Within the mythology of MTV's Teen Wolf, the Kanima Master is the person bonded with and controlling the Kanima creature.

For most of Season 2, the Master’s identity was secret.


According to the Hunter’s Bestiary:

"The Kanima, a weapon of vengeance, is used to carry out the bidding of its master."

"The Kanima was once used by a South American priest who took it upon himself to rid his village of all murderers. The bond between master and servant grew stronger until the will of the master became that of the Kanima's and whomever the priest deemed unworthy, the Kanima served his vengeance."

Known Kanima Masters

Matt controlled the creature after bonding with it on the night of the full moon (see Shape Shifted). He used it to kill the members of the 2006 BHHS Swim Team and their Coach because his near drowning at a team party left him traumatized. (Read More...)

Gerard Argent took over control of the Kanima after killing Matt. He was going to use it to carry out his plan to cure his cancer, and then kill it. (Read More...)


The Master has almost complete mental control over the creature in both Kanima and human forms.

The mental bond is so strong that the Master's phobias are shared by the creature.

Despite having control over the Kanima, it appears that the master must abide by the rules of controlling a Kanima or suffer damage. Stiles Stilinski and Derek Hale speculate that Matt's use of the Kanima to kill people who didn't deserve it and committing murder himself resulted in Matt developing Kanima-like patches of skin.

Season 2

Matt, as the Master, is responsible for ten deaths: