The Motel Glen Capri is a fictional motel in Fairvale, CA from Season 3 that Scott McCall and his friends stayed in Motel California.

It is also where Lydia Martin first taps into her abilities as a Banshee.


Editor's Note: The events surrounding the motel may appear to be supernatural, but there is little to no evidence of such phenomenon. The events witnessed (beyond Lydia's natural abilities) are most likey due to wolfsbane poisoning

The motel has a unique history with suicides. According to the woman at the front desk, the motel has the highest number of guest suicides of any establishment in California and the number is still rising. They keep a running tally of those deaths on the back wall in the lobby.

Alexander Argent killed himself there in 1977 after he was bitten by Alpha werewolf Deucalion. Argent checked into Room 217 and shot himself in the head with his shotgun to avoid turning into a werewolf himself.

Other incidents detailed in Motel California:

  • A housekeeper drinks bleach and leaps from the balcony.
  • A 28-year-old man hangs himself.
  • A local Karate instructor Commits harakiri.
  • A couple killed themselves in Room 217 handguns.
  • A mother drowned baby and herself.

Four decades after Argent's suicide, the Beacon Hills High School's track team, Allison Argent and Lydia check in for a night at the motel and the werewolves in the group begin to suffer hallucinations that lead Scott, Ethan and Boyd to attempt to kill themselves. Lydia, however, learns about the motel's history and hears voices that help her save her friends.

The next day, they discover Bobby Finstock's whistle had been laced with wolfsbane which led the shapeshifters to lose their senses.


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