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Face-to-Faceless is the 14th episode of Teen Wolf Season 6.

Face-to-Faceless is directed by Teen Wolf star Linden Ashby. It marks his television directorial debut. This episode also marks the Teen Wolf debut of actor Andrew Matarazzo

MTV scheduled Face-to-Faceless back to back with Pressure Test for a 2-hour Teen Wolf programming block on August 20, 2017.


Scott, Lydia, and Malia must take drastic measures to quell the growing violence in Beacon Hills, while Liam endures his own gauntlet at the high school.

Full Recap[]

Aaron enters the morgue, opens the drawer containing the faceless bloody lump of a body, opens his mouth and spews spiders onto it. The insects quickly burrow into the skinless lump as Aaron collapses on the floor. After a moment, the faceless rises to a sitting position.

Quinn (Lucy Loken) has a flat tire. She soon finds herself surrounded by large men. One of them removes an arrow from the tire and asks if she’s ever seen anything like it before. They move to attack her. She bears her fangs and fights back, incapacitating all of the men.

A Beacon County Sheriff’s vehicle pulls up. Quinn is relieved to see Deputy Vargas (Maria Russell), but the officer pulls her service weapon and fires at the young woman.

Saviors As Scapegoats[]

Liam is hiding under the covers of his bed pretending to be sick. He claims he has the flu or pneumonia, but Scott points out that werewolves can’t get pneumonia and insists that Liam must to go to school.  He doesn’t want to go outside because so many people saw him transform in the middle of the street. Scott says he should pretend nothing happened. He uses the analogy of Superman, Spiderman, and Captain America maintaining their secret identities. Liam correctly points out that the latter doesn’t have a secret identity. Everyone knows Captain America is Steve Rogers and they love him. Liam says everyone hates them even though they are trying to save their lives.

Scott says in order to save lives, Liam has to get up and go to school. Liam feels Brett and Lori died because of his mistake. Scott says that if Liam wants to save more of his friends from the same fate, he will go to school.

Liam arrives at school. People stare. People whisper. Mason says everything will be fine but Corey points out that two sophomore members of the Lacrosse team were present when Liam wolfed out in the road. Everyone there had a clear view of the werewolf. Liam wants to leave but Mason says he has to stay and convince everyone he’s just a regular kid.

Make Peace With The Devil[]

Scott explains to Chris Argent that Brett and Lori were murdered. They now know they’re not dealing with an amateur hunter and that Gerard is helping. Chris says this is his fault for letting his father go, but Lydia says there’s nothing he could have done. Malia pipes up and says Chris could have killed Gerard. Lydia says they’re not executioners but Malia says they are when it comes to war.

With war on the horizon, Chris and Scott want a peace summit with Gerard. Lydia reminds them that the last summit Gerard attended ended with the old hunter killing his own men and a bunch of werewolves and blinding Deucalion (See Visionary). Chris offers to approach Gerard believing his father won’t kill him.

Chris says the terms of the negotiations might be steep and Scott needs to figure out how much he’s willing to give up and how far he’s willing to go to stop a war.

The entire lacrosse team is waiting in the locker room when Liam arrives. They say they’re voting him out as Team Captain because of “what” he is. Nolan steps to Liam whose eyes flash yellow dimly for a second.

Coach exits his office and demands to know what the gathering is all about. Liam steps up and explains that his grades are suffering and he needs to step aside as team captain. He explains that they’ve voted Nolan to replace him. Coach is thrilled by the news, praising Nolan’s skills and leadership qualities despite the fact he has no ideas who Nolan is.

Chris meets his father in a warehouse stacked to the ceiling with weapons. Chris lays out his plan for a meeting. Gerard says Scott should come himself. Gerard reminds his son that the last bullet the old man took came from Chris. (See Apotheosis). He’s not interested in peace. He says Scott should run.

Tamora Monroe is Exposed[]

Corey has been spying on Nolan and Gabe. They plan to make Liam shift in front of everyone to prove he’s a monster. Liam hears Nolan approaching. He ducks into the guidance office to hide. He tells Tamora Monroe that he’s come to talk. She probes him for information about who is harassing him with no luck.

He notices a book on the supernatural (The Supernatural Afterlife by Brian Felix) on a nearby desk in her office. He then sees the claw marks on her neck. She claims she got them from a tree branch while running in the woods. Liam presses further wanting to know from whom she was running. Her answers, combined with the book, cause him to realize that Monroe is the hunter who pursued Brett to his death. She says she can’t help him unless he tells her who is harassing him, so Liam leaves.

