Creatures of the Night is the 1st episode of Teen Wolf Season 5.

Teen Wolf Writer/Producer Eric Wallace says the title comes from a song by the 70s rock band KISS.


The Season 5 premiere opens on the eve of senior year: Scott and his pack deal with the arrival of a new enemy and the return of an old friend.

Full Recap

A crow swoops down onto the metal gate outside Eichen House (Location: Mary Andrews Clark Memorial Home). Inside the mental facility, Lydia Martin stands under a steaming shower there is an angry red scar or bruise on her side just below her ribs. Nurse Cross (Mandy Levin) stands nearby with a towel waiting. She is impatient and says she believes Lydia is faking catatonia and is just waiting for the staff to drop their guard.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Catatonia is a state of apparent unresponsiveness to external stimuli in a person who is apparently awake.

Lydia is immobile, staring straight ahead with a blank expression. Nurse Cross demands that Lydia look at her but gets no response. She grabs Lydia’s face but the girl's eyes never focus and when the nurse lets go, Lydia resumes her prior stance and stare.

Later, Lydia is led past a number of glassed-in cells populated by other patients. Cross is joined by an orderly, Schrader (Clayton Fronning), and they continue to discuss Lydia’s “performance” as a non-responsive catatonic.

With Lydia back in her own cell, Schrader prepares a syringe of an unknown clear drug. Cross orders him to “up the dose to 3 mils” meaning 3 milligrams. She says it will truly make Lydia catatonic.

Schrader seems to draw some sort of pleasure from injecting Lydia. He slides the needle into her arm but claims he can’t find the vein. He repeats the process and a tiny bit of blood flows back into the syringe. He says he needs to find a bigger vein and goes for her neck but Lydia snaps upright and screams causing the lights to explode in the room.

She is quickly up and out of her cell. Two orderlies have her cornered in the hallway. She takes on one directly using heretofore unseen martial arts skills to incapacitate him. The other orderly is now upon her and she pushes him back with both hands and screams. Waves of power seem to emanate from her hands and propelled by the scream, send the orderly flying down the hall. Several of the overhead light fixtures explode.

Lydia makes it outside. It’s raining and security guards come at her from all sides. Again, with a mix of martial arts and her new scream powers, she manages to beat them all. She heads for steps leading down to the street but is stopped by a shadowy figure walking slowly up the stairs.

It is Aiden, her former lover who died at the end of Season 3. He tells her she has to go back and finish her “treatment.” Security guards begin shocking her with taser-prods. Lydia is distraught. She says she has to get to her friends to warn them that they’re all going to die.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This episode is dedicated to Tyler Posey’s mother Cyndi Garcia-Posey who died of cancer late in 2014.

Scott McCall is sitting on the hood of Stiles’ jeep looking up at a full moon. Stiles has a San Francisco Bay area map open next to him and is discussing how expensive apartments can be in some areas of town (the Mission District and Haight-Ashbury). Scott suggests Berkley saying “lawyers live around there” but Stiles says the Jeep would burn through a lot of clutches on Nob Hill.

Stiles has a plan whereby they all go off to college together, no one gets left behind. Lydia would go to Stanford, Kira to USF (University of San Francisco) and Malia’s going to “figure something out.” Stiles is very attached to his plan and says it is perfect, “a vision, a beautiful vision.”

Scott stares at the full moon as lightning crisscrosses the sky. He’s become melancholy and reminds Stiles about the “regression to the mean” as Dr. Deaton explained it to him. “Life can’t ever be all bad or all good. Things have to come back to the middle.”

Scott believes, because things have been pretty good and no one has tried to kill them in the 6 months since the end of Season 4, that they’ve been in the middle and the scale must now tip to one or the other extremes (to really good or really bad) soon.

Stiles wonders aloud if enough time has passed and a small voice from off screen says “yes!” Liam Dunbar is chained to a tree near the Jeep. Scott and Stiles chained him up because during the last full moon he apparently lost control and was running around town naked.

As Stiles puts it “a monstrous dog-boy running around the streets of Beacon Hills naked.” Liam says it was one slip up and that he is fine. Scott unchains him and Liam does seem to be in control but we can see his claws have bloodied his clenched fists.

The storm has intensified. Inside the Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Station, Deputy Jordan Parrish is working the front desk and explaining to a caller that power outages are related to the storm. Sheriff Stilinski steps out of his office and tells Parrish to check the fuel level in their backup generator. Parrish seems annoyed.

