Lie Ability is the 16th episode of Teen Wolf Season 5.

It first aired on Tuesday February 9, 2016 at 9pm on MTV.


Trapped in Eichen House with Theo and his Chimera Pack, Scott must try to rescue Lydia before it’s too late.

Full RecapEdit

As Hellhound Parrish advances down the hall, Theo grabs Lydia Martin and places his claws to her throat. He draws blood and warns Parrish to back off. The deputy continues to advance. Theo presses his chimera pack to take him. They are reluctant but Tracy Stewart steps up, growls and takes a run at him. She stabs her claws into his stomach but he doesn’t seem to notice, batting her away with little effort. Josh Diaz rips away one of the electrical conduits running the length of the hall and grabs the exposed wires inside. He sends a full charge into the hellhound but is also ineffective. Parrish shoves him into the wall.

While Theo is distracted, Dr. Valack plunges his trephination drill into the back of the chimera’s leg. Theo drops Lydia and Valack pops him in the face with the drill’s handle. He takes Lydia.

Parrish is beating on Josh when Corey becomes visible and grabs his arm. Parrish’s body ignites and Corey is consumed in a ball of flames.

Stiles Stilinski steps in front of Valack and Lydia to block them but Parrish throws a now flaming Corey, knocking Stiles back and allowing Valack a chance to get by.

As Parrish continues his advance, Theo picks up the piece of electrical conduit pipe and hurls it into the Hellhound’s chest. Parrish’s fire subsides and his eyes return to normal as he sinks to the floor.

Stiles manages to roll Corey off and starts to pursue Valack and Lydia but is stopped by a locked door.

In a flashback, Liam and Hayden make love. In the afterglow, he asks her to join Scott’s pack against Theo. He says he knows Theo wants to steal the Beast of Gevaudan’s power. He says it won’t work that the beast will simply rip his head off. She asks if Scott can do better and Liam says he thinks he can because he’s different since he died and came back (See Status Asthmaticus). He asks her what she would want him to do if she died again.

Hayden is still guarding Deucalion in the underground lair. He asks if she is questioning her loyalties. He wonders why Theo didn’t take her since she’s faster and stronger than some in the pack. She says she knows she is a liability because of her feelings for Liam. He tries to get her to leave but she is reluctant. He tells her that he’s no friend of Theo’s and that she should worry less about being a liability and more about her ability to lie.

Still blocked by the Mountain Ash barrier, Scott grabs one of the unconscious Eichen House guards’ radios and, pretending to be a guard (Unit 9), asks for a status update on the closed unit. The voice on the other end describes it as a war zone. Scott tries to ask about Lydia but the voice becomes suspicious and Scott crushes the radio. Scott decides to go find Meredith in hopes of finding a way through the barrier.

Stiles is still trying to get through the locked door in pursuit of Valack and Lydia. Theo kicks in the door and tells Stiles he won’t find her without him.

An Eichen guard finds the broken piece of electrical conduit lying on the floor. Tracy stabs him in the back with her claws. She takes his radio and runs off back down the hall.

Malia Tate and Kira Yukimura are still trapped in the morgue. Lightning crackles around Kiras body and connects with metal objects in the room. Malia suggests grounding her with something but neither one knows how. Kira says she should have stayed with the Skinwalkers because she’ll never be able to control her abilities. Malia points out that it worked earlier and she was able to cause the brownout (See: Amplification). Kira’s eyes flash orange and she shouts for Malia to go.

Natalie Martin is trapped outside Eichen House. The gate is locked and electrified. She picks up one of the downed guard’s tazer stick and looks determined.

Scott and Liam find Meredith Walker but she is unresponsive.

Theo tries again to convince Stiles to let him help find Lydia. The find a shower room full of cowering patients. In the floor there is a grate that they believe leads to miles of tunnels under Eichen.

Scott grabs Meredith’s hand and begs for her help. Just as he gives up she grabs his hand and places it on the back of her neck. He is reluctant to use his claws to access her thoughts but she is insistent and he inserts them.

Kira is still firing off bolts of electricity in the morgue until she collapses, apparently unconscious. Malia is about to check her pulse when Josh shows up and says he can still feel the electricity coming off her. He says he can help Kira if Malia will help a badly burned Corey.

Inside Meredith’s mind, Scott follows her down corridors until they find Lydia. In the real world, Liam is waiting as Scott stands stock still, his claws embedded in Meredith’s neck. Two orderlies come down the hall checking the cells. Liam slams the door to Meredith’s cell and rips off the electronic card reader. He takes out the two orderlies easily but is then confronted by a very large, muscular guard who seems to growl as he rushes toward Liam.

