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Liam is an exceptional athlete and excels on the lacrosse field until he is injured during tryouts. He blames himself for getting hurt. During treatment at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital, he is attacked by a Wendigo. Scott McCall is forced to bite him to keep him from falling to his death. (Read More...)

Liam escapes from the McCall House where Scott has restrained him. He begins to feel the effects of the Werewolf transformation. Liam fears disappointing his family again because he believes they view him as a violent monster already. (Read More...)

Liam's former lacrosse team plays in a scrimmage against Beacon Hills and wants payback for what he did to their coach's car. He confesses to Scott that he has Intermittent Explosive Disorder which causes him to rage uncontrollable with little impetus. He is supposed to take prescription medication but doesn't because he can't play lacrosse while medicated. (Read More...)

Liam is kidnapped by Garrett and thrown down a well. He climbs nearly to the top before being rescued by Scott. (Read More...)

Liam and Kira Yukimura take on a Berserker on the hospital roof. (Read More...)

Liam is stressed after his fight with the Berserker. His price on The Dead Pool jumps from $3 million to $18 million. He hallucinates at school and tries desperately to get drunk. He falls victim to a sonic weapon and is almost burned alive by assassins. (Read More...)

Liam says he's not like Scott and his friends. He doesn't risk his life to help others. He goes home instead of joining Scott to defend Satomi's pack. (Read More...)

Liam's post traumatic symptoms, linked to his fight with the berserker at the hospital, worsen during the first lacrosse game of the season. Mason tries again to help Liam while Scott warns Liam not to alienate his remaining friends. Brett Talbot explains how lucky Liam is to have a True Alpha like Scott. (Read More...)

Liam learns to control his werewolf nature on a full moon on the way to Mexico thanks to Derek Hale and Stiles Stilinski. (Read More...)

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