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Gerard Argent is Allison’s grandfather and a werewolf hunter. Gerard is father of Chris Argent and Kate Argent. His name in the credits is simply listed as “Gerard”.


The ruthless patriarch of The Argent Family, Gerard instilled hunting in his children and prepared them to face the supernatural. According to Chris, he manipulated Kate into being homicidal which eventually led her to decimate most of The Hale Family.  He sent the young Chris on a gun trade with Yakuza members to see if he could adapt to the tense situation.

When Derek Hale was a teenager, Gerard and Chris lead a hunting party to avenge two of their own. When the Alpha Deucalion arranged a meeting of the two groups to talk about peace, Gerard turned the tables on everyone and killed Deucalion's Betas and his team of hunters to make it look like Deucalion ambushed them. He blinded the Alpha before leaving the scene.

He would return to Beacon Hills, later after his daughter's death to avenge her. Revenge was a cover. His real agenda was to receive the bite of an Alpha to cure his cancer. During this time, he attempted to manipulate Allison the way he did Kate, take control of a Kanima and have Hunters forsake the code to achieve his goal.


Teen Wolf Mystery When Werewolf Bites Go Wrong

His plan failed after Scott McCall, and Dr. Deaton switched his cancer pills with Mountain Ash which caused his body to reject the bite. It cured Gerard's cancer, but he suffered what appeared to be prolonged rejection marked by a constant flow of black goo from his nose and mouth.

Chris, Allison, and Scott visited him later to get information on Deucalion and Druids when both The Alpha Pack and a Darach were causing trouble.

Gerard was healed from his prolonged illness by Chris by ingesting Yellow Wolfsbane flowers to stop the flow and return to normal. Chris and Scott needed his help to stop the Dread Doctors from reviving The Beast of Gevaudan. Gerard planned to double-cross them, but the duo knew it would happen, and they turned on him first. Chris shot him in the arm, preventing him from doing any real harm.

Still vengeful towards Scott, believing to be responsible for his family's decimation and Chris' betrayal, Gerard used Tamora Monroe and the Anuk-Ite's desire for freedom to start a genocide against all supernaturals. His plan failed when Scott's allies came to his aid and the Anuk-ite became trapped in Mountain Ash. His children confront him of his failure. As Chris leaves, Kate transforms and attacks him as he screams in fear.

Season 2

Gerard comes to Beacon Hills for his daughter Kate's funeral. He proves to be more violent than the hunters seen prior on the show. When hunters trapped a homeless man who was also an omega werewolf, Gerard cuts him in half with a silver sword, adopting a “kill them all” philosophy. (Read More...)

The Argents then install Gerard as principal at Beacon Hills High School as part of their plan to keep an eye on Derek's pack-building activities. (Read More...)

He invites Scott to dinner and seems to be genuinely fond of him but later sticks a knife in his gut and threatens to do the same to his mother if Scott fails to do as the hunters ask. (Read More...)

Gerard calmly faces the Kanima and the creature doesn't attack. He tells Chris that this is because it plays by rules not easily broken. He has CCTV cameras installed throughout the high school and questions Allison about Jackson and Scott. (Read More...)

Gerard and the other hunters plan to kill Jackson at the party. He brings his hand close to the barrier of mountain ash without actually touching it and looks a bit confused. (Read More...)

He pressures his son to kill his wife after she is bitten. He claims she was bitten by an Alpha and is as good as dead already. (Read More...)

Gerard delivers a note to Allison that he claims is from her mother. He pushes Allison to take control of the family. Later, he joins the hunters as they assault the Sheriff's Department. He follows Matt and kills him by drowning him in a pond. He then touches hands with the Kanima appearing to become the new Kanima Master. (Read More...)

He holds Scott's mother hostage with the kanima. He reminds Scott to do as he says or someone is going to die. He promises to prove it during the game by having Jackson kill someone unless Scott tells him how to find Derek. (Read More...)

His master plan and cancer are revealed when Scott and his allies arrive at the warehouse. After he has Scott make Derek bite him, his body rejects the bite violently due to the Mountain Ash in his cancer pills. (Read More...)

Season 3

Gerard is seen in a wheelchair with black goo still oozing from his nose and mouth. Chris goes to visit him after learning that Allison and the others are spending the night in the Motel Glen Capri. He relates the story of Alexander Argent who killed himself in the motel in 1977 and notes he had a strange animal bite. Gerard says the Alpha that bit him was Deucalion. (Read More...)

