Dreamcatchers is the 3rd episode of Teen Wolf Season 5.


Scott tracks a new shapeshifter that's threatening Stilinski; and Malia receives information about her mother.

Full Recap

Images of Sheriff Stilinski getting ready for a date are juxtaposed with the images of Donovan being cuffed and readied for transport by deputies.

Tracy Stewart’s father (Salvator Xuereb) is Donovan’s attorney and is waiting when Deputy Parrish and another, unnamed deputy, bring him out.

The sheriff is worried about his hair, saying he should have gotten it cut. Stiles says someone his father’s age should be happy they still have hair to cut. Scott says the sheriff looks great prompting Stilinski to call him the “son I should have had.”

Getting cold feet, the sheriff begins to loosen his tie saying his plan to go on a date is a terrible idea. Stiles stops him and says the town of Beacon Hills won’t implode while he’s out with one woman or man. Stilinski clarifies that he is going out with a “very beautiful” woman but refuses to tell the boys which woman it is.

Attorney Stewart explains that the DA is pushing for 3 to 5 years on Donovan’s “breaking and entering” charge (See Creatures of the Night). Stewart believes he can cut a deal so that the young man only serves 2. Donovan becomes agitated and starts screaming “Stilinski.” The Sheriff, Scott and Stiles exit his office and Donovan threatens to kill him. The Sheriff says he’s not shocked because Donovan’s behavior was well documented in his “Anger Expression Inventory.”

Donovan’s threats become more detailed as he explains how he plans to take a knife and stab the sheriff.

Stiles mocks Donovan, saying his performance was great but asking him to do it again like Christopher Walken. He then says Donovan will have plenty of time to work on his performance while stuck in a tiny little cell forever.

Donovan rushes at Stiles but the deputies hold him back and the sheriff orders them to get him out of the station.

Stiles explains to Scott that an “Anger Expression Inventory” is a test given to people applying to work for the Sheriff’s Department indicating that Donovan wanted to be a cop.

In the transport van, Mr. Stewart chastises Donovan for threatening the Sheriff in front of the entire department and his son. He says the young man will now be lucky if they can get him out of jail within three to five decades.

The driver of the van begins to stiffen up. He is having trouble focusing and the prisoner transport van begins to accelerate through the Beacon Hills Warehouse district (Location: 6th Street Viaduct LA Arts District). The driver believes he is having a heart attack. Stewart attempts to take the wheel and reach his foot over to apply the brake. The van careens into the concrete walls of the tunnel-like viaduct, throwing up sparks.

Claws, dripping a clear viscous fluid, puncture the top of the van. Once Stewart manages to stop the van under the bridge they hear something moving around on the roof. Stewart is surprised to see his daughter standing next to the driver’s side window.

Tracy breaks the window and kills the driver. Blood sprays into her father’s face. The officer in the back of the van with Donovan begins firing his shotgun at her.

Donovan escapes out the back of the vehicle and runs away. The officer tries to follow but is pulled back inside the van.

Stewart, covered in blood, stumbles out of the van. His daughter is standing nearby and says she’ll never let anything happen to him “ever again.” Her eyes glow yellow and snarls.

In a nearby alley, Donovan hears the growls and screaming as Tracy kills her father. He trips and falls. Looking up he sees The Surgeon. He stands and tries to flee but The Pathologist grabs him and holds him firm. The Surgeon then pushes a complicated drill device to the side of Donovan’s head and turns it on. The drill bit enters his skull and a silvery liquid covers his eye.

Stiles' Jeep won’t start. He turns the key repeatedly attempting to get it to turn over. Scott looks concerned. Stiles says it is anxiety. He says he knows the werewolves use his chemo signals to monitor his emotional state. The jeep still won’t start and he pounds the steering wheel.

Stiles confides to Scott that he received a message from Braeden concerning the search for The Desert Wolf. The woman everyone believes is Malia’s mother has violently killed someone and Braeden sent a picture with the email. He shows it to Scott on his phone. Stiles feels bad because he’s been pushing Malia to find her. Scott says maybe he should stop but Stiles says it’s not up to him.

