (Read More...)

Kira is brought in by Deputy Clark after she's believed to be a murder suspect. (Read More...)

Deputy Parrish places himself in one of the cells after learning he is the one stealing the bodies of dead Chimeras. (Read More...)

Parrish escapes while in a trance-like state and Stiles prevents bloodshed by telling them to just let him go. (Read More...)

Season 6Edit

As the ceiling of the sheriff station seemingly begins to crumble, a young boy named Alex is taken by the Ghost Riders. (Read More...)

Known EmployeesEdit


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