Mountain Ash likely refers to the Sorbus scopulina, a small to medium-sized deciduous tree common in Northern California.

The tree, also known as Rowan, is woven throughout the folklore of many regions as a ward against evil beings.

Teen Wolf Creator Jeff Davis has called Mountain Ash “magic” but the mechanism through which it exerts power is unclear.

Mythical PropertiesEdit

Within the mythology of MTV’s Teen Wolf, Mountain Ash is mainly used by Druids. It blocks and exhibits control over werewolves and other supernatural creatures.

Mountain Ash EffectEdit

We've seen, several times, that thrown Mountain Ash falls either in a circle or a straight line.

This suggests, under proper conditions, the material will form a barrier with very little effort.


Druids Ms. Morrell and Jennifer Blake throw down circles of Mountain Ash dust to create a personal shield.
Peter Hale could not pass while a balustrade made of the wood was down, completing the circle of Mountain Ash built into the Vet Clinic in Formality.
Isaac and Erica could not cross a circle of Mountain Ash powder in Raving.
Capsules filled with Mountain Ash powder and ingested by Gerard cause him to violently reject a werewolf bite in Master Plan. He was continuously spat out black goo until he ingests yellow wolfsbane in Damnatio Memoriae.
Dr. Deaton says his animal clinic is lined with Mountain Ash "making it difficult for someone like Scott to cause me any trouble."
Sometime after Lunar Ellipse, Deaton installed Mountain Ash baseboards throughout the McCall home. Spreading Mountain Ash along front door jam completes the circle and (mostly) protects those inside from supernatural creatures.
Lorraine Martin's boathouse is apparently made of Mountain Ash. Spreading ash along the opening to the dock completed the circuit in Time of Death.
The supernatural lockup at Eichen House, the cells and a section of hallways are lined with Mountain Ash to prevent creatures from getting in or out. (Smoke & Mirrors, A Novel Approach)
In The Wolves of War, Scott and Stiles use mountain ash to trap the Anuk-Ite after it becomes part shapeshifter.


With great effort, Scott McCall was able to cross a Mountain Ash barrier though as the latter mentioned, it almost killed him.
Spirits like the Oni and Ghost Riders can do the same with great effort with no known side effects. (Sundowning)
Peter Hale, and later Deucalion, showed that supernatural being can still throw items through a Mountain Ash barrier.
Several Oni, with great effort, were able to break through the barrier around the McCall home. The same applies to Ghost Riders as seen in Sundowning.
Tracy and the other Chimera are able to cross Mountain Ash because the rules don't apply to the Dread Doctors creations because they are not truly supernatural.
Deputy Parrish is able to burn through a Mountain Ash barrier as a Hellhound. Doing so burns the Mountain Ash and effectively destroys the barrier.
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