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Liam still struggles with his transformation but has gotten better. He overhears that a new creature is chasing Scott McCall and warns the group. (Read More...)

Liam feels unsure how to explain to his friend, Mason Hewitt, about the supernatural. Later, at the school, a wolf chases them and forces Liam to roar and show his werewolf side in front of his friend. (Read More...)

Liam goes to Brett Talbot to see if Tracy Stewart was part of Satomi's pack and the two betas investigate in the woods with Mason. (Read More...)

He plays wingman to Mason at a dance club. He fuels more hate from Hayden Romero after he accidentally spills her drinks. He and Brett fight a scorpion chimera. (Read More...)

He brings Scott an inhaler during an asthma attack. He later tests Hayden's eyes to see if she is a chimera. (Read More...)

He rescues Hayden from the Dread Doctors and later assists in protecting her until they are both captured by the Doctors. (Read More...)

While at the Dread Doctors hideout, he and Hayden meet another chimera and they develop romantic feelings. (Read More...)

He tries to protect Hayden from the Dread Doctors and asks Scott to bite her when she appears to be dying. (Read More...)

Liam, under the influence of the super moon, tries to kill Scott after he refused to bite Hayden to save her life. (Read More...)

Liam mulls over his actions and when he realizes Hayden is alive, he and Mason look for the Nemeton to find her. (Read More...)

He and Hayden run from a mysterious beast and he contemplates on whether or not inform Scott on Theo's activities. (Read More...)

Liam is told not to get involved, but he finds it hard while Theo keeps tempting him and Hayden confiding in him about her views on Scott. He learns that Theo is looking for the werewolf Deucalion. (Read More...)

Malia Tate gives him a message for Scott, and Liam tells Scott that saying "sorry" is not enough for him to let go of what he did. (Read More...)

He helps Scott and Stiles in rescuing Lydia Martin, and he and Scott attempt to break through the mountain ash barrier. (Read More...)

While Scott talks to Meredith Walker, he goes up against orderlies to give Scott time. (Read More...)

At the game, he and Stiles work together to buy time for Malia to finish disrupting the TV crew's antennas. (Read More...)

He is severely injured after being attacked by The Beast. Stiles wants to cause him a little more pain in order to start the healing process but Hayden kisses him instead, at the same time, she is taking away some of his pain which allows him to heal. (Read More...)

Liam and Scott have reluctantly agreed to work with Theo in order to find Mason. As they follow the currents, he catches Mason scent and leads them to Mason. (Read More...)

Liam and Scott bring The Surgeon into the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic. Liam becomes impatient, he wants the doctor to tell them how to get Mason back. However when the doctor tries to escape, Liam attack but this backfires, and he is thrown into the wall. He begins to think that they've lost the fight but Scott assures him that it's not over. (Read More...)

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