Garrett and Violet or commonly known as The Orphans were assassins posing as high school students while under the pretense that they live in a housing development which, in reality, wasn't even built yet. They came to Beacon Hills in hopes of collecting money from The Benefactor's Dead Pool.

Each of the two had special weapons they used to carry out their deeds. Violet had a thermal-cut wire disguised as necklace while Garrett had a hidden blade inside a lacrosse stick.

Kate Argent targets them after she finds out that they were in Beacon Hills which resulted in their deaths.

Despite their deaths, their bag of money remained and Scott and Stiles are tempted to use it for their own ends until Melissa McCall shot the idea down, showing Scott the blood stained money and reminding him how the duo got this money. (Orphaned, Weaponized, A Promise to the Dead)

Season 4Edit

Garrett tries for out for the lacrosse team while Stiles Stilinski and Scott McCall struggle to keep up with Liam Dunbar's seemingly unnatural skills. (Read More...)

Violet appears with Garrett at school and a party at Lydia Martin's lake house where she kills a werewolf outside the house while Garrett receives confirmation of payment. (Read More...)

After killing another werewolf at the school, the duo decide to go after another one worth more than the other two. Violet felt they should go after Scott because he had the highest price, but Garrett insists on playing it safe. They use yellow wolfsbane coded on his blade to paralyze Brett Talbot, but Violet gets cocky and tries to kill Scott instead only to be knocked unconscious by the alpha. (Read More...)

After Violet gets arrested, Garrett kidnaps Liam to blackmail Scott into helping him break her out. The prison transport is attacked by Berserkers and Garrett carelessly attempts to fight one of them before being impaled by the second. Violet's slashed up body is later discovered by Scott. (Read More...)


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