Lydia is screaming in Meredith’s mind. Meredith warns Scott that Lydia doesn’t have much time before her power will consume her due to Valack’s trepanation. She says Valack thinks it’s worth it if Lydia can reveal the identity of the beast. Meredith say Lydia won’t be able to do that until the screams in her head are loud enough to kill her. Meredith says Scott needs to find the Hellhound to get through the Mountain Ash. She says the Hellhound and Banshee are connected and if Scott can find Parrish, he will find the Banshee.

Mason is blowing up Hayden’s phone. Deucalion continues to try to manipulate her to leave him alone. He says he thinks they’re going to be friends with a lot of common ground beneath their feet. She decides to go but first injects him with Tracy’s Kanima venom to keep him paralyzed for a couple of hours while she finds Mason.

Scott removes his claws from Meredith’s neck. He hears her whisper once more in his mind, “Save her.” The door opens and the large, muscular guard stands there for a moment before collapsing forward into the room. Liam is behind him and once he makes sure the guard is down, he too collapses.

Theo has lost Lydia’s scent due to the myriad of chemical and fecal matter smells in the tunnels. Stiles goes off on his own but Theo says Stiles will need to trust him. Stiles points out that he’s being asked to trust a guy who killed his sister when he was 9 years old. Theo claims that he was naïve and, when the Dread Doctors showed up and claimed his sister wanted him to have her heart, he believed them. Theo claims he had no idea what was going on when his sister fell in the water and froze to death “in minutes.” Stiles says he thinks Theo pushed her and that he liked killing her. Lydia screams somewhere in the tunnels. They can’t tell where the sound originates because it’s coming from all around them.

In an unused laboratory in the Eichen tunnels, Lydia awakes strapped down to a chair. She can hear a multitude of screams in her head. Dr. Valack turns on a device that issues an electronic hum. It seems to quiet the screaming and Valack says she should focus on the sound and his voice alone. Nurse Cross (Mandy Levin) is in a cell nearby, wide-eyed but unmoving. Valack says she wasn’t as strong as Lydia. The power cord to Valack’s machine, old, frayed and covered in cobwebs, begins to spark.

Scott and Liam find Jordan Parrish lying in one of Eichen House’s stairwells. He doesn’t know how he got there. They explain that the hospital is in lockdown and they are switching to “Plan B” to get Lydia out. They say they need the Hellhound to do it.

Corey isn’t healing. Malia speculates that it’s too much for him or perhaps his pain is blocking him. She offers to take Corey’s pain to help him heal if Josh will absorb Kira’s extra electricity. They don’t trust each other so decide to do it at the same time. She grabs Corey’s burnt arm and the veins in her hands begin to blacken as she absorbs the boy’s pain. Josh grabs Kira and his body is surrounded by purple lightning as he roars.

In the tunnels, Stiles and Theo are both at a loss. Theo claims he wants to save Lydia but Stiles says he has other motives. He says he knows Theo wants Lydia to draw out Parrish and help him take the beast’s power. Stiles knows about the claws and the search for Deucalion. Theo admits they already have the blind Alpha. He says he plans to help Parrish defeat the beast, then take its power and break its neck. He says he might not be the good guy but could be the guy that saves all their asses.

Stiles suggests that Theo break one of the pipes along the wall because sound carries better through the enclosed space and they can hear better and find Lydia. He breaks the pipe and they hear Dr. Valack’s voice.

Doctor Valack says he needs Lydia’s help against the Dread Doctors. He says they ruined him, drove him to obsession and consigned him to professional ridicule. People thought he was a monster but he claims he was just trying warn them to the danger of the Dreads. Lydia says he now wants her to be his eyes. He says she’ll see things no one else can and, while she might not survive, she could save the lives of her friends. He produces his Dread Doctor’s mask (See: Amplification).

Scott and Liam use a lighter and an aerosol can to fire up Parrish.

Valack explains that Lydia needs to calm her brain from a “Gamma wave to a Theta” because if he tries the mask on her now it would kill her. He explains that the Dread Doctors have produced an engineered version of the Beast of Gevaudan. He says it’s not fully grown and still bound to the teenage chimera inside. It still requires the Dread Doctor’s protection. Lydia says Damnatio Memoriae. Valack says the Beast was a man first, a human killer in the late 1700s. He says the Dreads are trying to get it to remember itself. Valack claims that when that happens the teenager inside will be gone.

Josh helps Corey off the morgue table. He seems to be healed but parts of his skin are still blackened. Malia explains that they’re still locked in but there is a Plan B involving Mason. Kira says he’s got the blueprint of the building and will find the transformer shed behind the building.

