The Desert Wolf is the code name for a trained assassin and Werecoyote who is also Malia Tate's birth mother.

Her first name is Corinne.


Corinne was sexually involved with Peter Hale and became pregnant. Knowing that she would lose much of her supernatural abilities to her offspring, she wanted to end the pregnancy but was talked out of it by Talia Hale. Talia took the baby from her immediately after the birth avoiding the possibility that Corinne would try to take back her power by killing the child.

After Malia was adopted, and with much of her power gone, Corinne became proficient with firearms and other weapons. She became an assassin and mercenary feared for her ferocity.

9 years later, Corinne returned to Beacon Hills and tried, unsuccessfully, to kill Malia by shooting at the car she was riding in with her adopted family. This incident caused Malia to transform and kill her adoptive mother and sister. Unbeknownst to Corinne, Malia survived.

Peter thought fleetingly about hiring her to kill the supernatural population of Beacon Hills while in his post-fire coma.

The U.S. Marshal service assigned Braeden to track Corinne down. She was unsuccessful and her obsession with the task seemed to end her government career.

EDITOR'S NOTE: After her final battle with Malia, Corinne is assumed to be in federal custody as she was not among the massacred Supernaturals at Eichen House in Season 6.

Season 5Edit

Malia regains her memory of the night of the crash that killed her family. She believes the Desert Wolf was shooting at the car. (Read More...)

Corinne confronts Dr. Deaton and asks about her daughter while holding him hostage. She says if Malia is still alive then she will have to kill her again. (Read More...)

Malia remembers the flashback from Required Reading when she visits her old den. Braeden also warns Malia that her mother is coming to Beacon Hills. (Read More...)

She holds Deaton in an abandoned military fort. It is revealed that she worked a deal with Theo to bring Malia to him. She and her daughter fight until The Beast shows up. (Read More...)

Corinne reappears to taunt Malia before killing her. She learns that Stiles is someone she really cares about. (Read More...)

She breaks into Scott's home and fights Braeden until the mercenary escapes. She becomes trapped the house with Malia thanks to the mountain ash barrier. (Read More...)

She stalks Malia through the McCall House. She shoots Malia multiple times and then digs her claws into Malia's stomach in an attempt to steal back her power. Before she can finish the job, Malia uses Belasko's talons to steal the rest of Corinne's power. (Read More...)


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