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Genotype is the 18th episode of Teen Wolf Season 6.

The title of Episode 618 is a scientific term that describes the inherited genetics of any living organism. The Genotype is its original nature before external influences in the organism's environment change it.

MTV chose to run Episode 618 as part of a double feature with Episode 619 Broken Glass on September 17, 2017.


Editor's Note: MTV has not provided a synopsis for this episode.
“Scott and the others must make a discovery before it’s too late.”[1]

Full Recap

At the Animal Clinic, Scott, Liam, Mason, and Theo listen to a voicemail retrieved from the phone they found at the Primal Pack headquarters. (See Werewolves of London)

A woman’s voice says - “Hey. It’s me again. I don’t know why you can’t seem to call me back. Maybe it’s because you think you’re punishing me, but this is too long. It’s too much, and it’s not about us. Something’s happening in Beacon Hills, to the people here. I just … I need to know everyone there with you is okay. Can you just please call me, please. One call, that’s all I’m asking for. And, if you can’t call me back, I’m going to get my answer anyway. That means I’m coming up there myself if I don’t get a call from you. I’m coming up there so just try, try to remember it’s my pack too.”

Liam says Malia pulled the phone of one of the bodies in the woods. Scott explains there were six dead and one of them had no face. Theo speculates that the one with no face may be the woman on the phone. Mason says the same thing happened to Aaron. The Anuk-Ite took over Aaron’s body, stole his face and his DNA. They speculate that whoever the woman on the phone is, she might be the other half of the Anuk-Ite.

Theo believes, and Mason agrees, that they should be looking for the half of the creature they know about. Scott sends them to look for Aaron while he and Liam try to figure out who the werewolf on the phone might be. They believe if they can stop the Anuk-Ite from combining, they can stop the war with the hunters.

Later, armed with a partially melted baseball bat, Mason leads Theo down to the tunnels. He says they should start there because Aaron hasn’t been in class for days, and they were down in the tunnels the last time they saw the faceless lump. Jordan Parrish burned up the body, but no one’s been back to check on it since because of the intense fear they feel whenever they get close to the spot (See Face-to-Faceless). Mason says if they follow their fear, they’re heading in the right direction.

They come to a fork in the tunnel, one way is well lit while the other is “spooky.” Theo picks the spooky way because he says Mason was right about following their fear.

School Secrets

Liam decides to call the last number that dialed the phone they found. Scott stops him, hanging it up before it connects. Liam says they should get the woman to meet them somewhere. Scott wants to have a plan before they make contact. The phone rings. They don’t answer it. As soon as it stops, Liam dials back and a male voice says “Beacon Hills High School, how can I direct your …” They hang up quickly.

Liam has a thought. He plays the message again and realizes that the voice belongs to BHHS Biology teacher Mrs. Finch.

Mrs. Finch arrives at school. Scott and Liam are waiting for her in the parking lot. Scott says while it might have been her on the phone, it doesn’t prove that she’s the Anuk-Ite or a werewolf. He sends Liam into her class to try to get her to expose her “supernatural side.” Liam is concerned about the “hunters and the Nazi student brigade,” but Scott promises he’ll be right there with him. He instructs his beta to find out and then get out.

In class, Gabe sits next to Liam and says “Welcome back.” Mrs. Finch draws a diagram on the chalkboard showing two sets of eyes, blue and yellow. Scott is stationed in the hallway outside the classroom. Mrs. Finch is shocked to see Liam. He says he couldn’t let his GPA fall just because he got beat up at class.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Mrs. Finch is teaching a “Punnett square” diagram. The technique is used to predict an outcome of a particular cross or breeding experiment. This area of science is where this episode gets its title. In this scene, “breeding” is misspelled “bleeding” on the chalkboard.

Gabe attempts to text someone to alert them that Liam is at school. Mrs. Finch snatches it away from him reminding him that there are no phones allowed in her classroom.

