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Froy Gutierrez is an American-born Dallas-based actor of Caxcan Native and Mexican descent. He joined the cast of the MTV television series Teen Wolf in Season 6B as Nolan.

Early Life[]

Gutierrez was born in Texas, but he lived the first five years of his life in Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico before moving back to Dallas where he still resides with his family.

He attended Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts.

While he had dreams of becoming an actor, he originally planned to go to college to study economics with the intent of working as an economist for business management firms. Instead, a local talent agent saw him in a play at school and signed him up.

A later appearance in a short film caught the attention of a national agent and he started booking auditions for network television.


Gutierrez landed multi-episode arcs on Bella and Bulldogs, The Goldbergs, and a recurring role on the Netflix reboot of One Day at a Time. He also co-starred in the military-themed family drama A Cowgirl's Story alongside Bailee Madison (who also produced the film) and singer Pat Boone.

Teen Wolf[]

Executive producer Jeff Davis tells Teen Wolf News that he saw Gutierrez the first time when he auditioned for a different show.

“He was another actor I brought in for 'Let The Right One In' (Rhenzy Feliz also auditioned) and ended up casting in 'Teen Wolf'.”

Gutierrez says his first audition in Beacon Hills was very dramatic.

“Nolan is a sensitive guy, so of course I cried my eyes out in the audition room. I guess it worked!”

Davis believes hiring him worked out well for the show too.

“As you can see from his scene in the trailer (directed by Tyler Posey) Froy brings a lot of intensity to his character.”

Once on set, Gutierrez found he had something in common with Teen Wolf star and fellow Texas resident Holland Roden.

Ironically, Holland and I had the exact same theater teacher. Even more ironically, he didn't cast either of us in the school plays during our freshman year!"

White Passing[]

Gutierrez has deep ancestral roots in Mexico and is very proud of his native heritage.

“I am very passionate and vocal about issues facing people of color, so I find it odd that I am often referred to as a white boy. I totally acknowledge the privilege that comes from being "white passing," but it bothers me when my Caxcan-native and Mexican roots are erased. When people refer to mixed people as white, they are feeding into the same systems of oppression that erase the stories of POC. There's a lot of pressure to either tokenize or whitewash myself, and I hope I do not do either of those.”



Year Title Role Notes
2017 A Cowgirl's Story Jason Limited Release
2018 The Halloween Party Max Short
2018 The Vampyre English Man
2020 Initiation Wes Scott


Year Title Role Notes
2015 Bella and the Bulldogs Charlie 3 Episodes
2016 The Goldbergs Handsome Ben 2 Episodes
2017 One Day at a Time Josh Flores Recurring role
2017 Teen Wolf Nolan Recurring role
2018 Liza on Demand Doug 1 episode
2019 Light as a Feather Ridge Recurring role (season 2)
2021 Cruel Summer Jamie Henson Main role