Lucas is a scorpion-like chimera appearing in Teen Wolf Season 5.  While appearing in only one episode, Lucas' first transformation resulted in his boyfriend Corey getting injured. This led to Corey joining the cast full-time for the remainder of Season 5 and all of Season 6.

Lucas is played by Eddie Ramos.

Season 5Edit

Lucas was taken by the Dread Doctors and turned into a chimera. Kira and Scott speculate that he is a part scorpion and part werewolf. Scott believes his scorpion part may come from Sumerian mythology. (See: Scorpion Man)

When his chimera side took over, Lucas underwent a physical change. Spikes grew out of his arms. They produced a venom which proved extremely painful to anyone who came in contact with it.

According to Corey, Lucas underwent a personality change as well. He was apparently shy and reserved until he suddenly changed and became overconfident and aggressive. During what is believed to be his first transformation, Lucas stabs Corey with one of his spikes causing him intense pain.

With Corey hospitalized, Lucas goes to the Sinema dance club and flirts with Mason Hewitt. Just before Mason is stung, Scott McCall's Pack intervenes.

Lucas is stopped by Scott, Kira, Brett Talbot, and Liam. The Dread Doctors then arrive, and, determining him to be another failed experiment, kill him. (Condition Terminal)

Lucas' body is later taken to the Nemeton by Jordan Parrish and remained there until it was recovered by the police. (Lies of OmissionStatus AsthmaticusThe Last Chimera)

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