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Braeden is a mercenary or "gun for hire" on MTV's Teen Wolf. This means she will fight for someone in exchange for money.

Braeden makes a living by taking dangerous jobs. She is unconcerned with the moral questions of the job, meaning she will work for those considered "evil" as well as the good guys.

Before becoming a mercenary, she was a U.S. Marshall who had spent much of her career tracking down "The Desert Wolf."

She is played by Meagan Tandy.

Client List

Image Client Mission Episode
Morrell 4.jpg Ms. Morrell Save Isaac Tattoo
Ms. Morrell hires Braeden to save Isaac and warn Scott about the Alpha Pack's plans.
Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 11 Alpha Pact Gideon Emery Deucalion in Woods.jpg Deucalion Rescue Derek More Bad Than Good
Deucalion hires Braeden to save Derek from hunters in Mexico.
Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 20 Echo House Araya Mexican Hunter.jpg Araya Calavera Capture Kate The Dark Moon
Araya hires Braeden to go with Scott to find Kate. Her mission is to capture the former hunter.
Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 2 117 Derek's Eyes.png Derek Hale Find Kate Muted
Derek and Peter pay her more to find Kate so they can get answers.
Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 9 Lies of Omission Malia's blue eyes.png Malia Tate Find info on Desert Wolf Dreamcatchers
She sends Malia photos of her mother's victims and assists Malia on locating her.

Season 3

Braeden is the Mystery Girl who saved Isaac Lahey during the opening minutes of the season premiere. She was attacked by The Alpha Pack after she leaves a message for Allison and Lydia. (Read More...)

She was not named in the series until Ms. Morrell admits she sent Braeden to help Isaac. (Read More...)

She returned with visible scars from her encounter with the Alpha Pack. She claims she was paid to rescue Isaac from the Alphas and has since taken a contract from Deucalion who paid her to find and rescue Derek Hale. (Read More...)

Season 4

Braeden is hired by Araya Calavera to accompany Scott McCall to an Aztec temple. While Scott's mission is to find and rescue Derek, Braeden is supposed to subdue and bring Kate back to the Calaveras. (Read More...)

Derek and Peter Hale hire her to find Kate, giving her extra money because she is going against The Calaveras who hired her to capture Kate. She pretends to be a U.S. Marshall to get information. (Read More...)

She is found by Derek and Malia wounded among a group of dead bodies in the woods outside Beacon Hills. (Read More...)

Derek takes her to the hospital and she reveals that an outbreak is what killed Satomi's pack. (Read More...)

She tries to teach Derek how to use a gun after learning that his werewolf abilities are gone. They end up having sex. (Read More...)

She pretends to be a US Marshal and interrogates Deputy Haigh forcing him to tell of his further plans to kill Scott, Malia, and Liam at school. She and Derek mount a rescue. (Read More...)

Braeden helps Derek, Scott, and Kira protect Satomi's pack from assassins. (Read More...)

She and Derek discover Lydia outside Derek's loft as she scream and later helps the gang figure out what happened to Scott and Kira. (Read More...)

She joins the group to go to Mexico and fights off Kate and a berserker with Chris, Deputy Parrish, and the Calaveras. (Read More...)

Season 5

She is mentioned by Stiles to be helping him find the Desert Wolf by sending him pictures; most of which are of her victims. (Read More...)

Braeden returns to Beacon Hills and rescues Malia from a chimera. She also informs Malia of the Desert Wolf returning to kill her. (Read More...)

She and Malia interrogate an associate of the Desert Wolf where he reveals that the assassin has a hostage. (Read More...)

She accompanies Malia and Theo to Fort Jewett to rescue Deaton from The Desert Wolf. (Read More...)

She returns once more to help protect Malia from the Desert Wolf. (Read More...)

She receives a calls from Malia telling her to bring her guns to the school. Braeden enters the library with Malia and she shoots the Beast several times, which leads to the Beast escaping through the window. (Read More...)

While at the McCall House protecting Malia, she notices the Mountain Ash barrier has been broken. The Desert Wolf has entered the home and this leads to a fight between the two. (Read More...)

She waits outside the door off the McCall House in order to stop The Desert Wolf from killing Malia, she encourage Malia to stay up stairs as Corinne attempts to bait her into coming down. Braeden shoots at her from outside the door but she misses. However the desert wolf does not, Braeden is wounded but this does not stop her from knocking The Desert Wolf out. (Read More...)



  • I won. When you're a human facing off against the supernatural, you need to bend the rules a little bit. I'm going to teach you how to bend.” — Braeden to Derek in Time of Death