Testing Mrs. Finch

She continues with her lesson talking about how they can determine the probability of an offspring having a particular trait based on the parents’ DNA. Liam slips earplugs in and sets off one of the sonic devices used to drive werewolves. Scott winces in the hallway. A student named Rebecca flees the classroom holding her ears. Mrs. Finch frowns but seems otherwise unaffected. Liam turns off the device and tells Scott there was no reaction at all.

Scott sees a shadow approaching outside the window. He asks Liam if Gabe got a text off before his phone was taken. Liam volunteers to try the problem on the board in order to follow Gabe to the front of the room. Thinking the shadow outside is a hunter, Scott prepares to fight. It’s just a maintenance worker. He tells Liam to hurry up.

Liam is doing the problem on the board wrong. He sprinkles purple Wolfsbane powder on the eraser as Mrs. Finch tells him he’s wrong and should let someone else try. She approaches the board, picks up the eraser and removes what Liam wrote. Purple dust flies around her causing her to sneeze, but otherwise, she seems unaffected. She rubs the dust between her fingers and dismisses the class for the day. She tells Liam to stay behind.

Reaching Halwyn

Malia and Lydia are trying to figure out how Halwyn managed to contact the banshee considering he is still lying in the morgue apparently dead. They stand over his body and speculate that he’s not “fully dead” since he was able to lead her to the faceless body in the woods. As Lydia begins to work out a way to communicate with the hellhound, we see the bullet Tamora Monroe fired into his head is still lodged in his brain. The silver coating has flaked off and the surrounding tissue glows yellow has his body attempts to heal itself.

Lydia lies on the autopsy table in the morgue with her head almost touching Halwyn who is still in the drawer. Malia suggests she touch him and grabs her hand and places it on the Hellhound in several places. Malia says maybe she can insert her claws into the back of his neck and read his memories. Lydia nixes the idea because, since she doesn’t actually know how to do that, Malia might damage Halwyn’s brain more than the bullet. Malia wonders how he got in touch with the banshee last time. Lydia says she was unconscious at the time.

Malia sees a hammer and gets an idea. Lydia is not having it. Malia acts confused saying that Lydia wants her to knock her out. Lydia clarifies that she wants her to “render unconscious” and preferably without pain. She tells Malia to press against her chest hard enough to interrupt blood flow, drop her blood pressure and render her unconscious. After a little back and forth Malia obliges.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This works but not the way Malia is shown doing it onscreen. Don’t try it, you could injure yourself or others.

Lydia passes out and immediately finds herself in Eichen House. She sees a warm light coming from one of the cells. When she looks inside fire explodes behind the stone version of Halwyn. He busts from the stone and growls at her. He bangs his head against the glass of the door. The door opens and Halwyn leaps through it, grabs Lydia, and they both fall through the wall.

Lydia wakes up on the floor of the morgue and says she knows how to save Halwyn.

Deny, Deny, Deny

Mrs. Finch says she knows what Liam is trying to do. She says she knows he’s upset about her not stopping the fight (Face-to-Faceless) where Gabe and Nolan attacked him at school. Liam explains that he knows she’s a werewolf and about her pack. She asks if he’s on drugs because his father is a doctor and he probably has access to drugs like oxycontin or oxycodone. He insists that she’s a werewolf. She continues to deny it.

Scott steps in and plays the message. Finch freezes and then snatches the phone and demands to know where they found it.

Finch continues to deny that she knows anything about the Primal Pack or werewolves. She says she was trying to find her daughter and demands to know where the phone was found. They pry further, repeating back her own claim in the message that she was in a pack. She becomes more and more frantic.

Scott asks if she was able to reach any of them before they died. She apparently didn’t know about the murders and is stunned. She says they can’t be dead. They were just in the woods hiding out because they were scared. Scott says they found six bodies, three men, two boys and the unidentified skinless lump. He says the skin was stripped down to the muscle, there was no DNA, but the pack tattoo was still there.

She says it doesn’t make sense because that’s not how biology works. Liam explains it’s how the Anuk-Ite works, it finds a body and it takes its face. It takes the whole identity of the person. Finch is heartbroken.

