Natalie Martin is Lydia Martin's mom and is a substitute teacher/counselor at Beacon Hills High School.

Natalie is divorced from Mr. Martin and flirted with the idea of dating Peter Hale in Season 3 and plans a date with Sheriff Stilinski that gets interrupted.

After a few brushes with unexplained events, Natalie seemed fully aware of the supernatural aspects of Beacon Hills. When she learns the truth about Eichen House, she helped rescue her daughter.

She then had to convince 23 students that The Beast they saw in the library was just a large bear and that Scott’s fangs were the result of “Acute Teenage Hallucination Syndrome.” She also begged the administration to allow Scott to stay in school despite his 38 absences the previous semester.

She has declared Beacon Hills High School a "dedicated safe space" and refuses to allow supernatural investigations during school hours.

She also used her influence to skip Liam, Mason, and Corey ahead a grade to get them out of the school as soon as possible as shown in Said the Spider to the Fly. [1]

Natalie Martin is played by Susan Walters, the real life wife of Linden Ashby.

Season 1Edit

She and her husband bicker during Parent/Teacher conferences at school. She claims her husband "warped" Lydia by forcing her to choose with which of her parents she wanted to live. (Read More...)

After the attack during the school dance, Mrs. Martin is seen briefly at Lydia's hospital bedside. (Read More...)

Season 2Edit

As Lydia struggles with Peter Hale's mind games, her mother forces her to see school psychologist Ms. Morrell. (Read More...)

Season 3Edit

Mrs. Martin is supportive after Lydia is attacked and nearly strangled to death by Jennifer Blake. She offers her daughter advice on make up to cover the ligature marks, comparing the marks on her daughter's neck to the hickeys she received in her own youth. (Read More...)

She takes over teaching Beacon Hills High School science classes after the death of Adrian Harris. (Read More...)

Peter uses her to give Lydia a message by hitting on her. (Read More...)

Season 4Edit

She lets Lydia use their lake house before they sell it. (Read More...)

She and Coach are supposed to oversee the PSAT but an viral outbreak among the students prompts her to call the Centers for Disease Control. (Read More...)

She follows Lydia to the lake house to find out why the girl is spending so much time there. She gives her an urn purported to hold her paternal grandmother's ashes. Instead, they find Mountain Ash. (Read More...)

Season 5Edit

Natalie counsels a girl with night terrors and is surprised when the girl starts to vomits a strange black fluid and feathers. (Read More...)

She is heading out on a date with Sheriff Stilinski when Tracy Stewart attacks the Sheriff's station. (Read More...)

She takes her daughter to the hospital after Tracy's attack. (Read More...)

She is seen at Eichen House with her mother-in-law Lorraine Martin in Lydia's flashback. (Read More...)

She is teaching a class when Beth begins bleeding mercury and leaves. Natalie blocks Malia when she attempts to follow. Their exchange, while brief, suggests Natalie is fully aware of the supernatural. (Read More...)

Out of fear for her daughter's safety, she blames her friends for her state of mind and sends her to Eichen House. (Read More...)

She reluctantly lets Stiles visit Lydia and brushes off his accusations about Eichen House's treatment of Lydia. (Read More...)

After Stilinski shows her a file of Valack's trepanning experiments, she goes to Eichen House only to be caught in a lock down. (Read More...)

She arms herself with a shock prod which she later uses on Tracy to rescue her daughter. (Read More...)

Season 6Edit

Natalie prevents Scott and Stiles from skipping class as Scott already has thirty-eight missed classes, explaining to the two of them that they can protect the town at 3:30, after school ends. That night, when a body is found at the school, she's runs into Stiles, however, she doesn't remember who he is. (Read More...)

Natalie enters Lydia's room after hearing her scream in the middle of the night, Lydia says that she heard a train passing through her room, but Natalie explains that it was simply a nightmare. (Read More...)

Natalie allows Malia Tate to make up her test inside her office. When Malia becomes stressed, she suggests that Malia relax by breathing in. However, this doesn't prove effective as Malia shifts into a coyote, then exiting the office. (Read More...)

Natalie confronts Lydia about tearing the wallpaper off the Stilinski's wall. She then discovers that Lydia is checking into Claudia Stilinski's past. Natalie has known Claudia since they were teenagers and she trusts her. (Read More...)

Natalie wonders what Lydia is thinking about. She tells her about Caleb, how his mother conjured him to fill the void. Lydia believes the Sheriff is doing the same with Claudia. Natalie says Lydia shouldn't be the one to tell Stilinski. (Read More...)

Her voice is heard in one of Lydia's flashbacks while under hypnosis. (Read More...)

Despite her awareness of the supernatural threats that occur in Beacon Hills, Natalie believed that it was no longer her concern with Lydia leaving for college. (Read More...)


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