Kate Argent is the sister of Chris Argent, aunt of the late Allison Argent, and the sister-in-law of the late Victoria Argent. Kate was a member of a group of Werewolf Hunters. She is currently a Werejaguar.


Kate was raised to hunt werewolves and taught her families 400 year history but she had no respect for the code by which the hunters were supposed to operate. Kate was fearless and possibly sociopathic when it came to dealing with werewolves as she seemed to enjoy taunting and torturing Derek Hale before trying to kill him.

When she was a young woman, she dated Derek in order to learn about his family. She then conspired with a number of people to burn down Hale House with a large number of his family locked inside. She got away with the murders for six years.

She returned to Beacon Hills to help hunt an Alpha Werewolf killing people. Throughout that time, Kate pushed Allison to learn more about her family and their mission to hunt werewolves. The character’s dialogue was rife with sexual innuendo. She made suggestive comments to Derek while torturing him and teased Scott McCall during the family dinner in Magic Bullet.

Peter Hale, out for revenge, killed most of her conspirators and tore out her throat with a deep scratch. However, Kate's body began to heal. Suspecting that the scratch of an Alpha would result in transformation, Mexican Hunter Araya Calavera came to Beacon Hills to check. She found Kate's body was healing and transforming as a full moon was approaching and took her back to Mexico.

Kate fully recovered as a Werejaguar, faked suicide, and escaped. She made it to the temple of Mexican jaguar god Tezcatlipoca in a place known as La Iglesia. She was aided by the Berserkers there and learned she could control them. She became known as "La Loba: The Bone Woman."

One night, Kate received a tape from The Benefactor with information on to control her powers. She arrived in Beacon Hills, chased Ethan and Aiden, and finally captured Derek and de-aged to find a supposed medallion that was the key to controlling the shift. Realizing she was tricked, she hid in the sewers where she and learned from Peter that she also had the ability to create berserkers and control her shift.

She blamed Scott for the death of her niece Allison and for what she termed "the decimation" of the Argent family. While her plan to kill Scott failed, she managed to escape capture and ran away from the Calaveras and her brother Chris.

She returned to Beacon Hills during the war between hunters and supernaturals to finish her job, killing Scott. But she then realized that her dad was the real enemy after he shot her, because he didn’t see her as a human anymore. So, after she reconciled with Chris, she turned into a Werejaguar and killed Gerard.

Her grave remains in Beacon Hills Cemetery. The gravestone reads "KATHERINE ARGENT 1983-2011"

Season 1

The night Kate came to town she was chased by the Alpha Werewolf, shot Derek Hale with a wolfsbane tipped bullet and forced Scott into an awkward dinner with Allison's parents. (Read More...)

She gave Allison a silver pendant featuring a wolf. Later, she goes to Derek's house and reveals that the hunters didn't kill his sister, Laura, as he originally thought but did cut her in half. (Read More...)

She directed her to the French legend of La Bête du Gévaudan and the connection between the beast in the story and the Argent family. (Read More...)

Kate taught Allison to use a Taser gun and uses her to get information on her friends strange behaviors. (Read More...)

Kate joins her brother on a hunt for Derek and, later, follows Allison to the Hale House and offers to help her not feel weak again. (Read More...)

She leaves behind a used arrow to entice Allison to learn about the family business and she shows Derek in werewolf form to her niece. (Read More...)

Kate told Allison the truth about werewolves as she tortured Derek for information in hope of finding the Alpha and the other Beta. Kate and Derek were involved in a relationship similar to that of Scott and Allison. Kate told him the sex was great but that she was just using him to find and kill the rest of his pack. (Read More...)

Peter Hale held Kate hostage and threatened to kill Allison unless Kate apologizes for what she had done to his family. Saying Kate’s apology didn’t ring true, Peter ripped out her throat. Later, her corpse is seen by the police who discover the necklace around her neck. With this being done, she is blamed for the Hale House burning down, and the murders of her co-conspirators. (Read More...)

Season 3

In the winter premiere, Kate returns as part of Allison's nightmares and hallucinations. Kate seems to be an ultra-violent and malevolent side-effect of Allison's "death" (see Lunar Ellipse) leaving the teen visibly shaken after each encounter. (Read More...)

She appears in Allison's hallucinations again but this time as a "werewolf surgeon" who starts eating her innards with other werewolf doctors. (Read More...)

Though she was dead at the end of Season 1 and buried at the beginning of Season 2, it appears Kate has returned to Beacon Hills as a Werejaguar known as "La Loba" to the Spanish speaking hunters chasing her. (Read More...)

Season 4

Kate's body had begun to heal after her "death" in Season 1. The Calaveras took her to Mexico where she fully recovered and faked a suicide to escape. She is seen briefly in what appears to be an Aztec temple, guarding a sealed tomb where Derek is tied up. (Read More...)

Kate has trouble controlling her new shapeshifting abilities which leads to death a of a gas station attendant. She convinces young Derek to take her to his family's vault because she believes there's something there that can help her control shift. (Read More...)

Four weeks ago Kate got a mix tape explaining the Hale's Triskelion. After she finds out the tape lied about the "sacred object," she goes in search of The Benefactor, killing a number of assassins seeking information. She fights her brother but doesn't let the Berserkers kill him. Peter comes to her with an offer. (Read More...)

Kate brings the Berserkers to the hospital in hopes of stealing Scott's body. She calls off the attack when she realizes that he's not really dead. (Read More...)

Kate and Peter discuss what to do next now the Dead Pool has stopped. (Read More...)

Kate attacks and kidnaps Scott and Kira admitting she doesn't understand how an ancient and powerful family like the Argents was laid low by a teenage boy. She appears to be turning Scott into a berserker. (Read More...)

Kate tests out berserker Scott's loyalty by having him attack Kira. She takes on her brother and a whole team of Araya Calavera's hunters. She is finally beaten by a fully transformed Derek Hale and shot with a Yellow Wolfsbane bullet by Chris Argent. She manages to escape. (Read More...)

Season 6

Kate returns disguised as an FBI agent to steal a bottle of Yellow Wolfsbane from Derek. She shoots both him and Chris before explaining that her plan is to use it to kill Scott. (Read More...)

She gets double-crossed by Gerard, who thinks that she is not his daughter anymore, but just one of the many monsters, he then shoots her with a Yellow Wolfsbane bullet, but gets interrupted by Chris. Gerard blames him for having destroyed their family, but Kate tells her dad that it was his fault, not Chris'. Before leaving, Chris tells Gerard that his family was all standing in front of him. While Chris walks away, Kate shifts into a Werejaguar and apparently kills her dad. (Read More...)



  • You know how every family has its secrets? Ours are a little different.” — Kate to Allison in Co-Captain.
  • You don't have to be psychotic to be a killer. You just... need a reason and even then, sometimes... You can surprise yourself.” — Kate to Allison at the Hale House in Wolf's Bane.
  • I don't know whether to kill it or lick it.” — Kate to Derek in The Tell.
  • Sweetheart, there are werewolves running around in the world. Everything's a joke to me. How else do you think I stay sane?” — Kate to Allison in Formality.
  • If seeing me is a surprise, watch this.” — Kate transforming in front of Derek in The Divine Move.
  • Get out of the way, Stiles. I'm taking the body.” — Kate to Stiles about taking Scott's body in Time of Death.
  • You're not gonna kill me. And you're not gonna catch me. Not You! Not Peter! And not the Calaveras!” — To Chris before escaping in Smoke & Mirrors