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Malia Tate first appeared in Season 3 of MTV's Teen Wolf. She is the long-lost daughter of Peter Hale and a Werecoyote.

She is listed on the Season 4 Dead Pool as "Malia Hale."

Malia Tate is portrayed by Shelley Hennig.


She is the biological daughter of Peter Hale and Corinne, The Desert Wolf. Malia was born on November 28 at Midtown Memorial Hospital (see Malia's Age below).

Knowing that Corrine would kill her, Talia Hale had her put up for adoption right after birth. She was officially adopted less than a month later by Evelyn and Henry Tate and never knew of her true lineage.

When she was nine years old, Corrine shot at a car Malia, Evelyn and Kiley, the younger sibling, were riding in. Prior to this, she and Evelyn had been fighting which Malia had wished she was dead. The crashed had caused Malia to transform and kill her family in an uncontrolled state. She carried tremendous guilt about the incident and remained a full coyote and lived near the crash site.

Malia still remembered her past and kept many of her human belongings and developed a sentimental attachment to her younger sister's doll.

She was thought dead for eight years until Scott McCall and Stiles Stilinski stumbled upon her den. Scott forced her to return to human form and was unable to change back. She was committed to Eichen House, a mental institution for a brief time after reuniting with her adoptive father.

After helping Stiles in Eichen and forming a connection with him as a mate, she sought out Scott to harness her shapeshifting abilities while Stiles helped her reintegrate into human society and think less like a coyote.

Having learned that Peter Hale is her father, she worked with him to find her birth mother until she saw him as the monster he really was. The eventually reconciled during the events of Ghost Riders when he began to risk his life to protect her.

She found her mother with the help of Braeden and learned of Corrine's involvement in her family's car crash. Corrine had attempted to kill her to regain her lost power, but Malia turned the tables on her with genetically enhanced talons that siphoned the rest of Corrine's power.

After defeating her mother, Malia regained the ability to shift into a full coyote but continued to struggle with controlling her shift due to the Ghost Riders removing the memories of her anchor, Stiles. Once her father returns from the Wild Hunt, Malia begins to repair her familial relationship with Peter. She later forms a romantic relationship with Scott in the midst of the battle with Tamora Monroe and her Hunters.

Malia's Age

According to her birth certificate, Malia was born late in 1998 - this would make her just 13 in the established show timeline since it was early 2012 in Beacon Hills when she found the birth certificate. This seems to be a case of the production willfully ignoring their own timeline - suggesting they meant to make the character 15 going on 16.

For the purposes of the official canon, Teen Wolf Wiki uses the information provided by Sheriff Stilinski and Agent McCall (and repeated several times by other characters) in Season 3. Malia went missing "8 years ago" when she was "9 years old" meaning she was 17 when found in the woods just before Halloween and turned 18 shortly after that in November.


Teen Wolf News Quick Click Canon Malia's Age Explained

We have more on the continuity problems caused by this birth certificate, including how it conflicts with most of what we learned about the character in Season 3, in the Teen Wolf News.

Season 3

After years of being a werecoyote, Malia is turned back into a human. She later seeks out Scott to help her shift at will. (Read More...)

Season 4

She begins dating Stiles and discovers that Peter Hale is her father. (Read More...)

Season 5

She begins to search for her birth mother, Corinne, The Desert Wolf using any resource she can from Braeden to Theo Raeken.

When Malia confronts her mother, she learns why Corinne tried to kill her. (Read More...)

Season 6

Malia appears for the first time in coyote form since Season 3. She helps the pack investigate missing people and determines they are still alive due to the lack of blood but says she can't smell any sign that they were ever in their car. (Read More...)

Malia awakes in the corner of her room, glancing over at the chains that lay on the floor. She meets up with Lydia at the school, she's growling at people, clawing her desk, she suffering from lack of control, and doesn't know what to do. (Read More...)

Malia loses control as she makes up for a test, her claws come out as her eyes begin to glow, then shifting into a coyote and making her way to the school basement. (Read More...)

Malia hears dying screams while on a run through the preserve. The smell of blood led her towards the incident, however, she was shot by Chris Argent before she could further investigate. (Read More...)

After recognizing the distant howl and scent of a dying werewolf, she and Scott track it to the woods. As Malia approaches, she quickly realizes that it's Peter. (Read More...)

