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Broken Glass is the 19th episode of Teen Wolf Season 6.

MTV chose to run Episode 619 as part of a double feature with Episode 618 Genotype on September 17, 2017. This is the penultimate episode of the series.

The title is a reference to Nazi terror attacks on Jewish people in Germany, Austria, and Czechoslovakia on November 9 and 10 1938. According to the US Holocaust Museum, “Kristallnacht, literally, 'Night of Crystal,' is often referred to as the 'Night of Broken Glass.'"

The town of Beacon Hills is turning on its supernatural population much like the National Socialist German Workers' Party turned on their Jewish neighbors.


"Scott and Malia prepare for battle; Argent searches for an old ally."[1]

Full Recap

Chris Argent arrives in Cabeceiras, Brazil to meet with a police contact. The officer pulls a gun, he says an Argent asking to meet alone in the middle of the night requires precautions. He then demands that Argent disarm. The hunter removes a gun from a holster, another from his waistband and a knife from his sleeve.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Cabecerias is a real town located in the center-west part Brazil in the state of Goiás. It is extremely rural with a population below 10,000 people. It is primarily a farming community but is situated within two hours’ drive from the federal capital Brasília.

Chris presents the officer with an envelope full of cash. He acts insulted at the “bribe” but Chris says the money is for information. The man tells him he’ll need a lot more money if he wants people to talk. He says they’re superstitious and afraid. After Chris explains he can be “open-minded” about superstitions, the police officer relents and tells the story.

Derek Hale In Brazil

There are a number of bloody dead bodies inside a damaged, partially burned shed. From the claws visible on the victims, it’s apparent they were werewolves. The officer says the police weren’t the only ones investigating the mass murder. Derek Hale walks around the crime scene, he touches what appears to be letters written in blood on the corrugated metal wall of the shed.

Sometime later, a number of heavily armed men are stacking crates of guns in a bullet-riddled and rundown warehouse. There are a number of cars parked inside and covered with tarps. A door opens and the man on guard goes to investigate. He is knocked out by an unseen assailant. Hearing the commotion, another of the men goes to look.  

The policeman explains to Argent that Derek came in broad daylight, attacking in silence and took them out one by one. “They said he moved with impossible speed, his teeth as sharp as razors. He stood more than 8’ tall.”

Chris stops the officer's story at this point to question the size assigned to Derek in the retelling. The officer explains that it’s a small town with big superstitions. He continues the story saying that the attacker’s eyes glowed blue.

Derek interrogates the last of the men in the shed. The cornered man calls him “lobo homem” in Portuguese and then “Wolf Man” in English.

EDITOR’S NOTE: These words are technically correct in Portuguese as lobo means wolf and homem means man. Grammatically, I believe the words would have been reversed or another word, like lobisomem, substituted. I’m checking with some fans who are native speakers to clarify and will correct our recap if necessary.

Derek is attacked from behind but easily disarms and subdues two attackers. He turns back to the man he’s questioning and asks why they’re hunting werewolves. The man is very forthcoming saying “Because of you, he wants you.” He asks the man who he’s talking about. When he hesitates to answer, Derek shows fangs and glowing eyes and lunges forward, pinning him to the concrete floor.

The policeman concludes the story, “Gerard. They all said 'Gerard.'” Chris collects his weapons and says he needs to find Derek. The officer continues, “You can’t just find him. They said he turned into a wolf and disappeared into the fog.” Chris insists he drove a car, but the man says “The lobisomem drives no car.”

In the shed, Derek spies the cars under the tarps and goes to check them out. He removes the sheet from one and reveals what appears to be a 2018 Chevy Camaro. He drives it through the doors of the shed and out into the dirt streets beyond.

In the morning, the police officer takes Chris to the scene of the mass murder of werewolves. He explains that there were 12 bodies and INTERPOL put out a “red alert” for Derek. On the corrugated metal wall, the words “Beacon Hills” are written in what appears to be blood. The officer asks if the hunter knows what it means. Chris says it’s where it all started and where it’s all going to end.

EDITOR’S NOTE: INTERPOL does not have a “Red Alert” but they do issue a “Red Notice,” which they describe as “a request to locate and provisionally arrest an individual pending extradition.” It’s like an international arrest warrant, but countries choose for themselves whether or not to honor the request.

Monroe’s Lesson

Ethan is still strapped to the metal scissor gate in the hunter’s armory. Tamora Monroe is applying electric current causing the werewolf to twitch and cry out as a couple dozen people look on. Monroe explains that the electricity is keeping Ethan from breaking free and killing them. Ethan growls that he would start the killing with her and gets another jolt.

