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KylaraE KylaraE 3 June 2021

FandomDesktop opt-in is LIVE

Check it out, and let me know your thoughts! Report bugs and feedback to me here.

To access the new FandomDesktop skin:

  • Go to Special:Preferences
  • In the top menu, select "Appearance"
  • Under "Skin" select "FandomDesktop"
  • Select any FandomDesktop preferences you want such as default light/dark mode, content width, and right rail collapse. (Personally I am all about that WIDE WIDTH experience.)
  • Click "Save" at the bottom

You can also opt-out the same way, just go to Special:Preferences and switch the Skin from FandomDeskop back to Oasis.

Helpful links!

  • New blog post about opt-in
  • FandomDesktop preparation guide
  • FandomDesktop highlights with links to staff blog posts
  • For admin: Blog about the customization policy

If you find a bug, please let me know about i…

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Iluvisaacandstiles123 Iluvisaacandstiles123 8 May 2021

my thoughts on everythingggggg

what i think of sterek: i think as cute as it is I think of them as more of brothers

what i think of stydia: lydia shouldnt have kept dismissing him when he clearly loved her and deap down she loved his goofy sarcastic funny little self

what i think of stalia: im sorry to any1 than dissagrees but... ENDGAMEEEE

what i think of emm what do u call their ship name... scallison?: i loved them sooooo much and even when they were broken up they still loved eachother but allison had to much on her plate so i think that they actually did need that break.

i will come back tommorrow 4 moreeee

i came back!

what i think of stisaac: emm i didnt ship them origianally but some1 told me it wasnt a bad ship so here i am. they would be so cute.... the sarcastic du…

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Alex45632 Alex45632 3 November 2020

teen wolf season 7 petition

http://chng.it/ZsBxHbzLRS this important send to everyone you know

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Hmspogue Hmspogue 27 August 2020

Theory on the relationship between Kanima and Werewolf

As you all might as well know, if you have made it past the 1st season of Teen Wolf, Jackson was rejecting the bite around the same time Lydia was effected and became a banshee. My theory on this is that in those final episodes of Season 1 Stiles is concerned because he thought she would turn into a Werewolf and be drawn to Jackson. I happen to believe that part of this is true. On Lydia's character page they explain that the becoming of the banshee had to do with Kanima posioning along with the effects of the werewolf bite. That being said I do believe that one of them was attracted to the other.

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 22 April 2020

On Location With Teen Wolf

Teen Wolf News: On Location With Teen Wolf

This article was first published on October 19, 2016 at teenwolfnews.com. Because that site is now defunct, I've republished it here so that the historical record can be preserved.

  • 1 A Dark and Cold Night in LA
  • 2 Filming Among the Ruins
  • 3 Controlled Chaos
  • 4 Linden Ashby: All Around Great Guy
  • 5 Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
  • 6 Shelley Hennig Gets Me Water
  • 7 Tyler Posey Glares at Me
  • 8 A Lot of Work for One Joke
  • 9 Lunch is Served
  • 10 Final Thoughts

My Uber driver Elvira seems nervous as we pull up outside the old “City Market” in downtown Los Angeles, “Are you sure you want to get out here?” It’s 7:30, just after dark, on a Friday night in a not-so-nice part of town. I check the Teen Wolf call list in my email and assu…

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AlphaDylan17 AlphaDylan17 13 February 2019

Do you think that they will keep making Teen wolf series

I think that Teen wolf  will keep moving on after the 6th season. My question is do you people that love Teen Wolf think that too?

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 10 March 2018

Teen Wolf News March 2018

Teen Wolf News March

  • 1 Five Shows You Should Be Watching
    • 1.1 The Magicians
    • 1.2 Heathers
    • 1.3 Channel Zero
    • 1.4 DARK
    • 1.5 Ghosted
  • 2 Tyler Posey Hits the Road
  • 3 Shelley Hennig as One Busted Mother
  • 4 MTV Talks Teen Wolf Reboot (Again)
    • 4.1 THERE IS NO REBOOT … yet
    • 4.2 Jeff Davis Says Talks Continue
  • 5 Colton Hits Balls for Charity
  • 6 Arden Cho Stars in Studio L Launch
  • 7 Hoechlin and Sharman Stun Milan

It’s been exactly a year since the cameras rolled for the last time on Teen Wolf and six months since the final episode aired. While I still miss my weekly Beacon Hills fix, I’ve found some other brilliant genre shows to partially fill the gaping hole in my heart. Here are five current shows Teen Wolf fans might like.

