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Claudia Stilinski (nee Gajos) is the mother of Stiles Stilinski on the MTV show Teen Wolf.

She died prior to the events of Wolf Moon but returned in Season 6 due to supernatural interference caused by the Ghost Riders.

She is played by Joey Honsa.


Claudia Gajos attended Beacon Hills High School. Claudia married Noah Stilinski and Stiles is their only child. She wanted to name him after her father, Mieczyslaw, and Noah agreed.

Her and Stiles appear to have had a close relationship. He once said that Claudia would've believed him when his dad wouldn't about the supernatural. (The Girl Who Knew Too Much)

She suffered from frontotemporal dementia and died from it about 8 years prior to the events of Season 3. Stiles never left her side and held her hand when she did and suffered a great deal of guilt and grief at his mother's passing.

Prior to her death, a delirious Claudia claimed Stiles was trying to kill her. (Required Reading)


Teen Wolf Mystery The Deadliest Villain is Real (Frontotemporal Dementia)

In Season 6, a visage of Claudia appears as a result of Ghost Riders coming to Beacon Hills. More specifically, her husband conjuring her memory to subconsciously hide the fact he had son that was erased by the Ghost Riders.

The Jeep

It is revealed that Stiles' jeep belonged to his mother and wanted him to have it someday. It can be assumed that Stiles takes care of it the way he does, besides the use of duct tape, is because it is the only thing that reminds him of his mother.

Throughout the show, the jeep has been used by Stiles and his friends during their escapades with the supernatural and has been damaged by many supernatural creatures. Such beings include The Alpha Werewolf, Erica Reyes, Berserkers, and even a Hellhound.

When Stiles is taken by the Ghost Riders, the jeep was left behind as a relic which led to his friends finding him.

Fans have dubbed the jeep "Roscoe."

Season 6

Claudia is apparently alive and well after the Ghost Riders took Stiles. She and the sheriff are very much in love. (Read More...)

Claudia expresses that she and the Sheriff have had a long day. He asks if she's ever had second thoughts about not having kids, to which she replies not once. (Read More...)

Claudia offers to assist Lydia Martin in searching for a relic that belonged to Stiles. She interrupts Lydia just as she was about the rip the wallpaper off the hallway wall. (Read More...)

When presented with the paper work of the jeep, Claudia claims that she hadn't seen it in nearly eighteen years as it was stolen. (Read More...)

VIDEO: Claudia - Ghost Rider in Disguise

Noah tells her how he was just thinking about how strong and amazing she is. To her surprise, he follows that up with someone should write a medical paper on how she survived frontotemporal dementia. (Read More...)

She claims the sealing off of the room was done by the previous owners. Noah believes that it could've been Stiles' room, Claudia says there are simpler explanations than a forgotten son. (Read More...)

Noah drags her down to the once closed off room, claiming they had a son and that everything in his room has returned but Claudia sees nothing. She then disappears as Noah realizes she isn't real. (Read More...)

In the rift, the visage of Claudia shows its true appearance while trying to kill Stiles but is stopped for good by Noah's bullet and Lydia's scream. (Read More...)

Continuity of Death

EDITOR'S NOTE: There is conflicting information within the episodes as to the details of Claudia Stilinski's death. Below is a rundown of the details given on the show and an overview of how they fit within the established timeline.
When did Claudia Stilinski die?
  • According to the Sheriff in Alpha Pact, she died 8 years ago.
  • According to the file seen in Silverfinger, she died in 2004.
These two combined don't match up with the fact that it was still the autumn of 2011 in Beacon Hills when this information was provided.
As pointed out by User Rethliopuks - if she had died at midnight on January 1st 2004 it would be just 7 years, 9 months at the time the Sheriff was talking to Melissa McCall and Chris Argent under the Nemeton.
This falls under the general “Teen Wolf Can’t Tell Time” rule and we will simply ignore the discrepancy for the purpose of canon. Officially – We’re going with Claudia’s death happening roughly seven years before the events of Season 3, placing it sometime in 2004.
How did Claudia Stilinski Die?
She died after suffering from frontotemporal dementia.
  • According to the Sheriff in Alpha Pact, she was hospitalized and Stiles was with her when she died.
  • According to the file seen in Silverfinger, she was suffering symptoms similar to those her son was experiencing during the first half of Season 3(b).
  • In Riddled - Stiles explains that she suffered from frontotemporal dementia, a shrinkage of the brain that leads to dementia and death.
We will continue to document what is said on the show and point out contradictions in the timeline as they come up. The general rule is that any date that doesn’t fit with the fact that it’s still 2011-2012 on the show is considered a “production mistake” and will be ignored for canon purposes.