Mason is panicking on the phone with Liam’s voicemail. The transformer shed is now surrounded by a large metal wall.

Theo and Stiles zero in on Lydia.

Valack explains to Lydia that the teenager inside the Beast might be someone she knows. He says it was a success where Theo and the others were failures. Lydia says they looked through the list of genetic chimera’s and found everyone. Valack says they missed one. Perhaps they overlooked a way that someone could have two sets of DNA. He says if Lydia can see the face of the teenager inside the Beast, then her friends could have a fighting chance. He says his Dread Doctors’ mask can help her see.

Stiles and Theo arrive outside the laboratory. They begin banging ineffectually on the door.

The machine Doctor Valack was using to calm the screams in Lydia’s head begins to spark and shuts off. The screaming returns full blast and Lydia begins to lose control. Valack picks up the mask but, as he is about to place it on Lydia’s head, she screams. The mask falls away and half of Doctor Valack’s head is bloody pulp.

Theo breaks the door handle and Stiles rushes in. Lydia protests that it is too dangerous but Stiles tells her to shut up and let him save her. Theo finds the Dread Doctor’s mask.

Mason has decided to ram the wall with his car but just as he works up his nerve, Hayden arrives and stops him. She jumps the enormously high wall and finds the necessary switches to release the lockdown.

Hellhound Parrish walks down the hall to the Closed Unit. Scott and Liam follow wondering aloud how he will get through the mountain ash. As he reaches the door, the barrier appears as it does for all supernatural creatures but Parrish burns through it. Scott says he is burning the mountain ash out of the walls as he passes. The barrier is destroyed and Scott and Liam pass through with ease.

Lydia stops as the screams in her head become louder. She yells for Stiles to run as she feels herself losing control. Parrish arrives and tosses Stiles out of the way. As Lydia begins to scream he embraces her and flames up. While the scream is loud enough and carries enough force to break bricks and to hurt the others in the hallway, it does not have the deadly effect it had with Valack. Parrish emerges from the smoke and debris carrying Lydia. They race down the hall.

Hayden has run into a problem, there are supposed to be two red levers to release the lockdown but there are actually ten red levers. Mason yells for her to pull them all.

Liam heads for a locked gate. Scott expresses doubt about Mason's end of the plan. Liam is confident.

Hayden pulls all the levers and the lockdown is released, the metal shutters roll up off the windows and doors.

Liam reaches the gate and it sparks a little but gives way to his push.

The door to the morgue opens and Malia and Kira rush to get Stiles’ Jeep.

The group escapes through a grate that leads up out of the road in front of the Eichen House gate. Malia and Kira arrive in the Jeep. Scott says they have to get Lydia to the animal clinic.

Tracy attacks Parrish and grabs Lydia. She claims she’s taking Lydia and there’s nothing any of them can do to stop her. Natalie Martin shocks Tracy with the tazer stick she picked up earlier and tells them to get her daughter “out of this hell hole.”

Scott is having trouble getting the Jeep in gear. Stiles is in the back with Lydia. The noises build up in her head again and a just a tiny scream escapes her tightly pursed lips. It is just a little scream but is enough to break the Jeeps mirror and cause Stiles ears to bleed. Stiles says she’s going to make it but she says he isn’t, looking to the blood running from his ear down his face. Scott floors it.

At the clinic, Dr. Deaton injects Mistletoe into the trepanation hole in her head. Lydia screams, breaking all the windows in the clinics examination room and throwing Deaton, Stiles and Scott to the floor. Lydia is unconscious. Stiles begs her to wake up. Finally, she takes a breath. She seems well. She clasps Stiles’ hand tightly and sits up.

She sees her mother and they embrace. Lydia says, “He saved my life mom. Stiles saved me.”

Theo chastises Hayden for using the Kanima venom on Deucalion saying it was for emergencies only. Hayden felt it was an emergency. Deucalion says dissention in the ranks is perfectly healthy. Theo says he didn’t find what he was looking for but thinks Valack’s Dread mask might be better. Theo says it may be a way answer the question. Who is the beast?

Soundtrack Edit

  • Raleigh Ritchie - “Bloodsport ’15”
Scene: Liam and Hayden share a moment in a flashback.
  • Eric Arjes - “Find My Way Back”
Scene: Stiles saves Lydia from Dr. Valack.
  • Aqualung & Kina Grannis - “To the Wonder”
Scene: Lydia wakes up in the Animal Clinic.

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Teen Wolf (Season 5) ‘What is Valack Doing to Lydia?’ Official Sneak Peek MTV

Teen Wolf (Season 5) ‘What is Valack Doing to Lydia?’ Official Sneak Peek MTV