Later, he bursts into the Sheriff’s office and lets loose all his frustrations on his superior. He has, for 6 months, been given jobs he doesn’t feel are important - directing traffic, courthouse security, serving subpoenas and filing evidence. He doesn’t understand why he is answering phones when the Sheriff needs every available man to deal with the downed power lines, a jackknifed truck and reports of gunshots downtown. He is frustrated because he doesn’t understand what he did to lose the Sheriff’s trust. Stilinski doesn’t try to explain, he just hands him a noise complaint to investigate.

The complaint, logged at 7:21 PM, was from Kate Kasinger who heard noise in the vacant house next door at 2218 Astoria Lane in Beacon Hills.

EDITOR’S NOTE: The noise complaint prop gives Ms. Kasinger’s DOB as 01/12/56 and her age as 59. This suggests the show is continuing with the “only 1 year has passed but it was all this year” when it comes to their timeline. Teen Wolf Wikia will continue to ignore time-related props that don’t fit the established timeline and official canon.

Parrish arrives at the house, a broken down, two-story, old Greek revival with large white columns. Once inside, he hears something moving behind a concrete wall. He thinks it is a person and rushes back to his car to get something to bust down the wall. He returns with a combination pry bar and pick ax and begins pounding away at the concrete. He manages to make a small hole and a black, viscous fluid begins to ooze from it. The wall cracks further, spraying Parrish in the face with the goo.

A hand thrusts through the wall and grabs him by the throat. A goo-covered man kicks and forces his way through the wall. He has pointy ears and his hands are tipped by enormous talons. He growls at Parrish and stabs him in the gut with his talons. Parrish’s eyes glow orange and the creature’s eyes take on the same glow.

The goo-covered man points out that Parrish is not a werewolf. He seems intrigued and says “you’re no ordinary creature deputy.” He then flicks those enormous talons and they being to glow blue and says he’s not ordinary either “not tonight.”

He then tells Parrish that he’ll let him live if the deputy will tell him where to find Scott McCall. Parrish pretends not to know Scott and the creature slashes at him.

Stiles is driving with Scott riding shotgun and Liam in the backseat.

Liam wants to know what Scott and Stiles are going off to do at midnight. Stiles won’t tell him saying it is a “senior thing.”

Scott has no cell signal. He mentions it and Stiles’ Jeep dies. They get out and lift the hood to find most of the engine is swaddled in duct tape. As they stare into the engine, a bolt of lightning strikes the road behind the vehicle. Liam notices and turns just as another bolt hits, this time closer. He tries to alert the others but they are engrossed in conversation. Stiles is worried that the last-night-of-summer ritual that they have planned won’t happen the way he imagines it should. Lightning strikes in front of the Jeep this time. Suddenly the Jeep’s engine comes back to life.

In a parking lot, Malia's dad (Todd Stashwick) and a group of people are trying to move a large tree that was apparently knocked down in the storm. He tells them to lift with their legs but as they begin to try to lift the tree, it seems to rise on its own, out of their hands. As it rises, we see Malia is lifting the whole thing with one hand. No one seems overly surprised by the apparent feat of super strength.

Malia and her dad’s cell phones are without signal. She is apparently waiting for an important email. Stiles arrives to pick her up and she explains that she has yet to find out if her time in summer school brought her grades up enough to advance to the next level. If her grades did not improve, she must repeat junior year. Apparently, Liam knew about this too and Malia wasn't exactly too happy about it.

Melissa McCall is in a hurry. She rushes into her house wearing blood-stained scrubs. She believes Scott is home and shouts out that she is turning right around to go back to work. The creature with the long talons is inside the house but she never sees him.

After a few minutes of shouted conversation, she realizes that Scott is not home but is instead at the high school. She notices a note, affixed to the refrigerator with a magnet, that says “Senior Scribe Back by 1:30.” She rushes back out again and the creature, still covered in streaks of the black goo, grabs the note and reads it.

Kira stands on top of her parents’ car in the middle of a traffic jam trying to get a signal on her cell phone (Location: Woodley Park in Van Nuys, CA). Wind, thunder, and lightning suggest the storm is getting worse. As she seeks a signal her phones' screen shows a picture of Scott.

Inside the car, Noshiko Yukimura and Ken Yukimura listen as their daughters' footsteps dent the top of the car. After a couple of seconds, Noshiko leans out the window to tell her to come inside. Once she dismounts, Kira notices another boy (Cody Christian) trying to get cell signal just down the road. Their eyes meet and he smiles and explains that his phone is non-receptive as well.

Kira worries she is going to be late to Senior Scribe but she can’t tell her mother what it is because it is apparently a secret only known to seniors. Ken says he doesn’t know what it is either but that it sounds like they’re supposed to write something. Noshiko worries that they are going to vandalize something. Kira is unsure if it is vandalism or not.

