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The Hale Arson Conspiracy refers to an event preceding the beginning of MTV's Teen Wolf by six years, in which the Hale House burned down.

Official Reports[]

There are brief glimpses of two official reports of the Hale House Fire seen during The Tell.

The Beacon Hills Fire Department Field Incident Report states that the fire began at “07:15”.

Although there is no indication if this was AM or PM..

“07:15” in Military Time would be 7:15 AM but it is unknown if the reporting officer is using a military clock.

The official BHFD report blamed the fire on an “Electrical Malfunction” but there is an additional note that says “Arson Suspected”.

The Official Coroner’s Report offers more information.

Under the heading “Type of Death” it says “Fire/Smoke Inhalation” Under the heading “Number of Victims/Status” it says “Eight Family Members Deceased”.

Under the heading “Probable Cause of Death” it says “Electrical Malfunction: Possible Arson”.

In the section titled “Circumstances of Deaths” we can make out the following:

“Narrative Summary of Circumstances Surrounding Death

The Hale House Fire occurred at the Hale Residence…

Eight Family members Deceased. There appears…

Electrical Malfunction…”

While the official reports make no mention of it, we know from other episodes that Peter Hale survived the fire. He was seriously injured and left comatose.

The Conspirators[]

The following people along with Kate Argent are all believed to have been involved in burning down the house and the cover-up of the crime.

  • Garrison Myers - a bus driver, who was the insurance investigator that ruled the fire accidental.
  • Unnamed Video 2*C employee - a convicted felon with a criminal record including arson.
  • Reddick - a known arsonist.
  • Unger - another arsonist.
  • Adrian Harris - Admits that he gave a woman he met in a bar (Kate Argent) information on how to commit arson, and not get caught.

Derek Hale seems to have had an unintentional part in the conspiracy. Through their romantic relationship, Kate gathered information about the family, and where they were going to be.

Season 1[]

In Season one, Peter Hale went on a murder spree, killing the people involved with the conspiracy. Harris being the only one left alive. Peter ends his revenge with the death of Kate. Only Myers and Harris expressed regret for the part they played in the arson.

The newspaper read by Chris Argent at the end of Code Breaker seems to indicate that Kate is being blamed for both the arson and the recent deaths of her co-conspirators.


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