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While the group prepares for a senior event. Malia anxiously waits for email confirmation that she passed summer school. (Read More...)

In driver's education with Mr. Yukimura, she knocks over cones and nearly crashes into a bus after having flashbacks of her mom and sister in the car accident. (Read More...)

Malia fights Tracy Stewart when she attacks the Sheriff's station. The Dread Doctors hold Malia down while they kill Tracy. (Read More...)

She finds a book about the Dread Doctors. (Read More...)

Malia has a flashback to the night of her mother's accident while driving with Theo. She remembers that The Desert Wolf was there too. (Read More...)

She threatens Theo in the weight room and later rescues Scott from "The Pathologist" at the hospital. (Read More...)

She helps the group set a trap at the high for the Doctors, but is instead attacked by a hallucination. (Read More...)

She helps Scott look for Liam and Hayden after they are taken by the Dread Doctors. (Read More...)

The sting of dead bodies starts to take its toll on Malia after witnessing "The Pathologist" murder another chimera in front of her. (Read More...)

She drives Stiles to the station and they decide to end their relationship because of him failing to be honest. Theo tells her that he knows that she wants to kill the Desert Wolf and offers to help. Malia fights off an unknown chimera and is aided by Braeden. (Read More...)

Malia tells Scott that she and Stiles "kinda broke up." Together the trio track Noah Patrick in hopes of curing Sheriff Stilinski. (Read More...)

She refuses to help Scott with another chimera. She and Braeden bribe an associate of the Desert Wolf for information. (Read More...)

She searches the Animal Clinic to find answers about Deaton's whereabouts. After a fight, Theo offers his assistance. (Read More...)

She finds her mother and Dr. Deaton where the two women fight until The Beast appears. (Read More...)

She helps train Kira Yukimura in causing a brownout, and despite her cynicism, she encourages Kira to not worry about losing control. (Read More...)

Malia takes Corey's pain away to help him heal in exchange for Josh healing Kira from her power overload. (Read More...)

She is confronted by her mother while she attempts to help stop the Beast. (Read More...)

Malia shoves a guy against a wall and demands to know where Stiles is, unfortunately he does not know. She then calls Braeden and alerts her of The Beast attacking the school, she tells Braeden to bring her shot gun, all of them. (Read More...)

She and Braeden stay at the McCall House to take on Corinne. After her mother comes, Malia is locked in with her due to the Mountain Ash barrier. (Read More...)

She tries to stay alive long enough to defeat Corinne. Her mother shoots her several times, but Stiles throws Belasko's talons at Malia. She use these talons to take the rest of her mother's power. (Read More...)