I recently described this show as Hogwarts meets Narnia meets your ga…

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 8 January 2018

Teen Wolf News 010918

Teen Wolf News 010918

The following story is true. Teen Wolf News has changed or removed names, locations, and almost all other identifying details. This obfuscation is necessary to protect the minor child in the story and the private medical information of the patient discussed.

A Teen Wolf fan named “Tony” sent us an email over at teenwolfnews.com. This isn’t unusual. We get lots of mail from folks who believe the publisher’s address on the website somehow reaches the Teen Wolf production office. It doesn’t. Usually, I just respond with a quick, “Hey, we’re not connected to the production” message and call it a day. I got Tony’s email at the end of December, and it broke my heart.

Hey Teen Wolf,

Christmas at my house sucked this year.  How was y…

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 7 December 2017

Teen Wolf News 120717

Teen Wolf News 120717

  • 1 Arden Cho to Chicago Med
  • 2 Fans Discover Cody's New Project
  • 3 Hoechlin’s Beach Booty
  • 4 Teen Wolf News Year in Review 2017
    • 4.1 Biggest News Story of 2017
    • 4.2 Best Performance of the Year
    • 4.3 Biggest Behind The Scenes Scoop
    • 4.4 That’s a Wrap!
    • 4.5 Actors Land New Gigs
    • 4.6 MTV And The Summer Of Our Discontent
    • 4.7 Bright New Faces
    • 4.8 The Pack Skips Junior Year
    • 4.9 Interviewing Orny Adams
    • 4.10 Teen Sweep
    • 4.11 No Canada?
    • 4.12 The End Arrives
    • 4.13 Happy New Year

Our beloved Arden Cho (Kira Yukimura) is following Melissa Ponzio in joining the interconnected world of NBC’s “Chicago” shows.  While Ponzio plays the good wife on Chicago Fire, Cho will land as the bad sister on Chicago Med this season.

According to an exclusive from TV Line, Cho will play Emily, the …

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 6 November 2017

Teen Wolf News 110617

Teen Wolf News 110617

  • 1 Teen Wolf Fam: Where Are They?
  • 2 GLOW Hits Town
  • 3 ‘Jane’ Fans React to Posey
  • 4 Colton Gets Hitched
  • 5 Holland’s Next Show: Channel Zero

With the end of the series, the hundreds of folks who made Teen Wolf for us have scattered all over the entertainment industry. It’s tough to keep up with what a lot of the “below the line” folks are doing because they don’t have teams of publicists and legions of fans updating their IMDB pages, but we have managed to find out what some of our favorites are up now that they’ve left Beacon Hills.

I don’t get to stay in touch with Jeff Davis as much as before, but we managed to catch up last week, “Hey Paul, I’ve been good! Was off on vacation for a little while but getting back to work now. We hand…

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 16 October 2017

Teen Wolf News Behind the Scenes Archives

Our extensive Behind the Scenes archives cover the entire Teen Wolf Production from Season 3 through Season 5 with images and updates from each week of filming.

Visit the SEASON 4 Behind the Scenes Archive 

APP USERS - Use this link: http://teenwolf.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:Paul.rea/Teen_Wolf_Season_4_Behind_the_Scenes_Archive


Visit the SEASON 3 Behind the Scenes Archive 

APP USERS - Use this link: http://teenwolf.wikia.com/wiki/User_blog:Paul.rea/Teen_Wolf_Season_3_Behind_the_Scenes_Archive

Teen Wolf Season 5 Behind the Scenes

121715 - REAL Interview with Jeff Davis

After a month that saw the release of a couple of fake interviews with Teen Wolf Executive Producer Jeff Davis, Teen Wolf News is pleased to report …

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 15 October 2017

Teen Wolf Season 4 Behind the Scenes Archive

Teen Wolf Season 4 Behind the Scenes Archive

Return To Main Behind the Scenes Archive Updates for June 2014
June brought us the almostimpossibletosolve "Who is the Benefactor" puzzle from Teen Wolf Official including an exclusive clue for Teen Wolf Wiki users.

We also saw the longest night of filming in the show's history as they wrapped production on Season 4 on July 2nd.

Check out all the Updates from June 2014

Updates for May 2014
Promotions for Season 4 began in earnest in May.

The "rise from the ashes" Can't Go Back promo created a number of theories and questions about the season to come.

We also saw Arden Cho trapped with some gaseous co-stars and we met The Mute for the first time.