Stiles tries one more time to crank the jeep and the engine revs to life.

Malia adjusts the mirrors on her new car. Lydia is in the passenger seat. Kira is in the middle of the back seat and is walking Malia through the steps of preparing to drive. She says to place her hands on the wheel at “10 and 2” but Lydia corrects her saying the new preferred position is “9 and 3” because an airbag deployment could break the driver’s thumbs the other way. Malia points out that her thumbs would heal. Lydia says to “save your strength” and places her hands at 9 and 3.

Malia grips the wheel tightly. She flashes back momentarily to the accident that killed her mother and little sister (See Anchors) but then clears her mind and begins to drive. Kira is offering words of encouragement until Malia asks her to please shut up.

Malia is swerving slowly back and forth across the deserted road (Location: Woodley Park in Van Nuys, California) until she goes off the road and heads directly for a tree. The car’s Pre-Collision Systems Alert begins to beep and Lydia yells for her to turn the wheel. Malia does, barely missing the tree, and keeps turning it putting the car into a lazy doughnut pattern in the middle of the road. Lydia says Malia should push a little harder on the gas. She does and the car careens down the street.

Malia asks where they’re going and Lydia suggests the school so they can practice parking in the lot there. Looking around, Kira realizes they are heading away from the school and toward downtown. She asks if they should do a u-turn. Lydia senses something and says no they should keep going. They continue on and pull up to the bloody prisoner transport van.

Scott and Stiles arrive on scene. The Sheriff wants to know if Donovan might be a werewolf but Scott says he didn’t sense it from him. Stiles reminds them that some werewolves can mask their scent. The Sheriff believes Donovan killed his lawyer and mortally wounded two officers. He sends Scott to find him, giving him a walkie talkie and tells him to keep it on channel 2 to stay in touch.

Scott gets Donovan’s scent, his eyes turn red and he’s off running.

Stiles speculates that it wasn’t Donovan.

Theo is watching the crime scene from higher up on the bridge support.

Scott tracks Donovan into one of the nearby warehouses and easily subdues him. He calls back to the Sheriff via the radio and explains that Donovan is freaked out and keeps repeating a name.

Stiles whispers “Theo” but Scott comes back and say it’s “Tracy.” Lydia realizes it’s Tracy Stewart.

The next day, Lydia is explaining to Malia, Stiles, Liam, Scott and Mason about Tracy’s night terrors. Stiles says Tracy is now the night terror and nobody can find her. Scott points out that they’re all tired and miserable, except for Mason who seems to think the whole thing is really cool.

He indicates Kira and says “You’re a Kitsune. I don’t even know what that is.” Kira says she’s still learning about it herself.

Stiles chastises Liam saying they told him he should tell Mason not invite him into the inner circle. Mason is even more excited by this notion but is quickly shot down when Stiles and Liam say he is not part of the inner circle.

Scott believes they should be able to find Tracy since she is a lone wolf. Malia points out that she is a lone serial killing wolf to which Stiles says she only killed one person.

Malia suggests they kill her once they catch her. Scott says they should concentrate on catching her first.

Sitting in jail, Donovan says he wants his lawyer. The Sheriff points out that his lawyer is dead and Donovan says he wants a new one. Stilinski tries to get the boy to tell them what he saw no matter how unbelievable it might sound. Donovan mocks his tone saying it makes him seem like he really wants to help. He is then struck with a pain in his head that takes his breath away. When he recovers, he again requests a new lawyer.

Jordan Parrish reports that they’ve traced Tracy’s whereabouts after the van crash. She was in the hospital killing her physiatrist. Stilinski says he should let Scott know but tell him not to get into yet. Parrish suggest they put him on the payroll.

Stiles show’s Malia the pictures of the Desert Wolf’s victims. She seems unfazed. Stiles reports that Braden said they were really bad guys. Malia says they deserved it and that they now know that her mother is good at her job.

