La Iglesia (The Church) is a an ancient church in the center of other ruins in Mexico. This place served as a lair for Kate Argent in Season 4.

According to Braeden, an earthquake leveled the town but not the church. Underneath the structure is an Aztec temple which was once home to the Nagual called “the temple of the smoking mirror.”

Inside are a collection of bones which would be used to create Berserkers, and there are walls made of obsidian with engravings of Tezcatlipoca, the Nagual jaguar god.

The temple has some effect on the supernatural as Kate was able to use the temple to regress Derek Hale's age during a dark moon phase and turn Scott McCall into a Berserker.

Season 4Edit

Araya Calavera has Braeden take Scott to the site where Kate has Derek inside sculpture inlaid in the stone wall. (Read More...)

Kate captures Scott and Kira Yukimura and takes them to the temple where Kira is locked in a cell and Scott is tied with Wolfsbane to an altar as Kate prepares to transform the Alpha. (Read More...)

Stiles and Derek take a crew to the church and face Kate in a final stand off. When she loses, the former Hunter abandons the temple and goes on the run. (Read More...)


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