Check out all the Updates from May 2014

Updates for April 2014

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 10 October 2017

Teen Wolf News 101017

Teen Wolf News 101017

  • 1 Holland’s New Show Debuts Friday
  • 2 Jane The Virgin Heavily Promotes Posey
  • 3 Gideon Emery Joining SCREAM
  • 4 Daniel Sharman Plays Unattractive Man
  • 5 Jeff Answers Lingering Canon Questions
    • 5.1 The Answered
    • 5.2 The Unanswered

Holland Roden was back at New York Comic Con this week promoting a new show on the Amazon Video streaming service. Lore is based on a podcast that relates spooky but true stories from the darker side of history.

Here’s the blurb from the Lore creators. “Blending dramatic scenes, animation, archive, and narration, Lore reveals how our horror legends - such as vampires, werewolves, and body snatchers - are rooted in truth.”

This mix of different media creates more of a learning experience than a traditional scripted drama,…

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 3 October 2017

Teen Wolf News 100317

Teen Wolf News 100317

Will You Pay For the Tyler Posey App?

Former Teen Wolf Tyler Posey joined the ranks of Disha Patani, Kajal Aggarwal, and former porn star Sunny Leone in launching his own app through a company called EscapeX LIMITED. The app basically aggregates Posey’s social media feeds into one app and then offers “live updates and videos” for free. However, if you’re willing to pay through the app, you also get to “Boost your comments with Superstars, become a Top 3 Fan, and be seen by Tyler Posey.”

It is a typical Skinner Box app with a freemium model designed to keep people coming back for more and shelling out roughly $5 a month for the privilege of extra content.

Here’s their pitch to celebrities -

“In the ever-changing world of so…

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Dry63 Dry63 2 October 2017

Teen Wolf Antagonists 5

Well, we've seen the end of a truly underrated TV series, and now comes the time we find out which villain was the one who brought our favorite heroes to their knees in Season 6.

We've seen the return of old foe who uses the confluence of events to start the war he's always wanted as well as an ancient shapeshifter who uses fear to grow stronger even if it means people kill others to do it, and we've seen a Nazi who wanted the undead army. However, only one was the baddest of them all.

  • 1 Ghost Riders
  • 2 Garrett Douglas
  • 3 Anuk-Ite
  • 4 Gerard Argent
  • 5 Tamora Monroe
  • 6 Closing

Like Oni, they are morally neutral but will not stop to drag anyone into their hunt even if they stay out of the way. Not only did they take our beloved Stiles from us but attempted to t…

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 26 September 2017

Teen Wolf News 092617

Teen Wolf News 092617

  • 1 The Jeff Davis Post-Finale Media Blitz
  • 2 Why Posey + SCREAM?
  • 3 Did Y’all See the MR: The Death Cure Trailer?
  • 4 What Now?
    • 4.1 What’s a Wikia?
    • 4.2 First Ever Teen Wolf News Update

Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis is literally everywhere right now. When you have a show wrap after 100 episodes, it’s a thing people want to write about a lot.

Here are a few things you should probably read if you have questions about how things went down in the finale or what might have been if certain characters had lived.




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Paul.rea Paul.rea 19 September 2017

Teen Wolf News 091917

Teen Wolf News 091917

Next On Teen Wolf – The Wolves Of War

The final episode of Teen Wolf airs Sunday, September 24, 2017. It is episode 100 of the series and brings to an end more than seven years of work for creator Jeff Davis.

“The first time I saw it cut together with the right temporary score, I had a tear in my eye. I pleased myself as a fan. Hopefully, it’ll please others. It might piss some people off, but I made myself happy. I’m really happy with the last episode.”

Battlefield Reunion

The episode - The Wolves of War - will bring together a number of the show’s former cast members for a final battle with the Anuk-Ite, hunters, and the people of Beacon Hills.

  • We know Kate Argent is out there with a vial of deadly Yellow Wolfsbane.
  • Derek Ha…

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 15 September 2017

Teen Wolf News 091417

Teen Wolf News 091417

EDITOR'S NOTE: This week's Teen Wolf News is late due to Hurricane Irma and the fact that we have no power at our News HQ. It's pretty much like The Walking Dead without the zombies around here since the storm. We appreciate your patience and thanks to the various folks who've reached out to check on me and my family this week.

