Berserkers are men who wear the skins/bones of bears within the Teen Wolf Universe.

First mentioned by Conrad Fenris in Teen Wolf: Search for a Cure, these creatures made first physical appearance in Season 4.

Real World Myth

EDITORS NOTE: What follows here is the barest overview of Norse folklore. It is not, nor is it meant to be, a full account of the Berserker story.

Berserkers were Norse warriors who were attributed with great strength and fury on the battlefield.

Historians differ on how they whipped themselves into a killing frenzy with some attributing their ferocity to drugs.

They wore the pelts of bears or wolves, both animals associated with Odin, and were said to absorb the abilities of the animal.

According to legend, neither fire nor iron could harm them.

Teen Wolf Myth

According to Chris Argent, Berserkers don't just wear the bear parts to channel the animal's ferocity, they actually become animals themselves. He continues on to say that their human side doesn't last long because they are not tempered by the moon. (Echo House)

Based on the two Berserker deaths shown: the body turns to dust at the moment of death suggesting they were no longer human. (Smoke & Mirrors)


The examples seen to date wear elaborate but crudely constructed armor made entirely of bone and skin. They wear bear skulls that cover their head and face.

Malia reports they smell like death.


Berserkers are apparently super strong, able to tear the human body apart. Their physical strength far surpasses that of the average Werewolf.

Berserkers appear to be very fast as they can run as fast as werewolves.

The first reported Berserker death took three hunters and hundreds of rounds of ammunition. Point-blank range explosions are capable of killing Berserkers. Additionally, using his evolved power, Derek Hale was capable of killing a Berserker by ripping apart its skull mask.

Werejaguar Connection

The Werejaguar Kate Argent is able to control and create Berserkers.

Theo Raeken explains that Werejaguars and Berserkers are somehow connected to each other. This bond allows the werejaguar to sense berserkers and was demonstrated by Hayden Romero who is a chimera with werejaguar traits.


This short video explains how the look of the Berserker Characters was achieved.


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