Chris yells at him saying that he knows more than what he is telling and that it's a long list of favors until Gerard is redeemed. (Read More...)

When Allison and Scott go to him and ask about Deucalion in exchange for Scott reliving him of some pain. He lies about what really happened, but Scott knew he would potentially lie and threatened to take away more than his pain if his lies get anyone hurt. (Read More...)

Season 5

Gerard recovers from his illness when he eats Yellow Wolfsbane provided by Chris. He reveals that the Beast of Gevaudan has returned. (Read More...)

He and Chris search in the tunnels for the Dread Doctors' lair, they split up. He uses an emitter with a red light to stop the Doctors in their tracks. (Read More...)

He has Parrish locked in a chamber to lower his body temperature so they can communicate with the Hellhound. (Read More...)

He tells Chris and Lydia Martin the story of The Beast and The Maid Gévaudan also known as Marie-Jeanne Valet. (Read More...)

Gerard enters the library at the school along with Chris. Gerard believes they need to find the pike because it could kill the beast, he also informs Chris that the boy inside is gone. (Read More...)

He discovers that the pike used by Marie-Jeanne was melted down and was currently being used as a cane by The Surgeon. He then decides that its time to stop chasing Sebastien and let him come to them. (Read More...)

Season 6

Gerard had been watching Tamora Monroe for some time, before confronting her. He left a message in her office along with a knife. He then saved her in the woods for Brett, having noticed her talent. (Read More...)

Gerard and Tamora hunted Brett throughout the woods and the tunnels. He guided the rookie hunter along the way, also informing her that she was just one soldier in the army he was seeking to build. (Read More...)

Gerard prepared for battle with his army growing in numbers. He warns the pack to run because the only other option was death. The peace summit proved to be useless. (Read More...)

Gerard arrives at the Hill Valley Zoo with his army after learning that the pack was supposedly held up there. He reveals that they were there to kill Liam. A bond between an alpha and it's beta is stronger than that of a parent and child. (Read More...)

Gerard makes a deal with the Anuk-Ite to take down Scott, as well as every other supernatural in Beacon Hills. (Read More...)

Gerard offers Monroe a Yellow Wolfsbane-filled bullet. He is also confronted by Chris Argent and Kate Argent. (Read More...)



We find them. We kill them... We kill them all.” — Gerard describing his new werewolf philosophy to Chris in Omega

What did I teach you is the best way to eliminate a threat?” — Gerard to Chris in Frenemy

For the rest of us then let's be perfectly clear. You don't trap a creature this dangerous. You kill it.” — Gerard addressing the hunters about the Kanima in Raving

Now, I'm your principal, but I'm also a fan. So don't think I'll be content to watch you merely beat this team. Get out there and murder them.” — Gerard addressing the lacrosse team in Battlefield

When it comes to survival, I'd kill my own son!” — Gerard in Master Plan

You'd be surprised how far some people would go to get rid of someone like Deucalion.” — Gerard to Scott and Allison in Visionary.

Deucalion may have lost his eyes but he's not always blind.” — Gerard to Allison and Scott about Deucalion's sight in Visionary.

Only surprised it's taken you this long.” — Gerard to Allison in Currents.

Nothing pleases me more than a surprise visit” — Gerard to Chris in Damnatio Memoriae

No, not what it is, what it was. A monster whose only purpose was to kill, not for sustenance, not for revenge, not for any rational impulse other than the drive to end life where ever its found. It also has a rather personal connection to our family.” — Gerard to Chris in Damnatio Memoriae

There were a lot of descriptions of The Beast of Gévaudan, everything from a red-furred giant wolf to a cloven-hoofed panther the size of a horse. But my grandfather gave me a description that was a bit stranger..... He said the body was oil black, solid but shape-less at the same time, like a shadow pretending to be real.” — Gerard to Chris in The Sword and the Spirit

I haven't seen that color on you. It suits you” — Gerard to Scott in The Sword and The Spirit

Deputy, its time you and your alter-ego had a proper introduction.” — Gerard to Jordan Parrish in A Credible Threat

Who told you that, the internet? If that's your most reliable source of information then you might as well go.” — Gerard to Lydia in Maid of Gevaudan (Episode)

This is a surprising alliance, Scott, you and Deucalion. How long have you been planning this clever little double cross?” — Gerard to Scott in Apotheosis