Corporal Rhys was an officer at Oak Creek Internment Camp where Noshiko Yukimura was held at in 1943.

His body was used by a Nogitsune who caused destruction in its path. Even after the fox spirit is exorcised, it uses his corpse as a presence when Stiles Stilinski and his friends confront the spirit.

He was portrayed by Skyler Maxon.


In The Fox and the Wolf, he and Noshiko were lovers and he kept her thievery of camp supplies secret, but he noticed more items went missing. When she was helping Rhys learn French for when he would be transferred overseas, the pair discover his subordinates, Hayes and Merrick, exchange money with one of the doctors. The doctor sold drugs from the camp to the black market.

When there was an outbreak of bacterial pneumonia, there wasn't enough medicine. A riot formed as a result. Rhys tried to calm the crowd, but Satomi, in a werewolf rage, threw a Molotov cocktail at him and set him on fire. He died in agony at Eichen House.

His body along with Noshiko would be destroyed to cover up the riot and corruption. When Noshiko summoned a Nogitsune, it possessed Rhys and, with his body, brought destruction to Oak Creek and Eichen House. Noshiko with Satomi's help exorcise the fox spirit from Rhys' body and gave him peace.

Rhys was buried in the basement of Eichen House with a photo of Noshiko and her shattered katana with the Japanese kanji for "self" marked on the wall to show that he died as himself.

Season 3Edit

Stiles and Malia Tate discovered his body in Eichen's basement before being attacked by Oliver. (Read More...)

His story is told through Noshiko to Scott McCall and Kira Yukimura. (Read More...)


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