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Within the mythology of MTV's Teen Wolf, Darach is what characters call the unknown killer responsible for several ritualistic murders during the first half of Season 3.

The Darach pretended to be Jennifer Blake, an English teacher at Beacon Hills High School.

Her real name is Julia Baccari and she was once the Druid Emissary to Kali's pack.


According to Dr. Deaton, Darach means "Dark Oak". This information is presented in opposition to the word Druid which Deaton says means "Wise Oak".

Deaton claims the word would be applied to one who "went down the wrong path". (Read More...)


The Truth About Teen Wolf's Dark Druid

How Jennifer Got Her Juice

When Deucalion had the various Alphas kill their packs, he also had them kill their emissaries. Kali loved Julia, and while she brutally slashed her and left her for dead, she could not bring herself to deliver the killing blow.

Julia survived by making it to a nearby Nemeton (sacred space) which had been given power by the recent death of a virgin (Paige in Visionary). This power reserve allowed her to survive until help arrived.

All the sacrifices she performed in Season 3 were an attempt to gather enough power to defeat The Alpha Pack during the upcoming lunar eclipse.

Season 3

Stiles Stilinski, Lydia Martin, Allison Argent and Scott McCall are in her English class. On the first day of school Ms. Blake texts a quote to all her students with phones in class. She explains that it is the closing line to the first book they will be reading in her class (“Heart of Darkness” by Joseph Conrad) and that it will also be the last text any of them receive in her class. She instructs them to turn off their phones. A panicked flock of birds crash through the windows of her classroom. (Read More...)

While working late, Ms. Blake is trapped in the basement storage room by Cora Hale and Boyd who are raging under the effects of the full moon. Derek saves her and helps her up. (Read More...)

Derek visits her at school. She takes it as some sort of threat to keep quiet about what she saw when Boyd and Cora attacked. She says she won't tell anyone. (Read More...)

As she leaves the school, a blood soaked Derek shows up and collapses outside her car. She rushes to his aid. (Read More...)

She tends to Derek's wounds when he refuses to go to the hospital. They end up having sex which seems to help him heal. (Read More...)

She was held hostage by Kali and the Twins so that Derek would fight Kali one on one without his pack interfering. Isaac Lahey rescues her near the end of the fight. (Read More...)

She plans a memorial concert at school for the victims of the serial killer. During the concert, she kidnaps and tries to kill Lydia. In a confrontation with Sheriff Stilinski we learn that Ms. Blake is actually the Darach. (Read More...)

Jennifer tries to convince Derek that she is not the Darach but Scott uses powdered mistletoe to expose her true face. She gets trapped in the hospital with the entire Alpha Pack out to kill her. She then double crosses Derek and kidnaps Melissa McCall. (Read More...)

Jennifer takes Chris Argent after he places himself where he knows she'll find him. She claims they are fighting for the same cause and that by killing innocents in order to gain enough power to kill the Alpha Pack, she is making the world safer. (Read More...)

Jennifer kills Kali then convinces Derek to join her to fight Deucalion. She restores the blind werewolf's eyesight and is mortally wounded by him. She is killed by Peter Hale as she struggles to reach the Nemeton and her last hope of survival. (Read More...)

Season 6

The Anuk-Ite uses Jennifer's appearance to force Derek to open his eyes so he could turn to stone. (The Wolves of War)


Being in sync with the Telluric currents, the Darach gained abilities that became stronger with each human sacrifice.


Teen Wolf- Jennifer Blake is Powerful Woman

  • Shape-shifting: Jennifer could mask her true appearance, taking on the shape of Jennifer Blake to carry out her plans.
  • Shock Wave Projection: She was able to repel people with shock waves as shown in The Overlooked.
  • Rapid Healing: Jennifer displayed an ability to instantly heal from a bullet wound.
  • Super strength: She possessed enhanced strength as she crushed the Sherriff's badge and was able to push Scott across a classroom with enough force to incapacitate him for a few moments. Jennifer was able to physically stop Ethan and Aiden from merging and easily snap the merged alpha's neck.
  • Telekinesis: Jennifer was able to use this to levitate shards of glass and throw them at Kali, killing her.
  • Healing: She restored Deucalion's eyesight.
  • Atmokinesis: She was able to create a storm that was meant to bury the Guardian sacrifices.

Modus Operandi

In each attack seen on screen, victims suffered visual or auditory hallucinations before they were taken.

In the first six cases, the killer employs a Threefold Death ritual, using three different types of fatal blows on each victim -

  • Blow to the Head
  • Sliced Throat
  • Strangulation by Garrote

After the first six, the Darach changed to a crucifixion-like hanging method where the individual is suspended by the hands.

The victims still suffocate but the manner of their death takes longer and they suffer more.

The victims, in groups of three, seem to be chosen due to some common status.

  • Virgins
  • Warriors
  • Healers
  • Philosophers
  • Guardians

The Darach Sacrifices

Chaos Rising

  • Heather, Stiles' childhood friend - Virgin


  • Emily, the girl in the woods - Virgin
  • Unnamed Victim at the pool - Virgin


  • Kyle, BHHS Senior, Air Force Junior ROTC cadet - Warrior
  • Unnamed Music Teacher - Warrior
  • Adrian Harris, Chemistry Teacher, West Point Grad - Warrior


  • Doctor Hilyard - Healer
  • Unnamed ER Attending Physician - Healer
  • Unnamed - Healer

The Girl Who Knew Too Much

  • Deputy Tara Grahame - Philosopher (The deputy was a former teacher)
  • History Teacher Mr. Westover - Philosopher
  • School Orchestra Pianist - Philosopher

Stiles and Lydia suspect the Darach is involved in the bizarre behavior of Boyd, Isaac, Scott and Ethan during an overnight stay during a Cross Country team trip. Lydia sees a cloaked deformed figure shrouded by flame which she believes to be a visage of the Darach. (Read More...)

The Darach is seen briefly in Dr. Hilyard's car before she disappears. (Read More...)

Scott and Allison say the Darach took a third healer after Deaton was rescued. (Read More...)


Darach Gallery

Jennifer Blake Gallery


  • To be honest, the 'oh my God' would be for your wonderful physique if not for the fact that you're bleeding black blood.” — Jennifer to Derek Hale in Motel California.
  • But you, Lydia, you're not a sacrifice. You're just a girl who knows too much. Actually, a girl who knew too much.” — Jennifer to Lydia before she attempts to kill her in The Girl Who Knew Too Much.
  • You're just like me, Lydia. Look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under it.” — Jennifer to Lydia in The Girl Who Knew Too Much.
  • I want you to do what you do best, Lydia. I want you to scream.” — Jennifer to Lydia in Lunar Ellipse.
  • What's the line coach likes to say? The bigger they are...” — Jennifer quoting The Coach in Lunar Ellipse.
  • So, who wants to go first?” — Jennifer asking Kali and Ethan and Aiden who wants to fight first in Lunar Ellipse.
  • In a few minutes, they'll be dead and I won't need a lunar eclipse, even to kill a demon wolf.” — Jennifer in Lunar Ellipse.
  • "You call them sacrifices, but you're not understanding the word. It's derived from the Latin sacrificium, an offering to a deity, a sacred rite. A necessary evil." — Jennifer to Lydia in The Girl Who Knew Too Much.