Ms. Marin Morrell is Dr. Deaton's younger sister and a Druid in Teen Wolf.

She is played by Bianca Lawson.


Morrell is French-Canadian and employed as a French teacher and guidance counselor at Beacon Hills High School. She has over 300 hours of field work and a masters degree in behavioral psychology.

She also served as Deucalion's emissary even though she knew how dangerous he was becoming.

While she was trying reach Lydia Martin in her therapy sessions, she observes the events surrounding the Kanima and warns her brother of The Alpha Pack's imminent arrival.

Throughout the ordeal, she attempts to maintain a balance on both sides such as helping Deucalion with his plans while informing Scott and his friends of the danger they were in. After the Alpha Pack is disbanded, she began working at Eichen House as a psychiatrist.

Season 2

Lydia is sent to see Ms. Morrell at the request of her mother in the aftermath of her hospitalization and subsequent time missing in the woods. (Read More...)

She has difficulty trying to get through to Lydia. Allison Argent also goes to her to translate a part of Gerard's bestiary. (Read More...)

She shows up at the Animal Clinic while Scott McCall is being treated after Victoria Argent's attack. She questions Deaton's wisdom of allowing Scott and his friends to deal with the upcoming challenges alone. (Read More...)

During a counselling session with Stiles Stilinski, Morrell encourages him to feel sympathy for Matt and to keep pushing through the pain of his current situation. (Read More...)

She is seen again with Deaton, and as they leave the warehouse after Gerard's defeat, she tells him that she's glad that he's out of retirement. (Read More...)

Season 3

Morrell saves Allison by telling her to hide in a bank storage room until she hears the “fighting start”. She adds a small amount of Mountain Ash powder to a circle, trapping Scott, Derek Hale, Boyd, and Cora Hale inside a vault. Deucalion tells her that she shouldn't kid herself because this isn't the first time she’s gotten her “hands dirty”. (Read More...)

During one of her French sessions, she catches Allison asleep in class. After class she tries to get Allison to tell her why she was at the abandoned bank but to no avail, so Morrell gives her lunchtime detention. (Read More...)

She helps Kali and Aiden take Ennis to Deaton so his wounds can be fixed. She tells him if Ennis dies The Alpha Pack will go after Scott and Derek's pack. (Read More...)

Morrell talks to Sheriff Stilinski about what happened to her brother. Later, she tells Scott and Stiles if they want to find Deaton they'll need someone with a connection to the supernatural if they are to find Deaton. (Read More...)

After being sought out by Scott, Morrell further explains Deucalion's interest in Scott's potential to be a "True Alpha". (Read More...)

Morrell is chased down by the Alphas but keeps them at bay with a circle of mountain ash. Kali says she betrayed them by sending the Braeden to save Isaac and reveals that it was Deucalion and not Derek who killed Ennis. At first Deucalion claims she is lying but then stabs her to shut her up. (Read More...)

At Eichen House, she gives Stiles amphetamines to keep him awake and out of the Nogistune's control. Later, she tells Malia Tate where to find Scott. (Read More...)



  • You're playing his game and while you're trying to figure out what to do next he's thinking ten moves ahead with checkmate already in sight.” — Ms. Morrell to Scott in The Girl Who Knew Too Much.
  • Can you feel sorry for the nine year old Matt that drowned?” — Ms. Morrell to Stiles in Battlefield.
  • Then think about something Winston Churchill once said; if you're going through Hell, keep going.” — Ms. Morrell to Stiles in Battlefield.
  • And what about you, Stiles? Feeling some anxiety about that championship game tomorrow night?” — Ms. Morrell to Stiles in Battlefield.
  • It's a little late to be playing Big Brother, don't you think?” — Ms. Morrell to Dr. Deaton in Frayed.
  • Not without all the information. Have you told him everything you've done? How you piled up bodies in a narcissistically, physcotic effort to form your perfect pack? Bodies that include Ennis, by the way. My brother saved him. He was alive when Deucalion went in to see him. He wants you to go after Derek, Kali. To force his decision. If Derek joins the pack and paves the way for Scott...” — Ms. Morrell tries to tell Kali, Scott, and Ethan and Aiden the truth in Alpha Pact.
  • Good, I never liked you being retired anyway.” — Ms. Morrell to Dr. Deaton in Master Plan.
  • And I sent her to do what I've always done - Maintain balance.” — Ms. Morrell to Kali, Dr. Deaton, Scott and Ethan and Aiden in 'Alpha Pact.
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