Kira decides to walk but it begins to rain so she stays in the car.

At the hospital, Liam explains that his stepdad, the doctor, is in surgery and won’t be out for hours. He suggests that Scott should take him to Senior Scribe.

Scott asks Liam to show his hands. He does. They are still bloody. Liam seems embarrassed by this but Scott says he is still learning and it is a sign of strength that Liam is able to remain in control despite the struggle. Liam says he uses music to keep his focus during the full moon but it doesn’t always work.

Scott explains that Derek thought Liam was one of the strongest werewolves he’d ever seen at that age.

Scott still can’t reach Kira by phone. Stiles is fretting that the Senior Scribe isn’t going to be as perfect as he hopes. Scott says he hasn’t really talked to Kira that much while she’s been in New York. Stiles says maybe Scott left the door open to Kira meeting some other guy when he told her to “have fun” on her trip. Malia confirms that “have fun” might imply sex with other boys.

Melissa explains to Scott and Stiles about the jackknifed tractor trailer on highway 115 that caused a major pile-up. This is the road that Kira and her folks would have to take from the airport. Scott sets out to go get her so they can get to the school in time for the Scribe.

A suspect is dragged into the Sheriff’s station by two deputies. He protests that they are making a mistake. The Sheriff, hearing the noise, comes out of his office and recognizes the boy. He calls him Donovan (Ashton Moio) and says that the judge ordered him jailed the next time he ran afoul of the law.

The deputy explains that he was picked up for “B and E” which means breaking and entering. He was also carrying a loaded .38 pistol which he claims wasn’t his. The sheriff orders him locked up. Donovan immediately shouts that the Sheriff is “dead” he repeats the threat three more times as he is led away.

The Sheriff, visibly frustrated, yells for someone to tell him why Parrish hasn’t returned yet.

Scott rushes downstairs at this house, motorcycle helmet in hand. He pauses in the kitchen noticing that his note about the Senior Scribe is now lying on the floor. He picks it up and sees claw marks through the paper. At that moment all the magnets on the refrigerator let go and fall to the floor. Scott picks one up and tries to place it back on the fridge but it falls away as if no longer magnetic. The second hand on the electric wall clock is twitching back and forth. It is 10 minutes past 10 o’clock.

Suddenly all the magnets leap into the air and reattach themselves to the refrigerator.

An earthquake shakes the house. Plates fall from the counter and shatter on the floor.

Inside the old house on Astoria Lane, Parrish is severely wounded with deep slash marks across his chest and stomach. The wounds seem to be smoking. He calls “officer down” but his radio only picks up interference from the storm. In the static and squelch, he hears Lydia’s voice calling him “Jordan.” He then sees Lydia coming toward him. She kneels in front of him and touches his wounds. She leans in close and says “stay with me.” Just as she is about to kiss him, the Sheriff shows up. Lydia is not really there.

The sheriff takes him to Melissa at the hospital. They lay him out in the morgue and she scolds Stilinski. The two of them had apparently discussed keeping Parrish out of harms’ way by keeping him on desk duty. The sheriff says he didn’t think the noise complaint would be that dangerous.

The wounds are still smoking. Melissa speculates that fire may have something to do with his healing processes. Eyes glowing orange, Parrish sits bolt upright. He turns to find Stilinski pointing a gun at him. Melissa gets him to lower the weapon.

Parrish’s wounds have mostly healed leaving only red scarred streaks across his chest. Parrish remembers that Scott is in danger. He explains about the big glowing monster guy and says the talons were sucking the life out him. Parrish thinks the creature could steal Scott’s Alpha status. Melissa says it’s different for Scott. Stilinski says “you can’t steal a True Alpha’s power.” Parrish thinks this new creature can. Liam is outside the door and overhears.

Back in the traffic jam, the Yukimura’s discuss the legend of the Wild Hunt and how ghosts (hunters, horses with blood-red eyes and wolves and hounds) race across the stormy skies in pursuit of souls.

Kira hears Scott’s motorcycle and jumps out of the car. The two meet in the rain and Scott asks if Kira “had fun” in New York. She says “not really” and they kiss.

Kira and Scott arrive at school (Location: Palisades Charter High School, Pacific Palisades, CA) in the pouring rain. They take refuge under the bridge that leads to the athletic fields. They kiss some more until the glowing talon creature shows up and attacks.

Malia and Stiles are waiting to hear from the others. Malia also hasn’t heard if she passed summer school and says she doesn’t want to take part in the Senior Scribe unless she is actually a senior.

