Eaddy Mays is an American actor and producer who portrayed Victoria Argent on MTV's Teen Wolf from Season 1 to Season 3.

Early Life

Mays began acting as a child at the age of ten when she was cast as Gerda in The Port Washington Play Troupe production of "The Snow Queen." As a young teenager, Mays hosted video presentations for the production company owned by her step-father, Bob Haymes.

Mays began high school at Paul D. Schreiber High School, but graduated from James L. Mann High School upon moving to Greenville, South Carolina. While in high school, Mays also studied theatre at the South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts & Humanities and upon graduation, she attended the University of Georgia where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in History.


Mays remained in the North Georgia area working in commercial radio, television and continued her involvement with community theatre in both Athens and Atlanta, Georgia. Over time, Mays continued to accumulate multiple television and film credits by taking advantage of the tremendous growth in the region’s entertainment industry which gave Atlanta the nickname, “Hollywood of the South.”

Mays appeared in various television show like Army Wives, Meet the Browns, Single Ladies, It's Supernatural, and Reed Between the Lines. Her most prominent film role is in the infamous ‘ladies who lunch’ scenes in the film The Blind Side with Sandra Bullock. She also had roles in Madea's Witness Protection, The Collection and was featured in the TV miniseries remake of the 1970s cult classic COMA.


Mays' portrayal of "The Scariest Mom on TV" received mixed but overall positive reviews.

Her "death" prompted raves from several reviewers.'s Price Peterson wrote:

Just when we'd gotten to know TV's weirdest and most intense mom, she had to leave us. Somebody wake up Elton John: We need a new version of "Candle in the Wind"!
Most poignant scene of the night: Mrs. Argent attempting to tell Allison that she'd be committing suicide later and Allison totally blowing her off. There was a shot of Mrs. Argent looking all hurt and walking away, then turning around and seeming happy that her daughter was just having fun. A LOT was going on in those ten seconds emotionally. So good.

And of Eaddy's death scene:

The acting was seriously so good here. If we HAD to lose Mrs. Argent, at least her death was dramatic and memorable.

Den of Geek's Ron Hogan wrote:

Sometimes, you watch a show and someone comes out of nowhere with some really surprising, brilliant acting work.
Throughout this season, Eaddy Mays as Victoria Argent has simply been the world's creepiest mom. Whether she's threatening to castrate Scott, running Scott down with a car while trying to kill him, or generally being the scariest mother since Joan Crawford, Mrs. Argent was nothing if not unrelatable.
Well, this week, Victoria was completely different. Faced with her own mortality, she was scared, sad, lonely, trying like hell to reach out to her daughter, and completely relatable.
Mays and JR Bourne had some great chemistry and I really felt an emotional impact from both theirs, and Mays' scenes with Crystal Reed. I shouldn't feel for her, because she scares me, but I did. The actors playing the Argent family did some great work tonight. They're technically the antagonists, but I felt for them.
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