Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital located in Beacon Hills, California is the setting for much of the action in Teen Wolf.

Scott's mother, Melissa McCall works at the hospital as a nurse.

Season 1Edit

Scott McCall visits brings his mother dinner as an excuse to see Garrison Myers, the bus driver injured by The Alpha Werewolf. The patient has a panic attack upon seeing him. Later, Derek Hale also visits to ask Myers some questions. (Read More...)

Derek's Uncle, Peter Hale, is a patient in the adjacent long term care facility. Derek brings Scott to see the damage done to Peter during the Hale House Fire. (Read More...)

Derek visits Uncle Peter again after The Spiral shows up again and again. He asks the comatose man if someone else might have escaped the fire. (Read More...)

Derek and Stiles, with help from Danny, discover a fake text from Scott to Allison was sent from a hospital computer. (Read More...)

Lydia Martin is hospitalized an attack during the Winter Formal. (Read More...)

Season 2Edit

Lydia disappears from the hospital. (Read More...)

Erica was brought to BHH after a seizure at school. Derek seduces her into becoming a werewolf. (Read More...)

The sign in front of the hospital was changed to read "Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital".

Season 3Edit

Isaac Lahey and his mysterious rescuer are brought to Beacon Hills Hospital for treatment. Members of The Alpha Pack try to kidnap Isaac. (Read More...)

Melissa McCall secretly gives Stiles access to the morgue. (Read More...)

Danny is brought to the Emergency Room by Ethan. He almost chokes to death and is saved by Melissa McCall. (Read More...)

Scott, Stiles, Derek, and Jennifer are trapped in the hospital by the Alpha Pack. (Read More...)

A killer named William Barrow is brought here for surgery but escapes. (Read More...)

Stiles goes to Melissa for help with his isomnia. She gives him a sedative. When he awakes he confronts the Oni. (Read More... )

The Nogistune uses Oni inside the hospital as a distraction. (Read More...)

Season 4Edit

The hospital suffers financial strain after suffering a “bizarre amount of damage." Budget cuts are planned. Liam's stepfather is a doctor at BHMH and treats him after his lacrosse injury. (Read More...)

Scott pretends to be dead to draw out The Benefactor. Kate breaks in to the morgue to steal the body. (Read More...)

Season 5Edit

The Dread Doctors attack the hospital. (Read More...)

Sheriff Stilinski is brought to the hospital after being attacked by a chimera. (Read More...)

Masses of bodies from The Beast's come through the hospital after being discovered by Chris Argent. (Read More...).

Season 6Edit

Melissa enters surgery here after a shootout at her house. (Read More...)

Liam, Mason, Corey, and Theo are lured here into a trap set by Gabe and other Hunters. (Read More...)

Liam and his friends fight the Hunters in a final confrontation. (Read More...)