MRI For Beginners

Dressed as hospital workers with caps and masks, Lydia and Malia wheel Halwyn into the MRI area on a gurney. Lydia has pulled up instructions on how to work the machine on her phone.

They get it going and pictures of Halwyn’s brain begin to resolve. Lydia says, according to the image “artifact-ing” the bullet is “ferromagnetic, probably steel” and will “react in the MRI.” She plans to intensify the machines magnetic field and it will pull the bullet right out. She is about to start the procedure but notices something else on the screen. There are flakes of silver around the bullet suggesting it was encased in the non-magnetic material.

While the MRI machine will pull the bullet free, the silver flakes will be unaffected. Since Hellhounds heat up when they heal, Lydia believes the silver will melt and poison him from within. He’ll die if they remove the bullet.

Malia says if they had more time they maybe could figure out another way to remove the bullet and still save Halwyn, but they don’t because someone is going to come in and catch them. Halwyn is their last shot at figuring out how to beat the Anuk-Ite. Malia says he spent more than 100 years waiting just in case it got out of the Wild Hunt. She says the first thing he did once he revived was to start hunting it. She believes Halwyn would want them to defeat the thing even if it killed him.

Lydia acquiesces. She dials up the magnets. Halwyn’s body begins to thrash about. He growls and the bullet pops free. He manages to stand and demands to know where the Anuk-Ite is. He then collapses into their waiting arms.

They ease him to the floor and Malia begins interrogating him about the creature, asking about weaknesses or anything else that might help them kill it. Lydia notices silver is leaking from Halwyn’s nose.

Anuk-Ite Parts 1 and 2

Liam and Scott try to get Mrs. Finch to call her daughter. She wants them to stop talking about monsters. Scott says if she does it, she’ll at least find out what happened to her family. Liam says he’ll call for her. He takes the phone and finds the number. He recognizes the name. It’s Quinn.

In the tunnels, Mason and Theo bicker about his inability to think of others instead of himself. Theo says he might want to be in the pack. Mason says the first thing he would probably do is figure out a way to kill the rest of them. Mason becomes more and more frightened as does Theo.

Aaron attacks, but Theo knocks Mason out of the way just in time.

The school now appears deserted. Mrs. Finch hears someone coming down the hall and believes it’s her daughter. She asks what Scott plans to do. He shushes her. She fears they’ll try to hurt Quinn so she picks up the wolfsbane eraser and claps it upside each of their heads. They both go down in a coughing fit.

Mrs. Finch rushes out into the hallway. She is struck by fear as she tries to run to her daughter. Quinn says, in a too-deep voice, “I’m looking for someone, someone like me.” Finch realizes she’s not Quinn. The creature claws her.

Down in the tunnels, Aaron continues his attack on Theo and Mason. The latter is hurt. An odd thing happens, wounds inflicted by Theo on Aaron appear on Quinn’s body. She screams in pain and leaves Finch alone. Aaron hears her scream and takes off toward the noise. Theo tries to take Mason’s pain but Mason says it won’t work because “You can’t take pain if you don’t care.”

Scott and Liam find the badly injured Mrs. Finch in the hallway. Scott tells Liam to follow Quinn. He balks saying if she finds Aaron he doesn’t know what to do. Scott says he can’t leave Finch. He says it’s okay for Liam to be afraid, but he can’t let the fear stop him. Scott says “you’ve got this” and Liam heads off in search of Quinn.

Unable to center on Quinn’s voice, Aaron realizes his injuries aren’t showing up on his body. He heads back into the fight with Theo, grabs both the chimera’s hands, and thrusts Theo’s claws into Aaron’s stomach. Quinn screams again in pain. Aaron takes off again to find her.

Scott finds Finch’s pack tattoo. He tries to convince her to heal herself.

