Jennifer Blake was the alias used by Julia Baccari, a the Druid Emissary turned Dark Druid or Darach during Season 3 of Teen Wolf.

While the Darach was pretending to be Jennifer, using her face, Jeff Davis explains that there was to be a real Jennifer Blake on Teen Wolf in Season 5.

Unproduced Season 5 Storyline

For an unproduced storyline planned for Season 5, Davis says the writers decided that the Darach could not just make a face out of thin air. She had to borrow one from a living person.

This real Jennifer Blake (also played by Haley Webb) would have appeared in Season 5 had Tyler Hoechlin stayed with the show.


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Through ritual human sacrifice, Jennifer Blake was able to achieve tremendous abilities including fully changing her appearance and some telekinesis. It was enough power to take on and defeat most of the Alpha Pack singlehandedly.


Teen Wolf- Jennifer Blake is Powerful Woman

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