L. Brunski was the Head Orderly at the Eichen House mental health facility.

A cruel man, He terrorizes and unnecessarily drugs patients, seeming to enjoy their pain.

He was portrayed by Aaron Hendry.

History of Crime

Brunski killed several patients at Eichen House as he believed that he was giving them release from their pain and suffering. He would record these murders with a cassette player for his own pleasure.

One of these patients was Lorraine Martin. When escaped Eichen, he caught up to her and prepared to inject air into her brain. As she dies, she asks Brunski not to hurt "Ariel." This would bug him for years until he discovers that it was her granddaughter, Lydia Martin.

Inmate, Meredith Walker, who was a Banshee, discovered what he did to patients and blackmailed him into helping her with The Benefactor plan.

She had him rob money from the Hale Family Vault in 117 and make payments to successful assassins. She also had him use Lorraine's computer and code for the Dead Pool to find supernatural creatures, put it online, and he produced audio tapes that offered instruction to the various assassins.

Season 3

He is duped by Stiles Stilinski and Malia Tate during their brief stay in order to get his keys, but he catches Stiles in the act and drugs to sleep in their quiet room. (Read More...)

Brunski apparently bullied Coach Finstock sometime in the past and attempts to do it again while at the school to pick up Meredith who ran away. When he attempts to corner her, he is shocked Finstock allowing time for her to escape with Scott and his friends. (Read More...)

Season 4

While mocking Stiles for his dad not paying the hospital, he is pressured by Jordan Parrish through his DUI which was not prosecuted due to a favor from "Canaan PD" to see Meredith. Later, he claimed that he found the girl dead from apparent suicide. (Read More...)

When Lydia and Stiles begin to uncover his involvement with The Benefactor, he attempted to kill them but was stopped and shot to death by Parrish. Before Brunski dies, he reveals that Meredith was controlling him and not him controlling her. (Read More...)


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