Laura Hale was Derek and Cora Hale's sister and an Alpha Werewolf.

Early LifeEdit

Laura was born a werewolf.

The majority of her family died in a fire set by a pair of arsonists at the behest of Kate Argent.

Laura and her brother, Derek, were not home at the time of the fire. Her uncle Peter Hale escaped the blaze but was left comatose and badly scarred.

Laura and Derek both left Beacon Hills after the fire.

Season 1Edit

The discovery of half of her body leads Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski into the woods on the night Scott is bitten by Peter. (Read More...)

The top half of Laura’s body was buried at the Hale House surrounded by a spiral of wolfsbane studded rope by Derek. (Read More...)

Peter admits he killed Laura but claims he did not know what he was doing at the time. (Read More...)

She is seen alive in a flashback, finding Peter in Beacon Hills Preserve beginning to transform into a werewolf, and ready to kill her. (Read More...)

Scott discovers that Peter had intentionally killed her in order to become an Alpha which he reveals to Derek. (Read More...)

Season 6Edit

After Stiles Stilinski is erased by the Ghost Riders, Scott remembers finding her body in the Preserve but suspects that he wasn't alone that night. (Read More...)