Josh Diaz was a junior at Beacon Hills High School who was an experiment of the Dread Doctors. He was a hybrid that can absorb electricity.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Jeff Davis stated in a 2017 interview that Josh was part eel. However, it may not account for why he has purple eyes and larger teeth than a werewolf.

He is played by Henry Zaga.

Season 5

He attacks Stiles on the roof of the hospital and is killed by Theo. (Read More...)

The two take the body and use it as bait to find out who is taking the bodies. (Read More...)

His body is found by Lydia Martin and Jordan Parrish along with Tracy Stewart, Lucas, and Donovan at the Nemeton. (Read More...)

Theo resurrects him for his pack. (Read More...)

Theo feeds him electricity after he cannot get drunk at bar. In the future, he and chimera pack break into Eichen House. (Read More...)

After being fed electricity by Theo; he, Tracy and Corey attack Scott and Stiles. (Read More...)

He is lying on the floor injured after he and the other chimeras subdue Deucalion. (Read More...)

The events of The Last Chimera occur as he and pack come face to face with a Hellhound. (Read More...)

After being beaten my Hellhound Parrish, he goes to Malia and Kira to help heal Corey despite them being the enemy. (Read More...)

Josh is told by Theo and Tracy that he has to be the one to wear the mask because it contains electromagnetic properties; however, Josh refuses. This soon leads to Theo killing him and taking his power. (Read More...)


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