  • 1 Dylan O’Brien’s ‘Assassin’ IS EVERYWHERE!
  • 2 Investors Skeptical Of MTV Turnaround Plan
    • 2.1 Ratings Bump Too Little, Too Late
  • 3 Next On Teen Wolf: Double Feature!
  • 4 Werewolves of London – Best Bits

Do a Google News search for “American Assassin” and you’ll get upwards of 251,000 results. Sources include radio, television, print and web-based sites and all are on the hype train with some amazing interviews w…

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Alpha.Kev Alpha.Kev 8 September 2017

Can't believe it's almost at an end

Can't belive my favorite shoe will be over soon

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 5 September 2017

Teen Wolf News 090517

Teen Wolf News 090517

  • 1 No Canada?
  • 2 Next On Teen Wolf: Werewolves of London
  • 3 Triggers: Best Bits
  • 4 Pay-For-Play Teen Wolf Contest
  • 5 Andrew Matarazzo Joins Tyler Posey on Jane The Virgin
  • 6 Register For The Teen Wolf Auction

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that there’s a-whole-nother country sitting on top of the United States like a jaunty fedora, but Canada is a separate sovereign nation with its own laws and its own version of MTV that is not actually the same as the US version of that network. This fact became glaringly apparent when the Canadian version of the network chose this week to rerun an overly-complicated reality dating-for-money show instead of the new episode of Teen Wolf enjoyed by viewers throughout the United States.

Needless to say, Cana…

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 29 August 2017

Teen Wolf News 082917

Teen Wolf News 082917

Your chance to own a piece of Beacon Hills history is coming up in September when hundreds of items from Teen Wolf go up for auction. A company called Screen Used has most of the stuff you saw on screen during the show’s six-season run, and you could buy a piece for as little as $5.

Teen Wolf News spoke with Desi DosSantos at Screen Used this week. He says they got almost everything that wasn’t nailed down from Teen Wolf HQ.

“I’ve been working with the production since two or three months ago. When they finished up everything, I grabbed all the costumes and wardrobe and props and everything that they had. I’m working with them to put on an auction next month (September).”

In addition to the items you would expect to see lik…

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 22 August 2017

Teen Wolf News 082217

Teen Wolf News 082217

  • 1 Exclusive: The Final Five Episode Titles
    • 1.1 Triggers
    • 1.2 Werewolves of London
    • 1.3 Genotype
    • 1.4 Broken Glass
    • 1.5 The Wolves of War
  • 2 Anuk-Ite: Teen Wolf’s New Big Bad
    • 2.1 Original American Folklore
    • 2.2 Anuk-Ite: Teen Wolf Version
  • 3 Face-to-Faceless/Pressure Test: Best Bits
  • 4 American Assassin First Viewer Reviews
    • 4.1 AA May Benefit From The MP Effect

Teen Wolf News has exclusively learned the titles for the final five episodes of Teen Wolf.

We already have a network synopsis for Triggers. “Liam and Theo attempt to draw the Hunters away from Beacon Hills.” We also know that longtime writer and co-executive producer Eric Wallace directed. We’ll have more behind the scenes stuff from Eric’s time in the big chair next week in advance of this epis…

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 15 August 2017

Teen Wolf News 081517

Teen Wolf News 08/15/17

Next On Teen Wolf: Face-to-Faceless/Pressure Test

As Teen Wolf News reported first last week, Sunday night will be a Teen Wolf Double Feature on MTV. The network will run two new episodes back-to-back beginning withFace-to-Faceless at 8 PM and then Pressure Test at 9 PM.

The first half of the doubleheader is significant in that it will mark the first appearance of Andrew Matarazzo’s character Gabe and the episode is directed by Teen Wolf star Linden Ashby. It will be his television directorial debut. Teen Wolf creator Jeff Davis says the actor brought a little Johnny Cage to the action sequences.

“He had a lot of fun choreographing - helping to choreograph - because he’s obviously well known for his fight scenes all the way ba…

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Kicky6675 Kicky6675 14 August 2017

Why Teen Wolf Started to Lose it's Ratings

I have been binge watching Teen Wolf on Amazon Prime the last few weeks.  I started with Season 1 and instantly fell in love with the story line and most especially the cast.  The filming was tasteful and in no way cheesy like the SCYFY channel can be with some of their series.  I was instantly hooked.  As soon as I finished Season 1, I instantly jumped into Season 2 and then into Season 3.  As I continued to watch the Seasons, what I found to be very disappointing was that the core cast of characters that made it so very entertaining were starting to either die off or leave the show. By the time I got to Season 5, I found that Teen Wolf had lost it's charisma.  All the people I loved to see, were missing.  Just a few characters of the ori…

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 8 August 2017

Teen Wolf News 080817

Teen Wolf News 080817

The next episode, After Images, is very special because it marks the television directorial debut of Teen Wolf Tyler Posey.

If you’ve watched any of his social media videos over the past six years, you know Posey has a natural eye for scene composition. He’s also been learning a lot from watching other Teen Wolf directors like Russell Mulcahy, Tim Andrew, Jen Lynch, and J. D. Taylor.

Executive Producer Jeff Davis knew Posey wanted to direct, and, with the series wrapping up, decided to give him a shot. Davis says he was genuinely impressed by the results.

“We were really blown away by Tyler Posey. He came in so prepared. He had so many cool ideas. When he was shooting his episode, I was up in Canada and I had my production …

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 5 August 2017

Teen Wolf News 080517

Teen Wolf News 080517

With all the focus on the nostalgia of the past five and a half seasons of 'Teen Wolf' in the media in recent weeks, Teen Wolf News decided to turn a spotlight on some of the new characters we can look forward to as the final 'Teen Wolf' episodes play out on MTV on Sundays at 8 PM. This is the third in a series of interviews with a few of the more villainous characters we're seeing in the final ten episodes of the show. Be sure to check out our earlier exclusive reports with Andrew Matarazzo and Froy Gutierrez.

If I were the envious type, I would absolutely hate Sibongile Mlambo because, from the outside, it appears she is living a charmed life.

She is currently starring as a new “Big Bad” on Teen Wolf, the movie she did …

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 2 August 2017

Teen Wolf News 080117

Teen Wolf News 080117

  • 1 Grade Skip Explained
  • 2 Who’s That Hellhound?
    • 2.1 History of Halwyn
  • 3 Said the Spider to the Fly Review
    • 3.1 So Cuddly But Also Cray
    • 3.2 Return of the Kings
  • 4 Next Week On Teen Wolf: Raw Talent

A few observant fans, those not overwhelmed by that amazing coda scene with Dylan O'Brien at the FBI, noticed something odd about the debut episode of Season 6b. It appeared that Mason and Liam had skipped a year in school. They were Sophomores during the last school year (Season 5 and Season 6a), but, when school resumes this time, they’ll be Seniors. This revelation came with no on-screen explanation, but, after some investigation, we managed to get to the bottom of the missing Junior year.

After checking our Teen Wolf Wikia archives, we fou…

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 26 July 2017

Teen Wolf News 072617

Teen Wolf News 072617

With all the focus on the nostalgia of the past 5 and a half seasons of 'Teen Wolf' in the media this week, Teen Wolf News decided to turn a spotlight on some of the new characters we can look forward to when 'Teen Wolf' returns to MTV on Sunday, July 30 at 8 PM. This is the second in a series of interviews with a few of the more villainous characters we'll see in the final ten episodes of the show. Check out our earlier interview with Andrew Matarazzo, and, in coming days, TWN will also introduce you to Sibongile Mlambo.

  • 1 Meet 'Teen Wolf's' Froy Gutierrez
    • 1.1 Road To Beacon Hills
    • 1.2 Welcome To Teen Wolf
    • 1.3 Stabby McStabbersen
    • 1.4 Don’t Call Him A Villain
    • 1.5 Don’t Call Him a ‘White Boy’
    • 1.6 Life After Teen Wolf
  • 2 Check out more ex…

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 25 July 2017

Teen Wolf News 072517

Teen Wolf News 072517

With all the focus on the nostalgia of the past 5 and a half seasons of 'Teen Wolf' in the media this week, Teen Wolf News decided to turn a spotlight on some of the new characters we can look forward to when 'Teen Wolf' returns to MTV on Sunday, July 30 at 8 PM. This is the first in a series of interviews with a few of the more villainous characters we'll see in the final ten episodes of the show. In coming days TWN will also introduce you to Sibongile Mlambo and Froy Gutierrez.

Meet 'Teen Wolf’s' Andrew Matarazzo

Actor Andrew Matarazzo kind of hopes his new character on Teen Wolf will make you angry. “I hope that people just have fun with it and believe me as that character in that world enough to stand up and yell at t…

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 19 July 2017

Teen Wolf News 071817

Teen Wolf News 071817

Teen Wolf’s last season begins in less than two weeks. Teen Wolf News has collected everything you need to know to get ready for the last ten episodes of the show including just how much bigger and longer the series finale will be.

There be spoilers ahead so turn back now if you want to enter the season like the proverbial babe in the woods.

In the immortal words of Imagine Dragons - first things first. The first of the final ten episodes is Said the Spider to the Fly. It does involve spiders as we saw in the first trailer when Lydia encounters a giant web.

We have also learned that Theo will have an encounter with a creepy crawly that comes from inside his own shirtless body.

Said the Spider to the Fly airs at 8 pm on Sunday…

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 11 July 2017

Teen Wolf News 071117

Teen Wolf News 071117

  • 1 Teen Wolf Fans Well Fed
  • 2 Derek And Ethan And Jackson – OH MY!
    • 2.1 Derek and Stiles Are Back In The Debut
  • 3 Hunters, Hunters, And More Hunters
  • 4 New Ships Sailing In 6B
  • 5 But Wait, There’s More!

