Donovan Donati was a prisoner of the Beacon Hills Sheriff Station and a Wendigo hybrid due to the Dread Doctors.

He had the eyes and double rows of sharp little fangs like a Wendigo and had lamprey-like mouths on his hand and neck.

Donovan was played by actor Ashton Moio.

History with StilinskiEdit

Donovan's father was a cop and Sheriff Stilinski's partner before he became the sheriff. In a shootout, Donovan's father was paralyzed after getting shot in his spine.

Donovan was in a motorcycle accident while trying to get to the hospital to see his father. His injuries required surgery for internal bleeding. He needed a skin graph afterwards which would make him a genetic chimera. (Strange Frequencies)

He would hold a grudge against Stilinski for believing he hid and called for back up instead of helping his father. It only deepened when he applied to be a Sheriff's Deputy to be a cop like his father and was not allowed.

He frequently threatens to kill him. The Sheriff says he is aware of Donovan's issues due to the testing he underwent when applying to work there.

His psychological evaluation from the Sheriff's Station explains in the “Anger Expression Inventory” resulted that he is “not suitable for law enforcement.”

Season 5Edit

Donovan captured on suspicion of breaking and entering and for breaking his parole by carrying a loaded pistol. (Read More...)

While being transferred, Donovan, his lawyer and two guards are attacked by Tracy Stewart. He escapes but is cornered by the Dread Doctors. They drilled into the side of his head and injecting him with mercury. (Read More...)

He is brought to the Dread Doctors' lair where they finish his transformation. They strap him to a table in their lair and begin to pull his teeth out and new teeth grow in their place. Later, Theo manipulates him into attacking Stiles to hurt the sheriff emotionally. (Read More...)

Donovan attacks Stiles and chases him through the school. In the library, he taunts Stiles and eventually threatens to eat his legs. He is killed when Stiles releases a support beam and accidently stabs a metal rod through the chest. His body is taken by Jordan Parrish before the police can discover him. (Read More...)

His body is found at the Nemeton by Lydia Martin and Parrish along with Tracy, Lucas, and Josh Diaz. (Read More...)


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