Chris Argent tells Melissa McCall that Scott needs to leave Beacon Hills immediately. Argent says Gerard wants supernatural genocide. He says Gerard blames Scott for killing half his family and turning his daughter (Kate Argent) into a monster while also turning his only son against him.

Melissa balks at telling Scott to give up. She’s never told him to run and hide and she’s not going to start now. Chris reminds her of the last time Scott died and how she had to bring him back to life (See Status Asthmaticus) and questions if Scott might not come back from this fight.

Scott arrives at the McCall House. He says there may not need to be a fight since they now know, thanks to Liam, that Tamora Monroe is the new hunter.

Parrish Freaks While Monroe and Nolan Plan[]

Jordan Parrish becomes increasingly scared as he looks at crime scene photos of Halwyn on his desk. The images show the Hellhound lying dead in the woods with deep slashes across his torso and a single bullet hole in his forehead. A brief glimpse of the police report shows “blood loss, decreased brain … Gun Shot wound to Head. Deep Lacerations …”

Parrish’s fear reaches its peak when he sees the bloody faceless lump inside the Sheriff’s station. One moment it’s there, the next it is gone. Then it’s back in a different location. He is panting as he opens the door to see it standing on the other side. He draws his service weapon but the Sheriff snatches it from his hand.

Tamora Monroe reports to the principal’s office expecting to find Natalie Martin. Instead, Lydia is waiting for her. Lydia closes the door and broaches the subject of coexistence between supernaturals and humans. Monroe says that’s a challenge because people like Lydia aren’t like regular humans. Lydia says highlighting differences is where coexistence breaks down. Lydia repeats the request for a peace summit but Monroe refuses and makes to leave. Lydia grabs her arm but quickly lets it go.

Monroe is fascinated. She questions if Lydia’s powers work through touch. Lydia says no. Monroe wants to know how the banshee knows who will be the next to die. Lydia says no one has to die if Monroe will just meet with Scott. The counselor apparently agrees.

Malia believes the meeting, alone in the middle of the tunnels with a werewolf hunter, is a trap. Scott says he has no choice because people will continue to die if he doesn’t stop them. He says if anything happened to him, the rest of his pack would be able to defeat the hunters without him. Malia, while still unable to put her feelings into words, makes it clear that she’s not worried about that, she’s worried about being without him. He says they need to get Monroe to trust them so he’s going alone.

Mason is shocked that the guidance counselor is a werewolf hunter saying he’s never asking for guidance again. Liam grabs an empty chair next to another student at one of the lab stations in Mrs. Finch’s AP Biology class. Corey and Mason sit at the station behind him. The girl next to Liam promptly gets up and moves to another station.

Seeing that Liam is alone, Finch demands someone (other than Mason and Corey) partner with him. She says if someone doesn’t volunteer, she’ll fail the whole class on the lab assignment. None of the other students are willing to move. She says Liam will have to work alone while she considers if the threat to fail everyone was a bluff or not.

Liam whispers to Corey and Mason that Ms. Finch is making things worse. Corey says there’s more bad news, the entire lacrosse team is blocking the exits so Gabe and Nolan can force Liam to transform in front of everyone.

Past as Prologue

Melissa leads Noah Stilinski and Deputy Parrish into the morgue. They’ve come to check on the body that Parrish believes he saw at the Sheriff’s Station. Melissa says it couldn’t have because it was locked in a drawer, has no DNA and no skin or face.  She describes the fear she and Chris felt trying to get a tissue sample but says it never moved. She opens the drawer; the body is gone.

In the tunnel, Scott arrives to find Monroe flanked by two armed hunters and a third hunter with a shock stick taser in the tunnel behind him.

With Corey camouflaging Liam with invisibility, Mason attempts to find an exit that is not blocked by angry looking lacrosse players. He fails. Nolan confronts Mason and blows a handful of powder at him. As the powder lands on the invisible boys, it reveals their shapes and they are exposed. Gabe grabs Liam and throws him to the floor.

Gerard joins the party in the tunnel as Scott tries to reason with Monroe. He says she shouldn’t follow the old man because he’ll lead her off a cliff. Gerard demurs and says he’s acting only as an advisor and indicates that Monroe is in charge.

Monroe says she wants to see a werewolf beg for peace. Scott immediately agrees in hopes of avoiding any more killing and promoting peace. Monroe believes Scott only cares about the death in Beacon Hills now because it’s the supernaturals who are suffering. Scott offers to take everyone and leave Beacon Hills. Monroe says they’ll follow and kill them. Scott points out that his pack has been protecting humans. Gerard says he’s lying and he just wants Monroe to be afraid.