As Stiles watches the other students arriving he becomes anxious. Malia smells the change in mood in his pheromones and asks him about it. Stiles says he asked his dad about his friends from high school and the Sheriff said he didn’t keep in touch with any of them. Stiles worries that this will happen to him too. It’s why he’s come up with “the plan, the vision” to keep Scott and the group all together through college. “If I’ve already found the best people in my life, why am I not just trying to stay with them?”

Malia senses someone approaching fast. Liam rushes in and Malia throws him to the ground. Liam warns them that Scott is in trouble.

Under the bridge, the creature is getting the better of Scott. It begins to mock him about his lack of power.

Kira’s belt is actually her sword and she whips it out and tries to take on the talon but he knocks her away.

The creature explains that he is a “devoted fan” and urges Scott to show him the man who took down Deucalion and “broke the Argents.” They fight again but the creature takes down both Scott and Kira again.

The creatures talons begin to glow blue and he explains that he didn’t come “just to claim your status.” A third werewolf appears. It is the boy Kira saw on the road earlier. He attempts to take down the creature and gets in a couple of good slashing blows but is ultimately thrown aside.

The creature comes for Scott again and embeds his talons in his gut. Scott’s eyes go from glowing red back to normal and he is weakened. He drops to his knees just as Malia, Stiles, and Liam arrive.

Just when it seems Scott has lost, his eyes glow red again. He grabs the creature's arm and breaks it, breaking off the talons in the process.

He then offers it a choice, stay, and Scott will continue breaking bones, or the creature can run. It chooses the latter.

The new werewolf, now back in his human form, explains that he knows Scott and Stiles from the fourth grade. Scott recognizes him as “Theo.” He had apparently moved away but then heard Scott was a True Alpha. He says he moved back to town just to be part of Scott’s pack.

Later in the school hallway, Stiles is suspicious of Theo but Scott says he is more worried about the guy who just tried to kill him. Malia gets the email she’s been waiting for. She passed summer school and is now officially a senior. Lydia finds the group and chastises them for being late.

The Senior Scribe finds the entire class signing their initials on one of the shelves in the BHHS Library. Malia signs her initials MT for Malia Tate ignoring her true father Peter Hale. Scott signs his initials then adds AA for Allison Argent. Lydia says Allison is with them.

In a dark laboratory, the creature with the talons kneels in obvious pain. He begs for another chance and more power. He says he could do it with a little more power.

Three figures in long coats and odd, steampunk, masks (Dread Doctors) approach. They seem to be slightly out of phase with reality, their bodies seem to blur and there is a strange clicking noise that sounds like a metallic insect.

In an electronic voice, one says “Your condition worsens” as he draws what looks like a sword. The creature begs for another chance. The voice says “You were supposed to remove the obstacles. Our time is limited.” The creature says he can help with whatever they're here to do but the voice says “there are no second chances.”

This is echoed by one of the others as the sword is thrust quickly in and out of the creature’s chest. He falls back to the floor in agony. His chest splits and eight black birds fly out.

Lydia is strapped down to a bed in Eichen House. Aiden is standing over her explaining that no one ever saw the creature again but that was the start of it, the beginning of senior year. Lydia says she knows he’s not Aiden that he's not real.

Suddenly Aiden is replaced by Valack, the doctor with the third eye from Season 4. He no longer has a hole in his head.

The Doctor is trying to get Lydia to remember what happened during senior year. She says she doesn’t remember but as he speaks we see a series of flashes:

  • Scott and Liam are fighting.
  • Melissa slaps Sheriff Stilinski.
  • Kira gets in a car and is driven away as Scott watches and a streetlight explodes.
  • Jordan Parrish stands surrounded by flames, his eyes glow orange.
  • Malia cowers in a cave terrified “when the Desert Wolf finally found her.” A shadowy figure approaches.
  • Stiles’ Jeep is upside down with fire all around, glass litters the road and Stiles is unconscious and bleeding in the wreckage.

When Lydia says she still doesn’t remember, Valack takes out a drill-like device he says is for Trepanation "the medical art of drilling into the human skull” and comes at her with it.


  • Kygo & Conrad Sewell - "Firestone"
Scene: Scott and Stiles discuss moving to San Francisco.
  • My Double, My Brother - "I'll Die"
Scene: Scott, Stiles, and Liam riding in the Jeep.
  • High High's - "Catch the Wind"
Scene: Scott meets up with Kira in the rain.
  • Shura - "Touch"
Scene: Scott and Kira share a moment in a tunnel at the school.
  • FAMY - "Ava"
Scene: Scott and his friends sign their initials at Senior Scribe.

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