Kate Eastridge is an American Television Director and Script Supervisor who worked primarily on the MTV series, Teen Wolf.


Eastridge moved from Arizona to Los Angeles in 2003 to work in the film industry. She worked mainly as a script supervisor as she learned the ins and outs of making television and movies. Her long-term goal was always to direct.

She's credited as script supervisor on more than 50 short films, TV films, and features during her first ten years in Hollywood. Most notable among her film efforts are Fast and Furious (2009), Fast Five (2011), and she also worked on Star Trek Beyond (2016)

Her television credits include stints on New Girl, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp and Parks and Recreation.

Teen WolfEdit

Eastridge tells Teen Wolf News (see video below) that she decided on a whim to fill in as script supervisor on Teen Wolf when the production moved to Los Angeles after Season 2. Her first night on set was during location filming for Tattoo and Chaos Rising.

Within a few episodes, Director Tim Andrew decided to bring her on full time as script supervisor.

In Season 5, Executive Producer Jeff Davis and Andrew offered Eastridge the opportunity to direct her first episode, The Sword and the Spirit. In Season 6, she directed the episode Heartless.


Teen Wolf News Interview with Director Kate Eastridge

Teen Wolf News Interview with Director Kate Eastridge

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