Monroe relates the story of her first brush with the supernatural. She was one of the victims of La Bête du Gévaudan who ended up piled up in the school bus with several other victims as a trap the Beast set for Parrish’s hellhound. Monroe was injured by not dead and hid under a corpse of a fellow teacher as the two supernatural creatures fought outside. She was found by Sheriff Stilinski who called for an ambulance (See A Credible Threat).

She wonders if Scott even thought to check if anyone on the bus was still alive. He says he didn’t know. She says he didn’t care. She believes they allowed people to die so they could keep their secret and carry on as if nothing ever happened.

She then threatens him saying he shouldn’t have come alone. Malia shouts that he didn’t come alone. She then takes out the hunter with the taser stick. Lydia is with her and they stand a few feet behind Scott.

Liam’s Greatest Test[]

Parrish tells the sheriff that he’s checked around and no one else has reported the faceless lump running around. They speculate if it is the thing that came out of the Wild Hunt when the McCall Pack rescued Stiles back in the spring (See Riders on the Storm). Parrish says maybe it’s just part of it, another thing that causes fear. They think perhaps its goal is for the humans to end up like the rats and wolves, so terrified that they tear each other apart.

Nolan and Gabe throw Liam into a classroom and start beating and kicking him. He struggles not to transform as they punch him again and again. Mason tries to intervene but is held back by the crowd of watching students. Liam’s face is bloody and bruised. His eyes glow for just a second, but he maintains his cool much to the newbie hunters surprise. Mrs. Finch walks in and sees what’s going on. Mason implores her to intervene, but she moves away saying that “Sometimes it’s best to let them work things out on their own.”

Liam recites his mantra and maintains his composure as the beating becomes more intense with a knee to the face from Gabe. Finally Coach Finstock bursts in and grabs Nolan and Gabe and throws them into the hall. He tells them to get to the principal’s office as he checks on Liam. Corey and Mason help him to his feet. 

Later, Mason helps Liam to his car. He says his friend took the beating because he blames himself for Brett and Lori getting killed by the hunters. Liam says he’s right. He blames Monroe. Mason points out that everyone is now on the side of the hunters and the whole reason Gabe and Nolan tried to make Liam shift was to show everyone the enemy.

Fear Itself[]

In the tunnel, Scott is still trying to make peace as Monroe and the rest point guns at the pack. Malia growls and Gerard says Scott “should control his beta” lest she get them all killed. Lydia says they’re not the enemy and tries to explain about the larger issue causing the unreasoning fear in Beacon Hills.

Monroe says she doubts there’s anything more dangerous than the Wendigo, Oni, Werecoyote and the Darach human sacrifices that she’s been made aware of.

Scott says they tried to stop it but Monroe counters that people still died while they were “trying.” She says 12 people were killed by the Darach. In fact, one of the hunters in the tunnel with her lost a son (See Threefold Death) while the other man’s brother was a deputy who was gutted and torn apart. She scoffs that the official report read “animal attack” as the cause of death.

Scott attempts to reason with them about the fear beast that escaped the wild hunt. Lydia realizes that the faceless corpse is in the tunnel with them and is amplifying their fear. The hunters spin around and see it. They open fire wildly.

Monroe tries to gain control and tells her men to stop shooting. They ignore her. Malia sees the bloody lump behind them in the tunnel and runs at with claws out. She swings but there’s nothing there.

A flare drops from a grate above to the tunnel floor. Parrish jumps down after it his eyes glow orange and he growls. One of the hunters opens fire but the deputy tosses him into the tunnel wall. He makes a beeline for the lump and shoves the still-lit flare into it. Both forms are consumed in flames.

The fireball passes and tunnel darkens and Scott rushes to help Parrish to his feet. The hunters are gone and the lump lies on the tunnel floor severely scorched. Malia points out that Monroe didn’t come to negotiate and that Scott did everything he could. Scott says there’s something else he can try.

Back at Gerard’s HQ, Monroe questions him about the fear beast. In lieu of an explanation, he scapegoats the supernaturals saying the creature is there because the town is overrun. She believes she failed. He says she gave the people of Beacon Hills what they’ve always needed – a voice against the supernaturals. He says, as a victim herself, Monroe makes the perfect messenger. She asks what that message is and he says “That this world belongs to us.”

Scott arrives home to find Quinn waiting in his kitchen. She is badly injured. Malia wants to know if a hunter hurt her. Quinn says it was a deputy.


Sneak Peeks[]


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Episode List[]

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  • Autograf - "Heartbeat (Alex Schulz Remix)"

Scene: Scott drags Liam out of bed and tells him to go to school.

  • p5e feat. Claire Wyndham - "Hush"

Scene: When Liam enters the school, everyone talks behind his back.