Ken Yukimura is Kira Yukimura's father and the new History teacher at Beacon Hills High School.

He is portrayed by Tom T. Choi.


Mr. Yukimura is of Korean descent. He took his wife’s family name when they married because she was the only surviving member of her line. They explain that they did not keep both names or do a hyphenate because they were married in Japan where the law says a couple must share the same name to belong to the same Koseki or family registry.

He met Noshiko through his research of Oak Creek for his Grad School project in order to find out why it was erased from history.

His predecessor, Mr. Westover, was killed by the Darach in The Girl Who Knew Too Much.

Season 3Edit

While introducing himself to the class, Mr. Yukimura says he and his family moved to town "three weeks ago." He then proceeds to embarrass Kira, pointing out that she hasn't made any friends since moving to town. (Read More...)

He later embarrasses directly in front of Scott McCall by reminding her that she forgot to bring in some papers "for that boy you like." (Read More...)

Concerned that Kira isn't making friends, He invites Scott over for dinner. Mr. Yukimura is an excellent sushi chef. (Read More...)

He translates some mysterious Japanese voicemails left on Allison's phone. (Read More...)

He watches in concern when his wife breaks her tails to summon new Oni. (Read More...)

A possessed Stiles Stilinski makes him swallow a fly and choke on it to get him to talk, but Noshiko saves him. (Read More...)

When Noshiko introduces Kira to the game of GO, he tells her, after looking at the board, that the moves similar to the Nogitsune are the same as her mother's. (Read More...)

After the Nogitsune is defeated, he helps his wife clear the game board. (Read More...)

Season 4Edit

He returns in Season 4 and while he teaches at the high school, his phone goes off with a message for Scott. (Read More...)

He reveals that he used to be a professor at Columbia University in New York and agrees with his wife that they should move back. (Read More...)

When Kira accidently reveals about the dead pool, he is stunned as he thought her secret was her joining the lacrosse team. (Read More...)

He helps his daughter, Scott, and their friends find another way into the Hale Vault to hide after they can't control their powers. (Read More...)

Season 5Edit

He and his family return from a summer in New York where on the way back to Beacon Hills. They are stuck in traffic. (Read More...)

At the first day of school, he has Liam, Mason, and Hayden for a class. He dismisses Liam concern on sitting next to Hayden Later, he tries to teach Malia how to drive. (Read More...)

He helps Scott and his friends get Tracy Stewart out of the school when she collapses and spits out a silver fluid. (Read More...)

He has his daughter help him move things into his classroom. When Kira is about to kill Noshiko, he throws Kira's tail on his desk to snap her out of it. (Read More...)

He lies to the police and says that he killed a girl with Kira's sword in self defense. (Read More...)

He does not give Kira her sword, but he does tell her to use her mind as a weapon until she can control the fox. (Read More...)

He informs Kira that learning balance is critical to controlling the fox. After being persuaded to give her back the sword, he informs her that it was forged by a unique power and only that power can put it back together. (Read More...)


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