In the span of just five days, MTV seems to be trying to make up for the nearly four-month-long silent treatment suffered by Teen Wolf fans. Variety published the debut date and a short tease on Thursday. Entertainment Weekly introduced a new hellhound on Friday, and Monday saw the wide release of the first trailer for Teen Wolf Season 6b on several different platforms.

They packed the first trailer with semi-spoilery goodness including a first look at all the former cast members who are coming back for the final season, the new villains thr…

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Lilfact Lilfact 10 July 2017

The girl on the desk in the new season 6b trailer

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 4 July 2017

Teen Wolf News 070417

Teen Wolf News 070417

  • 1 Teen Wolf Debuts July 30
    • 1.1 It Made Sense At The Time
  • 2 Teen Wolf Euro Tour
  • 3 Dylan O’Brien Returns to London
  • 4 Jeff Davis and Joe Genier Will Keep Beacon Hills

I'll offer no excuses. We got it wrong.

In the story originally posted here (See Below), we surmised that Teen Wolf would return on July 26 based on cast statements reported secondhand from fans who attended a convention in Paris over the weekend. This was incorrect and we apologize for the mistake and the confusion it caused.

We didn't just get the night wrong. We also discounted a move to an 8PM time slot because of the show's regular TV-14 rating. It was a colossal F--k up by all involved. Details on Teen Wolf's return and on the network's plans for San Deigo Comic Con…

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Chey66404 Chey66404 3 July 2017

Finally Joining the Fandom!

When I first heard about Teen Wolf, it was actually from my mother who had developed a celebrity crush on the one and only Derek Hale protrayed by Tyler Hoechlin. Not going to lie, I teased her about watching the show that at first glance I didn't think I would find appealing, because my vampire and werewolf phase had died with "Twilight". Of course though only sereval years later did I become a huge fan of "The Maze Runner", leading me to Teen Wolf and my TV show twin Stiles Stilinski. My attention was instantly captured by the pale sarcastic teenage boy. Simply, because Stiles reminded me of myself. I might not be, "147 pounds, but I am 125 pounds of pale skin and fraglie bones and Sarcasm really is my only defense." 


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Paul.rea Paul.rea 28 June 2017

Teen Wolf News 062817

Teen Wolf News 062817

All the heavy lifting is done. The final edit, sound and visual effects, and last-minute changes to dialogue for the final ten episodes of Teen Wolf are complete. In industry parlance, all the new shows are “in the can” and ready for broadcast. All that remains is for MTV to place the show on the schedule to broadcast, and, at this point, it appears that won’t happen in the next month or, at least, Teen Wolf will not be returning to its regular Tuesday night slot in July. There is simply no room on the MTV schedule for the show.

As it stands currently, MTV is running Fear Factor in Teen Wolf’s slot on Tuesdays. Fear Factor continues for several more weeks (into August) in the 10 PM slot. On July 11, The Challenge Season 30 return…

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 21 June 2017

Teen Wolf News 062117

Teen Wolf News 062117

  • 1 It’s Officially Summer – Where’s Teen Wolf?
  • 2 Bootleg Bloopers
  • 3 Dylan’s Red Band Trailer
  • 4 Teen Wolf Too Old For Teen Choice?

The summer solstice passed over the northern hemisphere this week heralding the official start of the summer season. Many misinformed fans assumed that Teen Wolf would start when summer did. It did not, and there is, at this point, still no official word from MTV when the show will return.

It appears, while potential debut dates are floating around at the network, they still don’t know exactly when episode 611 will air.  “I don’t think fans will have to wait much longer to see stuff,” Executive Producer Jeff Davis told Teen Wolf News on Wednesday. “I know it’s been frustrating, but it looks like we’ll h…

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 15 June 2017

Teen Wolf News 061417

Teen Wolf News 061417

  • 1 Beach House Fun
  • 2 Trailer Ready for Air
  • 3 The Sprayberry’s Spill The T?
  • 4 Hollywood Media Snubs Holland Roden
  • 5 This Week In Teen Wolf History
    • 5.1 2011
    • 5.2 2012
    • 5.3 2013
    • 5.4 2014
    • 5.5 2015
    • 5.6 2016

Those MTV Beach House segments featuring teen chimera Cody Christian apparently start airing on MTV next week.

