Meredith Walker is a Banshee and the primary antagonist, The Benefactor, in Season 4 of Teen Wolf.


Meredith Walker is said to be an orphan, according to Malia Tate, her entire family is dead.

Lydia Martin describes her as a "fragile girl who didn't understand the things she heard." Those Banshee abilities led to her internment in Eichen House, a mental health facility.

Prior to being committed, she was in a chemistry class and the voices in her head were screaming so loudly that she couldn’t stand it. She slammed her hands down on her desk and screamed. Her voice caused all the windows to explode and injured her classmates. It was explained as a chemical explosion, but everyone knew it was Meredith. (The Sword and the Spirit)

During her commitment, Meredith came to the attention of some parapsychologists working for Lorraine Martin, Lydia's grandmother. They brought her to a special room in the Martin's lake house to test her precognitive abilities. The tests almost killed her. Meredith was hospitalized for over a year after that and never really recovered. Lydia says the tests drove her insane.

While she was unconscious, Meredith was in the same room as a badly burned and comatose Peter Hale. She was able to pick up his thoughts through some unexplained means. Peter was ranting about wanting to kill all the supernaturals in Beacon Hills so he could start over with stronger stock.

It was Peter's "ravings of a lunatic" that planted the idea and the means for creating The Dead Pool and setting "The Benefactor" plan in motion.

She knew Brunski was a serial killer. She used him. Meredith had him use Lorraine's computer and code for the Dead Pool. He put it online, took the money from the Hale Vault and made the payments.

Season 3

Meredith is in Eichen House during Stiles Stilinski's brief stay. He sees her talking into a dead telephone receiver. (Read More...)

Meredith showed up at Beacon Hills High School looking for fellow Banshee Lydia Martin. She was later, after listening to another dead phone, able to tell Stiles and Isaac Lahey where to find Lydia. (Read More...)

Season 4

Meredith leaves Eichen House and walks several miles into town looking for Lydia. She is picked up by Deputy Parrish and taken to the Sheriff's Station where she provides a clue to the second keyword to The Benefactor's encrypted Dead Pool. She is then returned to Eichen House. (Read More...)

Meredith refused to help with the third keyword. She says "things have changed" and The Benefactor doesn't want her helping. She becomes so agitated that she screams causing Lydia's ears to bleed. (Read More...)

Lydia finds a photograph of Meredith taken in Lorraine Martin's lake house. (Read More...)

We later learn that Meredith is not dead and appears to be The Benefactor. (Read More...)

Meredith is reunited with Peter. He inserts his claws into her neck and learns that he was the origin of The Benefactor plan. (Read More...)

Season 5

Meredith makes a telepathic connection with Lydia offering to help her use her banshee abilities to a higher degree. (Read More...)

She shows Lydia how to give her scream focus and direction by showing her how Dr. Valack escaped his cell. (Read More...)

Meredith locks Lydia in a Plexiglas cell and tells her to break it with her voice. She and encourages Lydia to make her voice a "bullet" and not a "bomb." (Read More...)

Meredith is revealed to be in a vegetative state. Scott McCall tries to reach her, and she lets him claw her neck to communicate with him. She reveals Lydia's condition and that Parrish is the key to saving her. (Read More...)


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