She gives a little history of the hunters who came before. She holds up an arrow, explaining that they once used arrows and crossbows to fight the werewolves. “This is all they had to protect themselves, a sliver of wood, while he has claws that can cut into bone and fangs to tear us apart.” During the last bit, Monroe holds up Ethan’s hand and then his chin to demonstrate the claws and fangs. She goes through the special abilities of Werewolves noting that they’re stronger, faster, and have healing abilities that can “only be described as extraordinary.”

She points to Sydney and asks her to explain how she’s seen the werewolves up close. The girl relates the tale of being trapped in the library during one of the battles between Scott's Pack and the Beast (See Maid of Gevaudan). Sydney says that all they could do was hide from it. Monroe seizes on this and says she did the same thing until she got tired of hiding and being afraid. She says it’s "their turn" to be afraid and stabs Ethan with the arrow she was holding. In the crowd, Nolan winces at the violence. Sydney and Gabe barely blink. Others in crowd cheer. 

Monroe continues, “Their turn to hide, their turn to be alone, their turn to run, their turn to be hunted.”

As if to illustrate her points, Lydia is sleeping fitfully and seems to be hearing Monroe’s speech in the armory in her dreams and Scott, who is sleeping next to Malia at the McCall House awakes in the night and pads quietly downstairs by himself. He flashes his eyes red and stares around the dining and kitchen areas.

Deputy Farrel (Mike C. Manning) pulls over Noah Stilinski’s car. The young man advises the sheriff to stay out of the way because “we’re not coming for you.” Noah says “If you’re coming for my friends, you’re coming for me.”

Malia joins Scott in the McCall kitchen.

Monroe continues her speech as the Anuk-Ite looks on from the shadows and seems to feed on the energy of the cheering crowd and the fear in the room. She explains that she was alone when she killed a hellhound, a creature “they said couldn’t be killed.”

She calls Nolan up to the front and explains to the crowd how he tried to take out Scott McCall all by himself. She says the young man put so many bullets into the house that she’s surprised it’s still standing. Nolan looks uncomfortable as the angry crowd cheers for him.

She tells the crowd they won’t have to be alone. Monroe flips a light switch and the armory lights up, showing that they’ve restocked it with weapons of all kinds. She says, thanks to Gerard, they have weapons and most of all they have each other. She says it won’t be easy and goes against their nature as “protectors” but says they need to be like Nolan and Sydney, to keep their bravery in mind when they step out tonight to do “what you know you have to do.”

She rips the arrow out of Ethan and instructs Sydney and Nolan to take the werewolf away. Nolan reluctantly takes the bloodied arrow and helps Sydney. Monroe turns to the crowd and tells them to help themselves to the weapons. The mob eagerly starts grabbing guns.

Nolan Reaches Out

Sydney and Nolan struggle to carry a staggering Ethan down the hallway. They cast him to the ground and the werewolf mumbles “Where is he? Where’s Jackson?” Nolan grips the arrow and then stares at the blood on his hand. He looks up with a sense of resolve.

Lydia is talking in her sleep as she twists and grips the sheets tightly. She awakes with a start and says, “Where’s Jackson?”

The next morning in the school library, Nolan arrives to the frightened stares of the other students. Liam steps from the shadows in the stacks and points out that it doesn’t feel good to have all the kids look at him like that. Nolan realizes that they’re all afraid of him now. Liam clarifies that they’re afraid of what he’s going to say and to whom he might say it because nobody trusts him anymore.

It seems Nolan texted Liam for the meet. He wonders aloud by Liam texted him back. Liam threatens to kick his ass. Nolan says he’s there to help. He wants to show Liam something at the hospital. Liam says he could just tell him but Nolan says he has a plan. He’ll show Liam what he needs to see at the hospital and then Liam will beat him up so Monroe will think the werewolf beat the information out of him. Liam likes the final part of the plan.

Lydia goes in search of Scott at the McCall house, she finds Peter instead. He is there looking for Malia out of “parental concern.” Apparently, the hunters have taken out some cell towers to isolate everyone and neither Lydia nor Peter can get through to Scott or Malia. They believe Monroe and Gerard are amassing troops on their side and set out to find the rest of their pack.

Derek Hale in North Carolina

Chris Argent has apparently tracked Derek Hale to North Carolina. He follows him into some abandoned metal sheds. Derek gets the jump on him and says Chris could have just called. Argent reminds Derek that he doesn’t have a phone.

He’s apparently in North Carolina to visit another Hale vault. Chris seems surprised that the family has a vault in the eastern state. He says there’s more than one Hale, so there’s more than one vault.

