Coach Lahey was the father of Isaac Lahey and his older brother, Camden, and former coach for the Beacon Hills High School swim team.

He was also the manager of Beacon Hills Cemetery.

He was played by John Wesley Shipp.


While he was the coach of the swim team, he invited some members of the team for a celebration at his house. There was alcohol involved and Camden threw a young Matt Daehler in his pool and almost drowned. He rescued the boy and menacingly warned him not to tell any one about the party claiming it was Matt's fault for not learning how to swim.

He was heavily abusive toward Isaac going as far as to locking him in a freezer for extended periods of time as punishment.

Despite his cruel behavior, Isaac says he didn't used to abuse him at one point. Therefore, it's hinted that the abuse started some time when he was older. He even had advice that Isaac took to heart when it was needed. (Party Guessed, The Girl Who Knew Too Much)

After Matt takes a photo of him at Kate Argent's funeral which caused the Kanima to seek out Lahey to please the traumatized teen.

Following his death, Isaac was briefly a suspect until Jackson Whittemore recanted his previous statement of Lahey abusing Isaac.

Season 2Edit

He talks with Sheriff Stilinski about the desecration of a body in the cemetery. (Read More...)

He nearly discovers his son's werewolf nature after an argument that lead to injury. While trying to chase his Isaac, the Kanima attacks and kills him. (Read More...)

Matt recounts his trauma with the Coach Lahey and how he became his first victim. (Read More...)

Season 3Edit

While staying at the Motel Glen Capri, Isaac suffers a flashback of his father's abuse and being put in the freezer. (Read More...)


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