Hayden Romero was a sophomore at Beacon Hills High School turned into a chimera by the Dread Doctors and later bitten by Scott McCall which turned her into a werewolf.

Hayden is played by actor Victoria Moroles.


She had a kidney transplant a "couple of years" ago and takes anti-rejection meds which creates a financial burden on her sister Deputy Clark.

She works as a "shot girl" at a nightclub called Sinema in the Beacon Hills Warehouse District to help pay for her medication.

Hayden was experimented on by the Dread Doctors. They used Werewolf and Werejaguar as part of her makeup. After being deemed a failed experiment, she was killed. Theo Raeken revived her to be part of his pack.

She helped out in defeating Garrett Douglas and the Ghost Riders but eventually moved out of Beacon Hills to protect her sister from further threats.

Hayden and Liam

Hayden stepped into a fight between Liam Dunbar and another boy in the sixth grade and Liam punched her in the face. Little Hayden apparently punched him back.

In their yearbook photos from that year, they both have two black eyes. She held a grudge against Liam for years.

Hayden is unsure how to feel being resurrected, but she confides in Liam that she's sure about her feelings for him and they kiss. (Read More...)

After suffering a near fatal blow from Sebastien Valet, Scott McCall finally agrees to bite her, thus turning Hayden into a werewolf, cementing her role in the pack along side Liam.

Her exit from Beacon Hills upset Liam tremendously, coming as it did just as much of his Teen Wolf Pack was moving on to college.

Season 5

She makes her vengeful feelings toward Liam clear when she sticks gum on his seat and threatens him by his locker. (Read More...)

Kanima Hybrid Tracy Stewart grabs her in class but she is rescued by Scott. (Read More...)

She gets Mason and Liam into Sinema through a back door. (Read More...)

Hayden refuses money from Liam to cover the drinks he spilled. Liam sees that Hayden's eyes are reflective. (Read More...)

She discovers not only that Liam is a werewolf, but she is also a chimera that the Dread Doctors made. She and Liam are captured by them when they attempt to set up a trap. (Read More...)

Hayden is being examined by the Dread Doctors and she and Liam kiss after they're rescued. (Read More...)

Hayden starts bleeding mercury and becomes a target of the Doctors as she is considered a failure. (Read More...)

Hayden died from her mercury poisoning but was resurrected by Theo using an unknown liquid to be part of his pack. (Read More...)

Hayden covers up her death and the other reanimated chimeras by showing the police the remaining bodies at the Nemeton. She also learns from Theo that she is part Werejaguar. (Read More...)

Hayden is chased by The Beast of Gevaudan. She's unsure how she feels about being resurrected, but she confides in Liam that she's sure about her feelings for him and they kiss. (Read More...)

She tries to tell Liam that Scott can't keep them safe like Theo can, and she admits her fear of dying again. (Read More...)

While watching Deucalion at Theo's lair, the alpha tells her that Theo will die if he put on the siphoning talons he got from the Desert Wolf. (Read More...)

She decides to help Scott's pack get Lydia out of Eichen House by helping Mason turn off the building's lockdown. (Read More...)

She attends the charity lacrosse game sitting next to Sydney and tells Liam that she is on their side from now on. (Read More...)

She helps Stiles Stilinski as they lay Liam on top of a desk, he's badly wounded, so she kisses him and at the same time takes away some of his pain. Doing this allows Liam to heal. (Read More...)

Hayden finds Liam on the ground in the woods, she picks him up and offers to help him find Mason. (Read More. ..)

She takes Sebastien to the lair as he requested. Hayden notices Tracy on the ground dead with her eyes wide open, Hayden closes them. She sees the syringe with Tracy's venom inside lying on the ground, Hayden tries to inject him with it but she fails and is stabbed by his claws. Later at the clinic, she receives "the bite" from Scott thus making her a real werewolf. (Read More...)

Season 6

Hayden, Liam, and Mason investigate the smell of blood inside the school and discover a dead man in the boiler room.  (Read More...)

Hayden confronts a fellow classmate named Gwen after discovering that her sister is missing. Hayden explains that Gwen's sister was taken by the Ghost Riders, which would make Gwen their next target as she saw the hunt occur. (Read More...)

Hayden is forced to fight after Parrish is taken down by the Ghost Riders. She shifts, glowing eyes, fangs, and claws soon becomes visible, she charges towards the Riders but a lightning strike blinds her and when she looks back, the Rider is gone. (Read More...)

Hayden comes up with a plan to trap a Ghost rider, an admittedly bad one. However, when that goes awry, Liam suggests an even worse back up plan that Hayden insists will go bad. (Read More...)

Hayden volunteers to lure the Ghost Rider into the cage, explaining that it'll be ok as she's faster than Liam. As the Rider arrives, everything goes as planned on her end, she runs in one side and out through the other.(Read More...)

Hayden intervenes as Liam is nearly erased by a Ghost Rider, first disarming the rider, then flipping him to the ground. Despite their best efforts, they're no match. She allows herself to be taken so Liam can escape. (Read More...)

Hayden and Mason try to find Corey after they hear his voice over the speakers in the Ghost Riders train station. When Liam comes through the rift, she kisses him in relief before they continue their search. (Read More...)



  • I'm not pissed off Liam, I'm vengeful.” — Hayden to Liam in Parasomnia
  • Asking me to close my eyes was weird, sticking a glowstick in my face even weirder but werewolves and Dead Doctors.” — Hayden to Liam Dunbar in Strange Frequencies
  • I know why I'm stuck here with you, because when it comes to Liam, I'm a liability.” — Hayden to Deucalion in Lie Ability
  • I'm with you, all of you..... because you're right about Scott. And whatever happens next, I want to be with you.” — Hayden to Liam Dunbar in A Credible Threat
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