Chris says he understands why Derek would want to stay away from the conflicts in Beacon Hills but says he doesn’t think the young man wants to see Beacon Hills burn to the ground. Chris says they need him. Derek says “If I go back, it’s not for Beacon Hills.” He says there’s something else he needs to take care of first and produces a vial of liquid yellow wolfsbane.

He says whoever murdered the Brazilian werewolf pack was looking for the vial. He says it’s not just a poison. Chris admits it’s an antidote too. Derek asks if that’s why Gerard is after it, but he already knows the answer.

Derek wonders at the fact that Chris wants him to help stop Gerard when it was Chris that brought the old man back. Chris explains that Gerard’s knowledge about the beast made him the ally they needed at that the time. They need Derek now.

Headlights snap on, bathing both men in harsh white light. Three FBI agents step out with guns drawn and order that the men “don’t move” and “put your hands in the air.” Suddenly, a fourth figure steps up behind the agents, fires a bullet into each one, and then shoots Derek and Argent.

Derek drops the vial of wolfsbane and as he scrambles along the ground to try to retrieve it, the shooter places a foot on the vial. It’s Kate Argent.  In keeping with her character, Kate opens with, “Hey handsome. Miss me?” She says he’s as popular as ever. She credits his blue eyes before she kicks him in the head. She mentions his perfect cheekbones before smashing his face with the butt of her rifle. Derek says he thought it was his smile.

Kate holds up the vial of Yellow Wolfsbane and demands to know “Where’s the rest?” Derek questions why she’s looking and if the one vial isn’t enough to “save Gerard.”

He then questions her motives for seeking out the cure for her father pointing out that Kate is what Gerard hunts. This apparently pushes Kate. She points her rifle directly at Derek’s head and points out that he can heal from one or two shots but probably wouldn’t come back from a direct hit to the head.

Chris Argent, apparently winged but not dead from Kate’s earlier shot, unloads his pistol into his sister. She retreats behind one of the vehicles and screams “You’ve always got to ruin a good time Chris!” Argent points out that his father is full of hate and won’t have any love left over for Kate. She says she doesn’t want love, she wants revenge. The yellow Wolfsbane is going in a bullet intended to kill Scott McCall.

Derek goes after Kate and tells Chris to go back to Beacon Hills to warn Scott.

Deucalion’s School For Fighting Blind

Scott and Malia join Deucalion in the center of a large lot full of metal shipping containers. The former Alpha Pack leader stands atop one of the containers and points out that echolocation (using the echoes of sounds to “see” objects by sensing things that block or reflect sounds) is hard. He says they can’t learn in one day what took him years to master. He points out that an orientation and mobility specialist (one who teaches individuals with visual impairments to travel safely, confidently and independently in their environment) must train blindfolded with a white cane for 120 hours before becoming certified. He says he can’t teach them to walk and fight in less than 24 hours.

Scott admits the odds are bad but they need to fight the creature generating all the fear and violence that’s turning people into killers and they need to fight it without looking at it and getting turned to stone.  Deucalion wonders why they aren’t all running for their lives. Scott says they don’t run. Deuc says he sounds like an Alpha.

Deucalion says one problem with teaching the pack to fight blind is that they’re not actually blind. If they try to fight with their eyes closed, one stray glance will get them killed. He points out that human’s eyes go wide when they’re afraid, it’s an evolved instinct in order to let in more light so they can better survey their surroundings and face or run from the threat. In this instance, the instinct will get them turned to stone.

Malia is convinced she can keep her eyes closed. Deucalion proves her wrong by throwing a rock at one of the containers. The noise prompts Malia to look. They admit it’ll be hard but not impossible. Deucalion begins “sleepshade” training by blindfolding both of them. He plans to begin with echolocation (sound), then thermoception (changes in temperature), equilibrioception (balance), proprioception (touch). Each of those senses is necessary to move about the world without sight.

Deucalion begins the lesson on echolocation saying that, because werewolves (and werecoyotes) hearing is 100 times more powerful than a human, they can pick up natural reflected sound. He bangs on one of the metal containers to demonstrate. While they can easily hear the noise, he points out that they’ll have to read the echoes and how they bounce off objects in order to determine where he is. He bangs again. They listen, but Deucalion manages to walk right past them without them noticing. They turn only when he speaks. He bangs again and they follow toward the sound. Malia bangs into a container with her face.

Deucalion repeats the lesson as they struggle to find him amid the echoing sounds. He leads them out of the stacked containers and into an area of concrete stalls.