Christian and a couple of other MTV personalities recorded segments at a house in New Jersey last Wednesday and Thursday. These include bits where extras get tattoos, run themed obstacle courses, fake surf, and slide down inflatables. They also filmed a concert at a nearby park which we expect will be chopped up into shorter segments and interspersed throughout MTV’s regular programming and distributed through various VIACOM social chann…

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 7 June 2017

Teen Wolf News 060717

Teen Wolf News 060717

  • 1 No Confirmed Debut Date
  • 2 MTV Reality Gamble Fails First Big Test
  • 3 Cody at the Beach House
  • 4 Posey Opens Up, Seeks Professional Help
  • 5 Saintgnue Trial Set for September
  • 6 100,000 App Downloads

Despite what you have heard, there is no official debut date for the final Teen Wolf Episodes. Teen Wolf News talked to a source close to the network who suggests that even the MTV decision makers in the New York HQ have not firmly settled on an airdate for episode 611. “I’ve heard a date, but it has not been confirmed,” said our source who spoke on condition of anonymity because they are not authorized to discuss internal network communications.

The insider also hinted at some degree of frustration with how MTV is handling the last season o…

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 31 May 2017

Teen Wolf News 053117

Teen Wolf News 053117

  • 1 Tyler Hoechlin Lawsuit
  • 2 Saintgnue Trial Delay #3
  • 3 Deaton Waxes Philosophical
  • 4 Posey Lands Horror Flick
  • 5 Holland Lands SyFy Series
  • 6 UPDATE! Holland's Other New Gig!
  • 7 Shelley Takes On Terrorists

Teen Wolf Tyler Hoechlin and roommate Ryan Guzman are suing in response to claims the pair did $9,689 worth of damage to their shared apartment before moving out.

According to legal documents first reported by TMZ, the landlord deducted the money from the security deposit Hoechlin and Guzman paid when they moved in. The money is apparently to cover “paint and other common move-out expenses” but the actors' lawsuit claims nothing out of the ordinary happened to the home to warrant that much money and they’re suing to get it back.


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Paul.rea Paul.rea 24 May 2017

Teen Wolf News 052417

Teen Wolf News 052417

If you watched Jane the Virgin this week just to see Tyler Posey, you might have been disappointed by his brief appearance. Fear not, Posey’s Adam character will be back in a much-expanded role when the show returns in the fall. Executive Producer Jennie Snyder Urman told reporters as much in a recent sit-down.

EW - I’m assuming Adam’s going to be very different from Michael and Rafael. Is there anything that you can say about him?
JSU - He’s an illustrator of graphic novels. So he can illustrate, and she can write. They’ll have a collaboration at some point. He’s more of a youthful energy. Jane has had a lot of weight on her shoulders, and this is somebody that’s going to be reminding her that she’s 27 years old. He’s a l…

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 17 May 2017

Teen Wolf News 051717

Teen Wolf News 051717

Teen Wolf post-production work is still ongoing, but another show is already setting up in Beacon Hills. We had word of new activity at the Chatsworth studio this week, and Executive Producer Jeff Davis confirmed that another show is using the familiar sets.

“Another VIACOM production has actually come in to use our stages and sets. There will be some repainting and rearranging.”

Beacon Hills High School, Sheriff’s Office, and homes did not stay vacant for long after Teen Wolf wrapped production. Davis will not say which show, but we know for sure that VIACOM has one series, set in a high school, that is rebooting this year.

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 10 May 2017

Teen Wolf News 051017

Teen Wolf News 051017

DVD Release Hints at Teen Wolf Debut Date

Since Season 2, there is a method to how MGM and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment release Teen Wolf DVDs. The releases always come prior to the debut of the show and usually two to three weeks before the debut. There are exceptions. Sometimes it’s longer, and one time it was far shorter, but two to three weeks is a good guess.

The first half of Season 6 on DVD releases on July 18. That suggests the Teen Wolf debut will follow toward the end of July or early August. It could be as late as mid-August if the pattern holds.

(Source: http://tvshowsondvd.com/news/Teen-Wolf-Season-6-Part-1/23276)

The Big 'Teen Wolf' Promotional Push That Wasn’t (Editorial)

To say many Teen Wolf fans wer…

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 3 May 2017

Teen Wolf News 050317

Teen Wolf New 050317

Cody Christian chatted with Hollywood Life this week and offered up a few interesting new details of his Teen Wolf life.

According to the actor, Theo was never expected to stick around as long as he has. “I was supposed to be in and out in three episodes, and that turned into two and a half years of my life.”

As for Season 6b, hardcore Theo fans are apparently going to get to see the redemption story they crave. “The last 10 episodes of the show, of the series, we get to see a new side of Theo that we haven’t seen before. You get to see if it’s possible for this character to be redeemed.”

