The Beacon Hills Animal Clinic is a Veterinary Office in Beacon Hills and a reoccurring location in Teen Wolf.

Dr. Deaton, runs the Clinic and Scott McCall works as his assistant after school.

According to the signage on the door the clinic is open from 7:30am to 5:30pm on Monday through Friday, and on Saturday by appointment.

Season 1 Edit

The clinic played a key role in several episodes during season one.

In Wolf Moon, Scott and Allison first get to know each other in the clinic while he helps patch up a dog she hit while driving.

Stiles and Derek retreat to the clinic in Magic Bullet in hopes of treating Derek’s wolfsbane poisoning.

After Scott is wounded during Co-Captain, his boss brings him back to the clinic for treatment.

In Formality, it's revealed that parts of the clinic are made of Mountain Ash.

Scott retreats to the clinic after a confrontation with Allison’s father in Code Breaker.

Season 2Edit

In Abomination, the Hunters come here to find out what creature killed one of their own.

In Raving, Scott and Derek come here to plan on how they're going to catch Jackson and his Master. They also come here to recooperate from the Hunter's attack.

Season 3 Edit

All the cats in the Cat Clinic portion of the building commit suicide after several other bizarre animal behaviors are reported. (read more...)

Dr. Deaton used his back room to perform a form of hypnotism on Isaac to retrieve his lost memories of the night he found Boyd and Erica. (Read More...)

Kali, Aiden and Ms. Morrell convince Dr. Deaton to treat a badly injured EnnisDeucalion shows up and kills Ennis on the examination table. (Read More...)

Here is where Dr. Deaton performs a dangerous ritual that involves Scott, Stiles, and Allison becoming surrogate sacrifices for their parents of which they may or may not survive. (Read More...)

The Oni attack the clinic to mark Deaton with their blade. (Read More...)

Season 4Edit

Derek is brought here to see if Deaton knows why he regressed in age. (Read More...)

Deaton saves a young werewolf on the dead pool from being poisoned and later Liam receives the similar treatment here. (Read More...)

Satomi meets Deaton outside the building and they briefly struggle. (Read More...)

Season 5Edit

Tracy is brought to the clinic so Deaton can examine her, when she comes to, she reaveals herself to be a Kanima-like creature that paralyzes him, Scott, Stiles, and Malia. (Read More...)

Stiles can Theo bring a dead chimeras body here to find out who is stealing the bodies. (Read More...)

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