Mrs. Finch (Michelle Clunie) returns Scott’s test on DNA & RNA structure in AP Biology. He scored an 86. The teacher seems proud and asks Scott to lead the review on the previous night’s reading assignment. Liam shows up outside the door and motions for Scott to come out in the hall. After some hesitation and some confusion on the part of his teacher, Scott motions to his ear, telling Liam to just say what he wants and Scott’s werewolf hearing will pick it up.

Liam explains that Tracy is currently at the school in Mr. Yukimura’s history class.

In the classroom, Tracy grips the sides of her desk tightly and her eyes glow yellow. Tracy doesn’t actually see the classroom. In her eyes, the room is empty and darkened. She grips the desk so tightly it breaks. Hayden Romero is sitting next to her and asks if she is alright. She notices that Tracy is barefoot.

The fire alarm sounds and Mr. Yukimura manages the calm exodus of the students saying it is probably a drill.

Hayden stands and tells Tracy they need to leave.

Scott and Liam enter but Tracy sees them as the Dread Doctors and grabs Hayden’s arm. They try to talk to her but she can’t seem to see or hear them. Hayden’s arm begins to bleed. Tracy says “They’re coming.” She lets go of Hayden’s arm and says “They’re coming for all of us.” She then collapses to the floor. A silvery liquid oozes from her mouth and pools on the floor.

Mr. Yukimura helps Scott carry Tracy out of the school. They are joined by Malia and Stiles. Hayden asks where they’re taking her and Liam says he guesses to the hospital. He then offers to walk Hayden to the nurses’ office but she refuses.

She goes to the bathroom and washes the blood from her arm. She seems surprised to find no source for the blood. Her skin is unbroken with no cuts and no injury.

Kira and Lydia meet up with Liam. Scott is apparently taking Tracy to the Animal Clinic to see if Deacon can figure out what’s wrong. Kira wonders if Tracy has any other surviving family members and Lydia realizes that if Tracy is a werewolf, then she might have an Alpha somewhere. Kira suggests they check with Satomi.

Brett Talbot and some friends are playing lacrosse. Mason and Liam stop by to ask about Tracy. Brett doesn’t know her and says it’s unlikely Satomi turned her because she’s been laying low since the assassins killed of many of her pack (See Weaponized).  Mason learns about how Alpha’s turn people with a bite and Brett explains that he and his sister were born werewolves and Satomi took them in when his family died in a fire. Liam notices the necklace Tracy is wearing in the picture, the silver leaf, and remembers seeing it in the hole he fell into in the woods (See Parasomnia).

Deaton examines Tracy. He says her pupils are normal and her heart rate is 250. He finds evidence of an allogeneic skin graft. There is a patch of red, irritated skin on her right shoulder. He says the silver substance that dripped from her mouth is something he’s not seen before. He says it almost looks like mercury.  

EDITOR’S NOTE: An “allogeneic skin graft” is when skin is transplanted between people who are not genetically identical.

Malia suggests Deaton give her a shot to kill her. Deaton says his code of ethics frowns on such measures and Scott says they’re not going to kill Tracy. Stiles thinks maybe Malia has a point that Tracy might try to kill them.

Deaton casts a circle of Mountain Ash to keep Tracy secured in the clinic. Malia tests the barrier and her hand can’t pass through. She declares the effect to be “weird.”

Kira and Lydia go to Tracy’s house to look for clues. Lydia says she’s “following a feeling” which Kira points out usually leads to dead bodies. Kira finds a dreamcatcher in a box with a card from her father explaining that it “only works if you believe it.” Lydia explains “homicidal somnambulism” which has caused people to kill their entire families while asleep.

Deaton tries to cut Tracy’s skin with a scalpel but the blade breaks and her skin remained unharmed. Deaton notices something moving around under the skin. He turns her over and her spine seems to be wriggling back and forth.

Scott gets a text from his mom explaining that the driver of the prison transport van didn’t have a heart attack or a stroke. He was temporarily paralyzed. Stiles realizes what type of creature Tracy has become just as the skin of her back breaks open and a boney tail flips out and begins to flop around striking each of them.

Once everyone is paralyzed by her venom, Tracy runs out the door, right through the mountain ash barrier which has no effect on her. Once she is gone Scott and Stiles point out that Tracy isn’t a werewolf, she is a Kanima.

Deaton says he doesn’t know how Tracy got through the Mountain Ash barrier because “it’s a barrier no supernatural creature should be able to cross.” Stiles points out that Scott did it. He says he only did it once and it “almost killed” him.

Malia begins to panic. Scott tells her they’ll be fine. Deaton urges each of them to concentrate. He tells Malia and Scott to focus on healing to free themselves of the Kanima venom. He has them focus on a single part of their body and try to move. Malia is the first to manage it and seems to recover very quickly once she begins to move. She takes off after Tracy.

Brett, Mason and Liam head out into the woods to find the hole and Tracy’s silver leaf necklace. Mason falls in a hole but there is no necklace. Mason examines the hole and Brett determines that Tracy was buried there. Liam decides that this isn’t the hole he fell into because it was closer to the bridge. Brett wonders, if Tracy came out of another hole, who came out of this one?

Kira points out that if Tracy has been killing people who tried to help then she might not be awake. Lydia believes, because she tried to help Tracy, her mother is the next intended victim

Natalie Martin is Sheriff Stilinski’s mystery date.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Actors Linden Ashby and Susan Walters are married in real life. The pair met while filming a soap opera in the 1980s and are still together.

He apparently had to cancel and reschedule their date the night before due to the prisoner transport crash. The Sheriff notices Deputy Clark (Benita Robledo) lying with her head down on her desk. He asks what’s wrong and she says she can’t move. Natalie looks around the office and sees another deputy slumped over the counter. A clear, viscous liquid drips from the ceiling onto a desk lamp.

Lydia and Kira burst in and yell that Tracy is coming for Natalie. They hear a rattling growl and look up. Tracy is stuck to the ceiling upside down. She is only partially transformed with the tell-tale spots running up one side of her face and one arm. Her Kanima tail whips back and forth. She leaps down and attacks managing to paralyze the sheriff and knock his gun away. Kira take out her sword and manages to avoid Tracy’s tail. Lydia yells for her mother to run drawing Tracy’s attention. The Kanima spins and stabs Lydia deep in the side with her tail. Kira leaps up on a desk. Her body is suddenly outlined in a fiery aura of a fox. Tracy moves into her spin attack again. Kira leaps, lands and cuts off her tail. Tracy flees as Kira’s aura fades leaving her exhausted.

Theo arrives at the vet clinic. Scott wants to know how he found them and Theo simply says “you work here.” He says he heard about Tracy and was looking for Scott to help. Theo says it doesn’t have to mean he’s part of the pack, “like you’ve accepted me or anything like that,” he just wants to help.

When Malia gets to the Sheriff’s Station she finds Kira applying pressure to Lydia’s wound which is bleeding profusely. They tell Malia that Tracy thinks she is still asleep and that she has Natalie in the basement. Lydia says to go after her and wake her up.

In the basement the werecoyote and Kanima fight. Malia manages to avoid Tracy’s venomous claws and pins her to the floor with a knee to her throat. Once she is incapacitated, Tracy wakes up and Malia lets go.

Suddenly, The Surgeon appears and injects something in Tracy’s neck. Silvery fluid begins to pour from her mouth. The Pathologist grabs Malia and pins her to the wall. The Surgeon says of Tracy, “Her condition is terminal.”

The Doctors walk away and phase out as Malia watches.


  • Life In Film - “Set It Off”
Scene: Lydia and Kira try to teach Malia how to drive.
  • Alex Metric & Mark Yardley - “Ilium”
Scene: Mason watches Brett practice lacrosse.
  • Ruelle - “Take It All”
Scene: Malia recovers from paralysis from the Kanima venom.

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