Monster Mash

Halwyn realizes he’s going to die. He explains that they can’t stop or kill the Anuk-Ite, only trap it. He says the only way to trap it is to stop it from finding its other half. He says they’d be dead if it already had. He says if the two halves merge, they won’t be able to catch it. Halwyn says if the two become one, do not look at it because it will kill you with a look. Halwyn dies.

Liam follows Quinn into the Library. He’s scared but decides to use the fear to make himself angry. Aaron enters and joins Quinn. They both turn to face Liam across the room.

Scott moves Mrs. Finch into a classroom and out of the hallway. Hunters enter with Gabe and pass the spot where she fell earlier. Mrs. Finch says it’s all her fault because she pushed Quinn away. Scott continues to try to get her to shift so she can heal. She says she forced Quinn to hide who she was, which drove her to the Primal Pack. She keeps calling for Quinn so Scott lays it out, “Your daughter is gone. Quinn is dead.” This apparently reaches the woman because she growls. Her eyes glow red.

Liam leaps from table to table, crossing the space between himself and the two halves of the Anuk-Ite. He jumps toward Quinn. She punches him in the chest and sends him flying back. She and Aaron kiss and spiders flow through their mouths into each other. Quinn then headbutts Aaron. They grab each other by the throat and squeeze. They seem equally matched, but Aaron manages to break Quinn’s neck. The spiders inside her climb out and into him. His eyes glow purple.

Energy begins swirling around Aaron like purple smoke. His body twists and contorts with the sound of breaking bones as he cries in pain. Inside the swirling vortex, his body begins to change, elongate and stretch. When the purple smoke clears, what appears to be a hollow-eyed skeleton with only a thin layer of musculature stretched tight on its frame stands where the boy was before. It has no mouth and its eyes swirl with eddies of purple energy.

Liam can’t see the creature, but he can hear it and prepares to face it. Lydia grabs him from behind and throws him out of the library door. She tells him to run. He’s confused, but, as they run into another part of the school, she explains that they can’t look at it because a glance would kill them. Gabe overhears this and hides as his two hunter friends continue down the hall.

The Anuk-Ite rounds the corner of the hall. As it turns toward the men, the purple energy flares in its eyes and both men turn to stone. Gabe witnesses this but shuts his eyes tightly and doesn’t see the creature as it calmly exits the school.

A Bargain is Struck

Sometime later, Lydia and Liam examine the stoned bodies. Liam wonders how they can fight something they can’t look at. Scott arrives and says they need to learn to fight without their eyes. Lydia realizes they’ll need Deucalion to help them do that.

Later at Scott’s house, Malia sits on his bed examining the bullet that came from Halwyn. Scott is cleaning up in his bathroom. She joins and tries to help. She says there’s too much blood and he should just get in the shower. Scott hesitates, but she reminds him that he’s already seen her naked, (See More Bad Than Good).

They get into the shower, kiss, and hold each other tightly.

The Anuk-Ite arrives at the hospital. Everyone that crosses its path is turned to stone. In the morgue, the creature examines Halwyn’s dead form. Gerard is waiting for it. He doesn’t look at it but is obviously terrified. Gerard says he knows the creatures wants its freedom and that means getting rid of people like Scott McCall. The creature says, “The young one.”

Gerard says Anuk-Ite can’t match Scott in a physical fight. While the creature could kill him with a look, Gerard says it would be surprised at how resourceful Scott can be.

Anuk-Ite asks what Gerard is offering. The old man says he’ll weaken Scott with poison and then the creature can kill him and his friends. He says this will give it “all the fear you need to never be caught again.”

Anuk-Ite wants to know what Gerard wants out of the bargain. He says he’ll drive every last supernatural from Beacon Hills. He holds up a silver bullet and explains the old legend about killing werewolves with silver is a little bit true because it came from their family name.  “Argent” means silver in French. To kill a werewolf, you need an Argent.




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  • Dorothy - "Wicked Ones"

Scene: Scott and Liam plan to infiltrate the school.

  • K Flay - "Blood In The Cut (Aire Atlantica Remix)"

Scene: Scott and Malia get intimate in the shower.