Ian Stokes is a writer and producer who worked on MTV's Teen Wolf from Season 3 to Season 5.


Stokes' career became in 2009 when he became a staff writer for the Sy-fy show Warehouse 13. He would often work with other writers and would go uncredited until he penned his next solo episode in 2011 and became fulltime. While he continued to write episodes, Stokes would be promoted to executive story editor before becoming a co-producer in 2014 for the final season.

He also became a writer and co-executive producer and writer for Iron Fist in 2017.

He is currently is a writer for both Marvel Studios and Netflix.

Teen WolfEdit

Following Warehouse 13, Stokes became a writer for Teen Wolf with The Fox and the Wolf. Afterwards, Stokes would collaborate with show creator Jeff Davis for the episodes The Benefactor, Monstrous, A Promise to the Dead, Condition Terminal, Required Reading, and Status Asthmaticus.

He also climbed up the latter of the producer's position within the show starting with co-producer in Season 3B, supervising producer in Season 4, and executive producer Season 5A.

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