“We really kind of get to see what’s inside this dude’s heart and what kind of person he truly is. I’m really excited for that. I think it…

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Dry63 Dry63 1 May 2017

Character Journeys: Kira Yukimura

Welcome back to another Character Journeys post. A series where we take a look at the development of characters in from Teen Wolf and she how much they changed over this six year journey. If anyone is reading this, please shower your thoughts in the comments below. It helps me out when it comes to making these post better. Now on to today's character, Kira Yukimura.

An interesting character who had plenty of potential that was never used, Kira Yukimura was kitsune with incredible power. What's the problem? She would've overshadowed Teen Wolf's main characters. Her character was only meant for Season 3B, but Jeff Davis decided to keep her around as a love interest for Scott McCall. While she didn't have great development, she had best good m…

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 26 April 2017

Teen Wolf News 042617

Teen Wolf News 042617

  • 1 MTV Mostly Silent on Teen Wolf
  • 2 American Assassin Brings the Buzz
  • 3 Death Cure Delay
  • 4 Kinda Official Teen Wolf Timeline
    • 4.1 LINK: Teen Wolf Timeline
  • 5 Tyler Hoechlin Wraps Supergirl

While MTV still won’t say when they’ll begin airing new episodes of Teen Wolf, we expect it will be sometime in the next two months. That’s a tight window and one might expect the network would be busy promoting the “final 10 episodes” already. Instead, MTV and the various Teen Wolf social accounts are mostly silent.

They’ve shown up on Instagram about three times this month. Their twitter account is active once or twice a week, but their Tumblr last saw an update in February (not that Tumblr is still a thing really), and the official Teen Wolf MTV webs…

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 19 April 2017

Teen Wolf News 041917

Teen Wolf News 041917

Froy Gutierrez has a new straight-to-DVD movie out this week and made the rounds to various media outlets to promote the film. Thanks to this added exposure, we got a little more insight into his new Teen Wolf character. Nolan will be one of the several new faces in Beacon Hills when the show’s final ten episodes air this summer.

“I’m very much looking forward to being on Teen Wolf. This has been such a great experience just to get to know them. My character specifically is a bit of an unexpected thing that you would have on Teen Wolf. I’m really looking forward to how Nolan, the name of my character, kind of messes in with the rest of the cast and the overall story as a whole. I think the audience is going to be in for qui…

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Dry63 Dry63 19 April 2017

Character Journeys: Chris Argent

Hello fellow Teen Wolf fans, Dry63 here. With Teen Wolf's final 10 episodes coming our way this summer, I think it's fair to look at individual characters in the shows and look their stories over the course of this 6 year journey.

This series will have an analysis of the character's growth and development during their tenure on the show. I'll do random characters at a time, but I'll also accept requests in comments below. Our first character to examine is none other than our favorite hunter, Chris Argent.

In the beginning, Chris was a villain of sorts. He hunted and harassed werewolves like Derek Hale, but he held the Hunter's Code in high regard and refused to kill werewolves without cause. Being raised as a Hunter also meant he had to know how…

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 12 April 2017

Teen Wolf News 041217

Teen Wolf News 041217

An audience in California will get a first look at Dylan O'Brien’s first truly “adult” role this week. American Assassin from CBS Films and Lionsgate faces a test screening at a multiplex in Long Beach on Thursday. They’re recruiting an audience between the ages of 17 and 59 for a single showing of the spy thriller. This small group of moviegoers could determine a lot. Test audiences can alter how widely a studio releases a film and can even bring dead characters back to life.

Imagine a world in which ET died, or Richard Gere left Julia Roberts at the end of Pretty Woman. Those endings might have come to pass if not for the feedback of test audiences. All studios conduct test screenings of their movies, mostly through a proc…

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Paul.rea Paul.rea 5 April 2017

Teen Wolf News 040517

Teen Wolf News 040517

Apparently the 2017 film Stratton is only getting a Video On Demand/DVD release? I say it “apparently” is because I can’t find an official release of the film in any country as of yet. There’s also the fact that this film is coming out at the same time another movie with “Stratton” in the title and that is mudding up search results. If you can find an official theatrical release for Stratton somewhere or specific VOD details, let me know in the comments.

This premature VOD release is bad for the production but kind of good for Teen Wolf fans because there are now a number of scenes and gifs out there featuring Tyler Hoechlin kicking ass in the picture.

The movie follows British agent John Stratton (Dominic Cooper) and his trus…

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Scott's & Stile's friendship bond :)

===The unbreakable bond between Scott's and Stile's friendship is everlasting. 

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