Malia hallucinates her dead adoptive mother and sister, as well as Theo. He offers to kill her. Theo shoots her, Malia falls back, directly in between her mother and sister as they pull her into the ground. (Read More...)

Malia repeatedly punches Theo as he lays on the ground, he puts in no effort to fight back. With her claws out, she plans on finishing him off, however, Scott and Liam intervene. (Read More...)

She and Scott fight the Ghost Riders long enough for Liam and Lydia to get away. Malia saves Scott before they can kill him, however, not even the two of them is enough to hold the Riders off for long. (Read More...)

Malia enters the cooling chamber shortly after Scott. She finds herself in the library, where each book represents a memory. She soon finds the shelf with all her memories of Stiles. (Read More...)

She musters a small amount of love for Peter to call him "Dad" in order to snap him out of his trance in the Ghost Rider's dimension. (Read More...)

Malia joins Liam and Mason in the sewers leading from the school, where they discover a large pile of dead rats, all of which smelled like fear. However, Malia repeated a number of times that this wasn't her concern. (Read More...)

Malia and Scott interrupt Argent's weapon trade just as it was going south. After retrieving Argent's inside man, who was unconscious and in the midst of the gun fire, Malia took out one of the firing soldiers. (Read More...)

Malia, Scott, Liam, and Lori searches the woods for Brett. They tracked him into the tunnels, where Scott was badly wounded. After a couple failed attempts, Malia successfully took some of Scott's pain. (Read More...)

Malia warns Scott against attending the peace summit alone with a werewolf hunter. She was certain that it was a trap, and that he would get himself killed. (Read More...)

During the standoff with the Hunters, Malia panics and willing to forget about Jiang and Tierney to save herself until Scott clams her down. (Read More...)

Malia and Scott attempt to avoid the sensors after getting trapped in Gerard's armory. Malia comes up with a plan to escape through skylight, but the plan fails when she triggers the sensors. (Read More...)

Malia allows Peter access to her memories in order to give him a better understanding of the threat they were all facing. (Read More...)

After helping Lydia break into the morgue to make contact with Halwyn, they remove the bullet from his skull, which revives him. Malia asks him how to stop the Anuk-Ite. (Read More...)

She and Scott go to Deucalion to learn how to fight blind and eventually ends up in the crossfire of the hunters who track them there. (Read More...)

Malia chases down Tamora after she shoots Scott with a wolfsbane bullet. During which time, Malia is turned into stone by the Anuk-Ite. (Read More...)



  • You're right, Stiles. Thank you. Thanks for invading my home, for putting me on the run, for turning me back to human so that I could look at my father everyday and try to figure out how to explain to him that the reason my sister and mother are dead is because I almost ate them on a full moon. Thank you so very much.” — Malia to Stiles in Echo House.
  • Try to remember that I'm a werecoyote who murdered her own family. I won't judge. I promise. ” — Malia to Stiles in Echo House.
  • If she was weak and injured, yeah. If hunting had been bad that season I would eat her. Then I'd leave.” — Malia to Kira about leaving Lydia in The Dark Moon.
  • I would never leave without you. Them I would leave.” — Malia to Stiles about Kira and Lydia in The Dark Moon.
  • Dance with me, dumbass.” — Malia to Kira in The Dark Moon.
  • I heard you were coming to talk to Peter. And since Lydia tells me he's basically Satan in a V-neck, I figured you shouldn't be alone. ” — Malia to Scott in 117.
  • Green is for the things I understand, yellow is for "I'm working on it", and red means "I have no clue". I'm mostly using red. ” — Malia explaining her highlighters to Stiles in Muted.
  • If some one's coming to take my head off, then yeah, I'd like to know.” — Malia to Lydia about the Dead Pool in I.E.D..
  • Scott's worth 25, Kira 6. They'll take you guys out way before me. ” — Malia on being listed at $4 million on the Dead Pool in Weaponized.
  • You think you're doing me a favor, like I'm going to owe you now?” — Malia to Theo in Required Reading.
  • I should kill you” — Malia to Theo in Codominance.
  • I'm talking about something that's going to happen. Something I'm going to do and you're not going to like me much after I do it” — Malia to Scott in Damnatio Memoriae.
  • This isn't about you or me, its about Lydia, we're here to save Lydia. We're here to save our friend.” — Malia to Kira in Amplification.
  • I know you're not going to beat an eight year old's ass but I will.” — Malia to Scott in Ghosted.