Liam Dunbar first appeared in Season 4 of MTV's Teen Wolf.

He was a transfer freshman at Beacon Hills High School coming to the school from Devenford Prep.

Liam was bitten by Alpha Werewolf Scott McCall and now struggles to control himself while helping protect Beacon Hills.

He is played by Dylan Sprayberry.


Liam lives with his mother and stepfather, Dr. Geyer.

He played lacrosse for Davenport Prep where he had a poor relationship with the team. Led by Brett Talbot, they threw lacrosse balls at him in abandoned zoo cage as punishment for letting “every single player” get passed him. (Triggers)

He was expelled after he "got into it" with his lacrosse coach. Liam was benched for the rest of the season after anger issues on the field. He then destroyed the coach's car with a crowbar.

Liam suffers from Intermittent Explosive Disorder which is marked by intense episodes of rage. He is remorseful about how his behavior hurts his parents and his friends.

His best friend, Mason Hewitt, often consoles him and gives him advice when he has a problem. Liam shows similar devotion when Mason turned out to be the host for Sebastien Valet and helps rescue him from The Beast's control over him.

Hayden and Liam

Hayden stepped into a fight between Liam and another boy in the sixth grade and Liam punched her in the face. Little Hayden apparently punched him back. In their yearbook photos from that year, they both have two black eyes.

She held a grudge against Liam for years but later they reconciled and began dating. Their relationship struggled due to their allegiances to different packs.

However, this obstacle no longer seems to be a factor since Hayden's parting of Theo's Pack. She has since joined Liam in Scott's Pack, thus becoming his latest Beta.

The continued their romance during the fight against Garrett Douglas and the Ghost Riders.

Her exit from Beacon Hills upset Liam tremendously, coming as it did just as much of his Teen Wolf Pack was moving on to college.

Missing Junior Year

Liam skipped Junior year at the insistence of Beacon Hills High School principal Natalie Martin.


Teen Wolf Mystery Solved - Liam's Missing Junior Year

Season 4

In a fight with a Wendigo, Scott bites Liam in order to save him from falling from the roof of the hospital. He has trouble adjusting to being a werewolf and the world of the supernatural. (Read More...)

Season 5

He nearly kills Scott due to Theo Raeken's influence.

He later helps rescue Lydia Martin from Eichen House and takes on The Beast of Gevauden to save his friend Mason. (Read More...)

Season 6

While on a date, Liam and Hayden find a car with no driver and a scared boy hiding in the back. Liam and Mason investigate unusual compass readings leading them to the home of a missing couple. Liam, Hayden, and Mason investigate the smell of blood in the school which leads them to a dead body in the boiler room. (Read More...)

Liam is blunt with Mason about his distrust in Corey, he questions where Corey was when they fought Sebastien Valet or why he was loyal to Theo for such a long period of time. He says he'll trust Corey when he does something trustworthy. (Read More...)

Liam takes charge of the situation with Gwen as Scott is preoccupied with other things. They trick her into coming to a party at the McCall House. Shortly after her arrival, the Ghost Riders appear. Liam and Corey are forced to fight, but neither of them prove to be a match. (Read More...)

Liam is forced to take action as the Ghost Riders storm the field during the lacrosse game, he lunges at one of the Riders, knocking it off it's horse and clawing at him. (Read More...)

When Hayden's plan to trap a Ghost Rider is no longer an option, Liam devises a plan of his own. He insists they get Theo, doing so would allow them to use Theo's power. Liam drives Kira's sword into the ground, releasing Theo. (Read More...)

Liam convinces Scott that Theo could help in stopping the Ghost Riders. He reminds Theo that he still has the sword, and if he becomes more trouble than he's worth, Liam will end him back. (Read More...)

He becomes enraged as he is forced to watch Mason get taken away by the Ghost Riders. Liam attacks the Ghost Rider at fault with such ferocity, despite being outmatched. (Read More...)

Liam and Theo head to the hospital in order to buy Scott some time. Once there, he is forced to take the ghost Riders head on, despite knowing the odds are not in his favor. (Read More...)

After discovering a way to stop the Wild Hunt, he enters the rift by horseback and is reunited with Mason and Hayden where he helps rescue Corey. (Read More...)

Liam has control issues as summer comes to an end and many of his friends - most of Scott's Pack - plan to leave town. He loses control on the Lacrosse field and after being punched in the face by an unruly patient in the lobby of the hospital. (Read More...)

Despite inviting Brett to help him practice with the freshman lacrosse team, Liam grows increasingly aggravated with his performance and loses control again. He discovers a faceless bloody lump surrounded by lacrosse gear and fears it may be the body of one of the freshmen players. (Read More...)

Liam Lori, Scott, and Malia tracked Brett throughout the woods and tunnels. Despite being warned against it, Liam howled, hoping that Brett would respond. After finding him, Liam failed to save Brett and Lori from being hit by a car driven by a hunter. (Read More...)

Liam attempts to maintain control as Nolan and Gabe make several attempts to out him as a Werewolf to the school. They savagely attack him the classroom, leaving Liam a bloody mess. (Read More...)

While helping defend the Sheriff Station, he stops Nolan from poisoning Jiang and Tierney. (Read More...)

After luring the hunters to the Hill Valley Zoo, Liam is consumed by his anger and attacks Nolan. He pounds his fists against the concrete wall in anger, nearly killing Nolan until Theo intervenes. (Read More...)

With Mason in the hospital following the shooting at Scott's house, Liam goes looking for answers. He attacks Gabe, but Theo convinces Liam to release Gabe before he did something that he'd regret. (Read More...)

Liam tracks Quinn and Aaron down to the library. Despite his overwhelming sense of fear, he shifts, and attacks the two of them on his own. Though, he does very little to stop them. (Read More...)

Liam allows Nolan to show him what is about to happen at the hospital and finds himself trapped when the hunter arrived armed and loaded. (Read More...)

Liam and Theo work together to defeat the attacking hunters at the hospital. (Read More...)



  • I fell in a hole.” — Liam to Scott in Parasomnia.
  • Scott, Scott! Listen, listen, listen! You're not a monster. You're a werewolf. Like me.” — Liam to Scott who is in Berserker form in Smoke & Mirrors.
  • I feel like I'm surrounded by a bunch of psychotic nut jobs. You guys are out of your freaking minds! I don't know how you did that eye thing, and I don't care! I'm walking out the door right now, and if any of you try to stop me I swear to God I'm gonna...” — Liam to the group before his first shift in The Benefactor.
  • He's looking for an Alpha. A blind Alpha” — Liam to Scott about Theo's search for Deucalion in Codominance
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