EDITOR’S NOTE: These are two different sets at two different locations. The shipping containers were set up in the parking lot at Teen Wolf HQ in the Chatsworth area of Los Angeles. The concrete stalls seen here and in Raw Talent are in a section of downtown LA known as “City Market.”

They follow as he taps the cane on the ground and across the parking lot. He stops making noise and easily takes them both out with the cane.

A little while later, Deucalion arranges the blindfolded Malia and Scott back to back. He explains that while humans mainly sense temperature through the skin, the eye of werewolves are particularly sensitive to heat as well. He flashes his eyes red and can see the heat rising off of Scott and Malia.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This ability was demonstrated before during Season 3 in Fireflies. Argent explains that Boyd and Cora will be easier to find with infrared glasses because they’re giving off heat. Derek says he doesn’t need the glasses because his eyes work the same way.

Scott asks how they are supposed to do it without their eyes. Deucalion says “Focus on your skin, the minute temperature changes.”  He orders them to face each other. Scott can “see” a hazy purple and yellow outline of Malia. Deucalion instructs Malia to kick Scott’s ass. Malia can see a much clearer heat image of Scott and promptly punches him in the chest. All the air goes out of him and he bends over.

Deucalion instructs Scott to defend himself. Malia apparently has a much better perception of Scott and punches him square in the face. She apologizes and Deucalion berates her saying, “Don’t be sorry! Hit him again.” This time Scott’s “vision” clears and he sees Malia’s punch coming. He ducks and she hits the concrete post. Deucalion says he’s starting to wish he was blind again.

Later still, Malia stands off to one side watching as Deucalion instructs a blindfolded Scott to “Stop looking for me. Listen. Sense the rise and fall of temperature. Feel the pressure beneath your feet. Know, with absolute certainty, my location, my speed, even my method of attack.” Scott only has a hazy outline in his mind of where Deucalion might be. The older werewolf kicks him squarely in the stomach and he lands with a thud. Deucalion says he’s dead again.

Scott is eager to go again, but Malia says they should try something else. Scott says they have no choice. He doesn’t believe all the fear and hatred is real and says they must defeat the Anuk-Ite so that the population won’t be so afraid and Gerard will lose most of his army.

Duecalion speculates that the people of Beacon Hills may actually be like that without any supernatural help. He says maybe the Anuk-Ite just gives people permission to act on whatever awful truth lies within them. Scott says he doesn’t want to believe that. Malia agrees.

Deucalion tells him to lose the blindfold, close his eyes, and try it again. The Alpha says he won’t hold back this time, he’ll be coming at Scott for real. Deuc says he doesn’t know how to fight, he knows how to kill people. His eyes flash red, Scott closes his eyes, and Deucalion attacks.

Everyone Is A Hunter

Nolan and Liam arrive at the hospital. Nolan points out that a couple of the nurses are also now part of the hunter army and picked up weapons at the armory during Monroe’s speech. He says they were trained on how to use the guns “last night” as well. Liam says he already knew that people hated them and didn’t need Nolan to show him that. Nolan says there’s more.

In the tunnels, Jordan Parrish runs and quickly opens Chris Argent’s bunker. Inside Noah Stilinski pulls a gun on him. Parrish reports that Monroe is at the station pulling police reports of accidents and other severe injuries going back a decade. The sheriff says Melissa told him she saw something similar at the hospital. The hunters are looking for anyone who appeared to miraculously survive or quickly heal from what should have been fatal accidents and injuries.

Apparently, Agent McCall reported to the sheriff that he saw kids with hand injuries at the school. He’s worked out that they were being tested to see how quickly they heal. The hunters are making a list of all the supernaturals. They realize everyone is involved - all their neighbors - and that it’s not just random but an organized operation.

The sheriff says they need to find out exactly when it’s happening. Parrish’s radio squawks, a female voice calls for “unit 10” and says they’ve got a “217” (assault with intent to murder) at Eichen House and need all units in the area to report. Parrish reports that he’s not in the area and she says they need “all available units.” He says he’s on his way. The sheriff tells him to remember that they know what he is and to proceed with caution.

Nolan leads Liam up to the intensive care unit where three people are unconscious on beds. Nolan says the hunters moved them there “last night.” Each is attached to a bag delivering a purple liquid intravenously. The bags are full of purple liquid, which Liam recognizes as Wolfsbane.

Lydia’s Dream

Lydia and Peter go to the vet clinic looking for Scott and Malia. They’re not there. Peter presses Lydia on why it’s so urgent to find Scott and she tells him about the dream she had where she woke up asking “Where’s Jackson?”

Apparently, in the dream, she was in a blue metal shipping container. There were webs all around and when she touched them they spoke to her and she saw visions. She saw Peter in the school hallway turned to stone. Ethan and Jackson suffer the same fate in the locker room as the Anuk-Ite looks at them in turn. She sees Malia and Derek stoned as well. She hears whispers and a heartbeat. She walks further into the dream and finds Scott turned to stone.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Stoned Scott in the containers was the last scene of Teen Wolf filmed on their final official day of production on March 13, 2017. Video of the final wrap call is posted below.

Peter asks if she ever sees anything even remotely optimistic. She says it’s optimistic if they can prevent it. Peter says he knows where the shipping containers are. They set out to find Scott.


Liam calls Mason who warns him not to pull out the wolfsbane IVs because they don’t know what might happen. He and Corey are on the way and he says to wait until they get there. Liam agrees and tells him to hurry.

Nolan is ready to go. Liam reminds him that he is supposed to kick the other boy’s ass to make it look like he put up a fight. Nolan points out that no one saw them come in together so that part of the plan won’t be necessary. Liam is disappointed since that was the only part of the plan he liked, but he tells the boy to go.

As Nolan passes through the waiting area, Gabe grabs his arm. He leads him into the morgue and explains that all this was a setup. Monroe knew Nolan would try to warn the werewolves and set it all up to trap some of them at the hospital. Gabe punches Nolan in the face repeatedly until he is unconscious. Gabe smiles.

Driving through Beacon Hills, Mason notes how deserted the streets are. Corey says it’s like everyone is getting ready for a storm. Mason says it’s Kristallnacht, the night of broken glass. He explains how the Nazis attacked their Jewish neighbors in Germany and Austria in a wave of violence. More than 200 synagogues were destroyed, people were dragged out of their homes, attacked and murdered. Almost 30,000 Jewish people were arrested all in one night.

Corey realizes that is what is going to happen in Beacon Hills to the supernaturals.

They arrive at the hospital and notice everyone is looking at them, Mason senses that it’s a trap. They duck into one of the treatment rooms and Corey says they are bait.

Three armed hunters enter and chain the hospital doors closed. An EMT says they can't, but they point a gun at him. He lets them pass. They leave a device labeled “cell phone blocker” on the front desk of the hospital.

In the ICU, Liam waits. The hospital power goes out and emergency lighting comes on.

Back in the concrete stalls, Deucalion is whipping Scott mercilessly with his cane. He sweeps Scott’s leg and the young man goes down. Malia whispers “Hit him.” Scott feels the vibrations through the floor. He glances back over his shoulder, and, when the next strike comes, he catches Deucalion’s cane before it can hit him. He then moves in close, grabs the older man’s arm, and flips him to the ground. Deucalion laughs and says Scott might just survive.

As Scott helps Deucalion to his feet, Lydia and Peter arrive. She says, “None of us are going to survive this.” Peter warns that Monroe and a lot more are coming with heavy firepower.

Several shots from automatic weapons fire hit Deucalion and he goes down.

Monroe stands behind the shooter. Other hunters open fire on the group. Scott, Malia, Lydia, and Peter dive for cover.

Monroe raises and fires her handgun.

Episode List

Season 5 Season 6
#01 Memory Lost #06 Ghosted #11 Said the Spider to the Fly #16 Triggers
#02 Superposition #07 Heartless #12 Raw Talent #17 Werewolves of London
#03 Sundowning #08 Blitzkrieg #13 After Images #18 Genotype
#04 Relics #09 Memory Found #14 Face-to-Faceless #19 Broken Glass
#05 Radio Silence #10 Riders on the Storm #15 Pressure Test #20 The Wolves of War


  • Sailor & I - "Chameleon"

Scene: A montage of Scott, Lydia, Malia and Sheriff feeling tense about what's to come.

  • Whilk & Misky - "Burn With Me"

Scene: Chris Argent tracks down Derek Hale.

  • Sleep Machine - "Wild Woman"

Scene: Kate Argent returns with a surprise attack on Chris and Derek.

  • SOULS - "Another Man Done Gone"

Scene: Sheriff Stilinski and Parrish discuss how far the Gerard and the hunters are going.

  • Throwing Snow feat. Kid A - "Hypnotise"

Scene: Lydia has a vision of everyone turning into stone.

  • [SEBELL] - "Dark Side"

Scene: In the hospital, Nolan is beaten by Gabe.

  • Losers - "This Is A War"

Scene: The hunters go after Scott and the pack.


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